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Manchester House Cleaning Services

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Published on
February 19, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Manchester House Cleaning Services?

The overall company reputation of ⭐ Manchester House Cleaning Services is characterized by a strong emphasis on professionalism, attention to customer needs, and efficient service. The majority of customers expressed high satisfaction, highlighting the cleanliness of their homes post-service and the polite, considerate nature of the cleaning team. Positive sentiments frequently mention the effectiveness of the cleaning, with reports of properties being restored to excellent condition, sometimes even surpassing original states. Impressions suggest the company is detail-oriented and committed to providing a thorough cleaning experience. Criticism arises from aspects like scheduling issues, unexpected extra fees, and communication breakdowns. These negatives, while infrequent compared to the positives, hint at possible areas for improvement in organizational aspects and pricing transparency.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for ⭐ Manchester House Cleaning Services hinges on the quality, professionalism, and customer-centric approach of the cleaning staff. Reviews repeatedly laud the exceptional cleaning results, often describing spaces as transformed and restored impeccably, which indicates a high standard of service. The professionalism and friendliness of the team were also highlighted, creating an enjoyable and trustworthy service experience. Instances of going above and beyond, such as cleaning additional areas without extra charge and proactive communication in case of accidental damage, further underline their commitment to customer satisfaction. These elements are instrumental in establishing the company's strong reputation for quality and reliability in house cleaning services.

Concerns and Threads

A small subset of customer feedback for ⭐ Manchester House Cleaning Services brings to light issues that negatively impact the company’s reputation. The most notable concerns include additional fees being requested unexpectedly on the day of service and recurrent rescheduling, causing inconvenience. One customer experienced a significant breakdown in communication, suggesting potential inconsistencies in service expectations. These accounts, albeit less common, point to the need for improved clarity in pricing and better scheduling practices to enhance reliability and avoid undermining trust with clients.

Frequently asked questions about Manchester House Cleaning Services

Does Manchester House Cleaning Services accommodate special cleaning requests due to personal situations, such as pregnancy?

Yes, the company has shown consideration for special circumstances, like pregnancy, and takes measures to ensure client safety by recommending staying in ventilated rooms away from cleaning chemicals.

What kind of guarantee does Manchester House Cleaning Services offer if any damage occurs during cleaning?

If accidental damage occurs, the company has demonstrated a readiness to accept liability and compensate clients accordingly, as evidenced by the immediate transfer of funds to cover damages like a broken salad drawer in one instance.

How does the company handle scheduling and unexpected changes to service appointments?

While the company aims to be punctual and accommodate client schedules, there have been reports of rescheduling. Clients are encouraged to confirm appointments and discuss potential rescheduling policies upfront to avoid unexpected changes.

What are customers saying about Manchester House Cleaning Services

Manchester House Cleaning Services
Anastasiia Haltseva-Grimley
2 months ago
Incredible team, very polite and helpful. Had my oven cleaned today as I’m pregnant and can’t do it my self due to Chemical exposure not being safe. The team come in and straight away notice that I’m pregnant and asked me if I could stay in one of the room with the window open while their doing their job. They are not only professional in what they do but also very considerate of the clients personal situation which is nice. Will definitely use their service again. My oven look like new and it only took them 20 min to do their job. Thank you guys
Manchester House Cleaning Services
Remilekun Momoh
3 months ago
They turned my house to new. first time in 10 years we are having a deep clean and it was a 10 out of 10 clean. Good job, please keep it up. You have to empty all to have a perfect clean - my advice to anyone thinking of a deep clean. Also very nice people. I had a little complain about the shower after the cleaning whilst they were on other areas and it was rectified immediately. i would recommend. Service: Deep clean
Manchester House Cleaning Services
michael marsden
5 days ago
I needed an urgent End of Tenancy clean after my original provider cancelled on us and these guys pulled through. They did a fantastic job ensuring that we had entire deposit returned. The landlord even asked for their contact details so he could use them in the future. Great work!
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Manchester House Cleaning Services offers exceptional domestic and commercial cleaning services in Manchester and the entire surrounding Greater Manchester Area. We are available on all postcodes Monday to Sunday at a time convenient for you. We offer a wide range of cleaning services, End of Tenancy Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Oven Cleaning, One-Off Cleaning and Window Cleaning. We offer obligation-free quotes our cleaners are fully trained, vetted, instructed professionals with years of experience. We will provide you with outstanding services at affordable rates. As a customer-focused company client satisfaction is our utmost priority. Contact us today and receive a free quote in minutes!