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Published on
January 19, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Maid Marines?

The reputation of Maid Marines, as derived from the latest reviews, presents a mixed view of customer experiences and satisfaction. Customers have raised substantial concerns regarding service consistency, communication, and professionalism. Complaints such as unannounced rescheduling, lack of response to feedback, and incomplete services are recurrent themes affecting the company's reputation. While some reviews highlight tardiness and missed appointments, others decry unprofessional interactions and dissatisfaction with cleaning standards, indicating a discrepancy between the promised service and delivery. On a more positive note, reviews also underscore experiences with friendly and professional cleaners, flexibility, and responsiveness to special cleaning requests. These mixed experiences contribute to a divided overall customer perception of Maid Marines.

Positive Feedback

Several positive aspects of Maid Marines emerge from customer testimonials. A number of clients reflect on the professionalism and friendliness of the cleaning staff, noting the quality of the deep cleaning and general housekeeping services provided. Long-term clients express continued satisfaction, mentioning thorough cleaning, responsiveness to instructions, and accommodation of special requests, such as cleaning after pets. A significant emphasis on the cleaners' politeness and ability to work around clients' schedules is a recurring positive feature. Moreover, new clients commend the company for a pleasant experience right from the initial contact through to the completion of the service, with particular praise for the effective tackling of cleaning tasks in homes that have been vacant for some time.

Concerns and Threads

Key negative aspects highlighted in customer feedback predominantly center around issues of reliability, customer service, and quality assurance. Instances of cleaners arriving late or leaving prematurely without completing tasks are a source of major discontent among clients. Communication lapses, such as failure to promptly inform customers of schedule changes or to respond to concerns raised through feedback mechanisms, portray the company's customer service in an unfavorable light. Quality of cleaning has come under scrutiny with reports of skipped areas, inadequate cleaning methods leaving residues, and failure to adhere to the expected cleaning standards, ultimately prompting some long-term clients to seek services elsewhere.

Frequently asked questions about Maid Marines

What kind of cleaning services does Maid Marines offer?

Maid Marines offers a range of cleaning services including standard cleaning, deep cleaning, and general housekeeping. Services can accommodate special requests and clients with specific needs such as cleaning up after pets.

How responsive is Maid Marines to customer feedback and concerns?

Feedback on responsiveness is mixed. Some customers have noted quick responses and accommodating service to their concerns, while others have experienced delays or lack of follow-through when voicing dissatisfaction or encountering issues with scheduled services.

Can I expect the same cleaning personnel for each scheduled service with Maid Marines?

Based on customer reviews, Maid Marines does not always provide the same cleaner for each appointment. Some customers have experienced a rotation of different personnel, which has affected service consistency for them.

What are customers saying about Maid Marines

Maid Marines
Kyle Stevenson
3 weeks ago
They do not know how to run a business. They best thing for them to do is to close. Every week I have to call to figure out why my cleaner is late. I do not know why they call themselves maid marine when they do not promptly communicate with their costumers if there is a change. If my appointment is at 12:30 they knew before 12:30 that they were not going to make it. I should not find out by contacting them at 12:35 to see why or if they can't make it. if they had a real process in place at 12:35 I would be getting a call confirming that the cleaner is here or at least en route. I should not have to contact them after my appointment time. period so, instead of communicating that you decide to not show up,
Maid Marines
Chelsea Gutiérrez-Garratt
4 months ago
This was my first time using a cleaning service. I am 8 1/2 months pregnant with our first baby and my mobility is limited at this stage in my pregnancy. I can't bend over and clean the tubs or vacuum underneath the sofa. I liked this company vetts their employees and seemed to provide quality cleaning services, based on the research I did. I have brothers that served in the Marine Corps so this also helped in choosing this company. After experiencing a pandemic, I think we all want the highest cleaning standards and I was hoping I'd get this service from Maid Marines. The cleaner arrived on time with everything she needed. I had paid for a basic clean that was to take about 3 hours. She went right to work. When she was finished I went to see how everything looked and my experience had not reflected what I had read. Both bathrooms behind the door still needed to be vacuumed, shelves needed to be dusted and in the kitchen she didn't wipe or move anything on the counter to clean behind the appliances and things like that. I'm not sure what she used to mop the floors but there was a film. When I showed her the areas that needed to be cleaned she would clean it and was very nice but I didn't pay for a deep cleaning just a regular clean and what I was pointing out should've been cleaned. I did a company survey and since I gave two stars it asked for me to ring the company which I did and I had left a voicemail. I have yet to hear back from them and this is why I am writing a review on Google. If you're looking for a cleaning service, I'd dust this one off the list. Service: Standard cleaning
Maid Marines
D Kelly
a month ago
We used them for 2 years but feel the service declined and switched to a different company. They sent a different person for every clean ( we had the same person prior to this for a year). We had a bad cleaning (bed wasn’t made, counters weren’t cleaned etc) and when we contacted company about poor service we did not hear back until we followed up.
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Established in 2012.Maid Marines Cleaning Service started in 2012 and has built up a solid reputation over the years as New York's finest in home cleaning services. Maid Marines is a NYC-based team of housekeepers committed to providing an impeccable level of cleanliness with every visit. From home cleaning to office cleaning, Maid Marines services all customers across the NYC area, including all five boroughs and beyond. Teams of housekeepers are located throughout the city - so Maid Marines will consistently arrive on-time regardless of where you're located. Schedule your next clean today at the official Maid Marines website, where you'll find an easy booking form. Payment is made 100% online - so there's no need to fumble with cash or