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Published on
March 4, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Nationwide Care Services Ltd?

Evaluating Nationwide Care Services Limited through recent customer feedback presents a juxtaposition of experiences. On the positive side, the training aspect of the organization receives high praise. Multiple reviewers extol the virtues of trainers, specifically Wendy and Ali, describing the training as 'informative and practical' and the trainers as 'mindful', 'cooperative', 'wonderful', and 'clear'. These positive experiences contribute to the perception of a company invested in the development of skilled and competent staff. On the negative side, there are severe concerns about the quality of care provided. Issues span from neglectful practices, such as inadequate personal care and failure to provide proper services, to alarming accusations of abuse and gross misconduct, including medication mishaps and mistreatment of clients. In summary, while Nationwide Care Services Limited may excel in training, there are significant and concerning allegations about the care services that adversely affect the company's overall reputation.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Nationwide Care Services Limited is largely concentrated around its training program. Trainees describe the training they received as 'very informative and practical', highlighting its applicability to their work. The trainers, particularly Wendy and Ali, are lauded for their teaching abilities, interactive methods, and supportive nature. Trainees have found the environment conducive to learning, praising it as 'amazing'. The addition of new skills and techniques is frequently mentioned, suggesting that the training component is a cornerstone of Nationwide's ability to instill confidence and competence in its staff. Furthermore, there is positive feedback regarding in-home care services, with some indicating that the staff are 'professional and attentive', and that the administrative team is 'helpful and responsive', providing peace of mind to clients.

Concerns and Threads

Negative reviews about Nationwide Care Services Limited reflect serious concerns about the actual care services provided. There are accounts of inadequate personal care, failure to use provided information, such as key codes to access client homes, and serious accusations of mishandling medications. These troubling reports suggest a lack of empathy, experience, and adherence to safe practices, underlined by complaints about infection control and safeguarding issues. Some reviewers go as far as alleging abusive behavior by carers and organizational cover-ups linked to family ties within the company. Communication appears to be another weakness, with references to 'rude staff' and unhelpfulness on the phone lines. The intensity and severity of these complaints raise significant red flags about client safety and overall quality of service.

Frequently asked questions about Nationwide Care Services Ltd

What kind of training can I expect for carers from Nationwide Care Services Limited?

Nationwide Care Services Limited provides a training program that has been highly praised by participants. The training is described as informative, practical, and interactive, aiming to equip carers with relevant skills and techniques for their roles. Trainers, such as Wendy and Ali, receive commendations for their effectiveness and supportive teaching styles.

Are there any concerns I should be aware of before selecting Nationwide Care Services Limited for in-home care?

Some clients have reported serious concerns regarding the care provided by Nationwide Care Services Limited. Issues include inadequate personal care, failure to follow care plans, and alleged medication mishaps. Prospective customers should thoroughly consider these reports and conduct their independent research, possibly including discussions with the company, before engaging their services.

Does Nationwide Care Services Limited have a responsive and helpful administrative team?

Feedback regarding the administrative aspect of Nationwide Care Services Limited is mixed. While some reviews acknowledge the administrative staff as helpful and responsive, providing peace of mind to customers, other reviewers have encountered experiences of unhelpfulness and rudeness, particularly over the phone. As experiences vary, it may be beneficial to assess this through direct interaction with the company's administrative team.

What are customers saying about Nationwide Care Services Ltd

Nationwide Care Services Ltd
Afra Juthi
2 months ago
I’ve got trained through nationwide and about to start my work . It was a great choice to invest my time and effort in this organisation. They are really amazing . Training classes were so helpful and the trainer Miss Windy was one of the best trainer I’ve ever met . The classes were very informative and practical which we can implement on our work days . Trainer was very mindful and co operative supportive .
Nationwide Care Services Ltd
sadiya latif
2 months ago
Wendy is a fantastic trainer. She ensures we have a good and thorough understanding of everything we have to go through and is very interactive. The location is no too bad parking can be a bit of an issue but that is expected as it is part of an industrial area.
Nationwide Care Services Ltd
Jen Dowd
a week ago
Absolutely disgusting care service, in 1 week my relative not been offered a hot soapy water to have a wash, the carers haven't got a clue what they are supposed to be doing! The QR code doesn't work so they slope off after 10 minutes yet my relativehas to pay for 30 mins, pots left in the sink, cupboard broken but nothing said to family. Even tried to put a meal in the microwave still in the box!! Can't speak English and used Google translator to understand what dosage medicine to give! DANGEROUS PRACTICE!!!!!
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