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Published on
April 2, 2024
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April 2, 2024

What do customers think about Lifestyles Garston?

Lifestyles has a mixed company reputation, with a variety of customer experiences indicating both satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Positive aspects include affordable prices, such as 1.65 GBP per hour for badminton without membership, and commendations for being a great place for activities, particularly for children, with amenities like three swimming pools, a slide, and accommodating staff. Some customers appreciated the friendly atmosphere and inclusivity, with sessions catering to different needs like ladies-only swimming and varying swim speeds. Conversely, a significant concern is facility maintenance, with complaints about hygiene issues including dirty swimming pools, malodorous changing areas, and clogged drains. Customers also reported management issues regarding the enforcement of swimming pool rules, outdated website information, and the need for equipment updates. The recurring themes suggest that while Lifestyles offers valuable recreational facilities and has accommodating personnel, operational management and maintenance are areas that need considerable improvement to enhance the overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Several positive aspects of customer feedback highlight Lifestyles' strengths. Customers appreciate the affordability and accessibility of sports facilities, such as the badminton courts, which are available at competitive rates. The organization also receives praise for its family-friendly environment, offering free swimming for kids during school holidays and hosting successful swimming parties. The presence and vigilance of the staff around the pool areas were noted, enhancing the sense of safety and security for patrons. Inclusivity is another positive point, with some customers expressing satisfaction with ladies-only swimming sessions and swimming lanes catering to different speed levels. Also, despite other issues, the politeness and hospitality of the reception staff left a good impression on patrons, signaling a welcoming atmosphere at the outset of their Lifestyles experience.

Concerns and Threads

Customer feedback also reveals several areas where Lifestyles falls short. A significant issue raised by multiple customers pertains to cleanliness and maintenance, with reports of dirty swimming pools, unpleasant changing areas, and dysfunctional machinery like vending machines and showers. The enforcement of pool rules has been identified as lacking, as instances of disruptive behavior such as dive bombing were not addressed by staff, affecting the enjoyment and safety of other patrons. Furthermore, outdated information on the website led to some customers arriving with inaccurate expectations, causing frustration. Continued patronage was also deterred by dated equipment and the perception of the facilities catering more to teenagers, alienating long-time customers seeking a different environment.

Frequently asked questions about Lifestyles Garston

Are the sports facilities at Lifestyles affordable?

Yes, customers have highlighted the affordability of the facilities, with competitive rates like 1.65 GBP per hour for activities such as badminton without the need for a membership.

Is Lifestyles suitable for children's activities?

Lifestyles is considered to be very conducive to children's activities, offering amenities like three swimming pools, a slide, and free swimming for kids during school holidays. The venue also hosts swimming parties with positive feedback on safety and organization.

Has there been any criticism regarding the cleanliness and maintenance at Lifestyles?

Yes, there have been multiple complaints about the cleanliness and upkeep of the facilities. Customers have reported issues such as dirty swimming pools, smelly changing areas, and clogged drains. Therefore, potential customers might want to consider these aspects before visiting.

What are customers saying about Lifestyles Garston

Lifestyles Garston
Julien Bernard Jean-Denis
3 weeks ago
Great place to practice indoor sport. Played badminton with a group of friends and had great games. 1.65 GBP per hour (with no membership) Will definitely come back.
Lifestyles Garston
Lee Kelly
3 weeks ago
Great place to take the kids! Free swimming during school holidays 👍 3 pools and a slide!friendly, helpful staff. Need to fix the vending machine!! 🤣🤣😂
Lifestyles Garston
samer esmaeilnejad
4 months ago
Been to swimming this weekend. Changing area stinks. Drain is clogged in men’s toilet. Swimming pool is not clean as you feel dirt on your toes. Jumping, diving & swimming across is not allowed but staff cant be bothered. Steam room is tacky and feels like a horror movie scene. Never gonna get back there.
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