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As of May 03, 2024, 118 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

outstanding and the results are way beyond my expectations

always happy with the results

Outstanding cleaners, always do an excellent job

very thorough and detailed deep cleaning

they did fabulous, once again

They do a great job

They cleaned quickly and were very respectful

simply the best!

The house was spotless

took a lot of oversight

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May 16, 2024

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Iq Cleaning's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of iQ Cleaning is quite positive, evidenced by numerous clients expressing satisfaction with the service quality and outcomes. Customers have highlighted the company's reliability, efficient service, attention to detail, and professionalism as critical factors contributing to their positive experience. Many clients are repeat users, indicating a strong trust in the company's ability to deliver consistent results. iQ Cleaning's teams are often praised for not only cleaning but also adding touches that enhance the overall tidiness and appeal of the space. However, there appears to be a slight discrepancy in service consistency, with an isolated review pointing out a need for more oversight during deep cleaning services. The requirement for clients to provide specific instructions for what might be considered standard practices in deep cleaning suggests room for improvement in the company's training or operational policies.

Positive Feedback

The service provided by iQ Cleaning has garnered high praise for various aspects. Customers are particularly satisfied with the thoroughness and detail-oriented approach to cleaning, showcasing the company's commitment to quality. The company's professionalism stands out, as does its punctuality and respect for clients' homes. Customer service is highlighted, with users noting the staff's eagerness to ensure satisfaction and their accommodating nature in handling special requests and inquiries. The added aesthetic touches post-cleaning and the proactive actions of the staff, such as cleaning dishes left in the sink or confirming before disposing of items, have left a notable impression on the clientele, further reinforcing the positive aspects of iQ Cleaning's customer feedback.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the strong positive reception, iQ Cleaning has faced some criticisms that are worth noting. A minority of reviews point to issues with the execution of deep cleaning services. Some customers experienced a need to oversee and instruct the cleaners extensively, indicating a possible gap in training or understanding of the expectations for deep cleaning. Complaints include missing cleaning under obvious items, leaving cobwebs, and only vacuuming instead of mopping surfaces. These concerns suggest that while the company is capable of remarkable service, there is a lack of consistency that needs to be addressed to ensure all customers receive the same high standard of service without the need for close supervision.

Frequently asked questions about Iq Cleaning

Does iQ Cleaning offer deep cleaning services that are thorough and do not require client oversight?

iQ Cleaning offers deep cleaning services; however, there has been feedback that suggests a need for client oversight to ensure all tasks are completed to satisfaction. It may be beneficial for customers to clarify expectations beforehand to prevent any potential discrepancies.

Is it possible to make special requests or ask cleaners to handle extra tasks?

Yes, iQ Cleaning appears to be flexible and capable of accommodating special requests or additional tasks. Customers have reported positive experiences with the cleaners accepting and fulfilling such requests, although it's advised to communicate any specific needs in advance.

How consistent is the cleaning quality when using iQ Cleaning services?

Many customers have noted high-quality outcomes and consistent performance when using iQ Cleaning services. However, a few reviews have mentioned variance in service quality, highlighting the importance of providing clear instructions to maintain a consistent cleaning standard.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Iq Cleaning

Iq Cleaning
Fan Lu
a month ago
I am very happy with IQ cleaning services and I have used them for couple times already. Their service is outstanding and the results are way beyond my expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of a reliable and top cleaning service for their home.
Iq Cleaning
Noureen Akber
3 days ago
We got a deep cleaning with them and ultimately they did everything we asked for but it took a lot of oversight and things that you would think would be obvious like mopping the bathroom floor not just vacuuming, cobwebs, moving small things as you mop not just mopping around them were missed. We have a dog food mat and I had to specifically ask them to pick up the mat to mop not just mop around it. Also there were a lot of let me call and ask situations, like just wiping a baseboard when dust was stuck on it. Would have been nice if you could just trust them to do a quality job since we got the deep clean for a reason.
Iq Cleaning
Laura Greenwood
2 months ago
Been using them for years and always happy with the results. Always available within a day or two and very reasonably priced for the quality they provide. Their teams are efficient and pay attention to detail. They also do little extras to make the place look cute and tidy not just clean. I highly recommend
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iQ Cleaning iQ is the smart choice for your home cleaning needs. Our company provides quality service at an affordable price. You will receive a professional cleaning team of two for each visit, who will treat your home with detailed attention and care. We conveniently accepts all major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You can feel confident when hiring our team, as we are bonded and insured. Booking 24/7 couldn't be easier with our website; however, we do have staff members available Monday through Friday 8-5 who can answer questions and assist in scheduling services by phone, chat, and email.