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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Mortice And Green?

Evaluating Mortice & Green Sash Window Repairs London based on customer reviews, the overall company reputation appears to be predominantly positive. This sentiment is reinforced by repeated praise for the company’s professionalism, punctuality, and the high quality of the repair and installation work. Customers express satisfaction with both the function and aesthetic appeal of their repaired and replaced windows, noting the blend of modern insulation with authentic period details. The company's customer service is frequently highlighted as responsive and accommodating, with several reviews mentioning the cleanliness maintained during the work process. Nevertheless, there is an indication of inconsistency in perceived value and pricing, as some customers felt that the costs were excessive for the services received. This divergence in customer experiences suggests that while the company excels in certain areas, there is room for improvement in pricing transparency and value proposition.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects frequently cited in customer feedback include a professionalism that is visible both in customer interactions and the quality of workmanship. The reviews highlight the company's reliability and the skill level of its staff, with profoundly favorable reactions to the finished quality of the windows. Their attention to period details, alongside modern technology application such as double glazing and insulation, has led to high customer satisfaction levels. Remarkably, the company's responsiveness to inquiries and adaptability in accommodating customer requests have also earned commendations. The tidiness of work sites post-completion and promptness in resolving urgent issues, like a weekend security concern, contribute significantly to positive customer impressions.

Concerns and Threads

Despite numerous positive experiences, a thread of customer dissatisfaction pertains particularly to pricing and perceived value. A review pointed out an instance where the service cost was deemed excessive, especially considering the brevity and simplicity of the service provided. The company's unwillingness to engage in discussions regarding this fee surfaced as a concern, indicating issues with transparency and potentially with customer retention strategies. Another negative aspect centers around the quality control, with a customer recounting an experience of poor work quality, referring to problematic window installation and premature material deterioration. These negative experiences raise questions about the consistency in service quality and the company's approach to issue resolution and customer engagement post-service.

Frequently asked questions about Mortice And Green

[$ms-code-snippet-q=1]What type of window repair services does Mortice & Green offer?[$ms-code-snippet-q]

[$ms-code-snippet-a=1]Mortice & Green specialize in repairing and replacing sash windows, offering services that range from basic repairs to complete replacement with a focus on maintaining period details and providing modern insulation methods. They work on both residential and Grade II listed buildings and offer professional craftsmanship and technical advice.[$ms-code-snippet-a]

[$ms-code-snippet-q=2]How does Mortice & Green address urgent repair needs?[$ms-code-snippet-q]

[$ms-code-snippet-a=2]The company exhibits a commitment to responding to urgent repair needs, as reflected in customer feedback highlighting their flexibility to rearrange schedules for emergency issues, such as a security concerns with a ground-level window. Their responsiveness in these scenarios is a key aspect of their service.[$ms-code-snippet-a]

[$ms-code-snippet-q=3]Is Mortice & Green considered reasonably priced for their services?[$ms-code-snippet-q]

[$ms-code-snippet-a=3]Customer opinion on pricing varies. Some reviews praise the value of the craftsmanship and the final product, considering the services reasonably priced. However, there have been instances of customer dissatisfaction regarding the cost, particularly if the service provided was brief or the result was not as expected. Prospective customers are advised to discuss pricing in detail and ensure expectations are clearly outlined before service.[$ms-code-snippet-a]

What are customers saying about Mortice And Green

Mortice And Green
Tanya Macrae
3 months ago
Really excellent work. The company was reliable, the personnel highly professional, and the site left very clean and tidy. The replacement/repaired windows are beautiful. The customer service was fantastic. I was nervous about the job given the large sums involved (14 windows in very poor condition) but am really pleased with the results.
Mortice And Green
Sheila Bryans
4 years ago
I cannot recommend this company more highly. The team was unfailingly polite, punctual, and very professional with a great attention to detail. Very respectful of my property and always cleaned up after the days work. Any questions I had were always dealt with and I was kept informed about work in progress. The double glazing and insulation are excellent. A superb combination of modern technology and authentic period detail. I am thrilled with the result. Look no further then Mortice & Green 5 stars
Mortice And Green
9 months ago
Slash windows were installed but really bad quality. They did not close properly at the time and they did not find a solution for this / refund any money. Super expensive but poor quality! Also the paint/wood etc is already peeling off. Definitely do not recommend this company! Service: Double pane window installation & replacement
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About Mortice And Green

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Mortice & Green is comprised of highly skilled professional sash window repair experts, all with vast amounts of experience working with traditional wooden sash windows. We are able to provide not only high quality work but also excellent one on one customer care. We have a small independent workshop just outside of London that enables us to produce the best quality hardwood sash windows at very reasonable prices.The joy you will find as a customer of our sash window repair company starts from the moment we arrive to provide you with a quote.