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Lazy Day Pool And Spa, Inc.

Lazy Day Pool And Spa, Inc. Reviews Summary

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March 6, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Lazy Day Pool And Spa, Inc.?

Analyzing the customer feedback for Lazy Day Pool & Spa Inc reveals a preponderantly positive reputation among clients, centered around their professionalism, quality of work, and responsiveness. Several reviews praise the company's thorough communication, particularly when adjustments were made due to weather, and their dedication to completing tasks on time. Clients are inclined to endorse their services for various pool-related tasks, from liner installations to the addition of new pool features such as safety covers and stairs. A repeated theme across most testimonials is customer satisfaction with the final outcome of their projects, the knowledge and patience of the staff, and the proactive communication throughout different stages of service. Despite the predominantly favorable responses, a few accounts of negative experiences hint at concerns about product quality and customer service in less frequent instances, which might affect the company's reputation to a certain extent.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of customer feedback for Lazy Day Pool & Spa Inc prominently highlight aspects such as their high level of professionalism, effective communication, and successful project executions. The firm is commended for the proficiency and knowledgeability of their staff, particularly when offering advice and support for services once provided by other companies. They have demonstrated a consistent ability to install or replace pool liners and equipment with finesse, to add new features, and to ensure the aesthetic appeal of their work. Customers appreciate the company's swift responses to inquiries and their commitment to keeping them informed throughout the service processes. Moreover, the end results enjoy appreciation for making a visually pleasing and functional impact on clients' pools, cultivating a strong recommendation trend among satisfied customers.

Concerns and Threads

In the realm of less favorable feedback, Lazy Day Pool & Spa Inc encounters isolated incidents detracting from its generally commendable standing. A small subset of customers report disappointing experiences concerning product longevity, specifically citing a liner that was alleged to be faulty. In this case, the customer's dissatisfaction was compounded by what was perceived as inadequate service in addressing the issue, including a statement made by an employee that seemed dismissive. There are also infrequent comments on the clarity of communication regarding pricing, dissatisfaction with a plaster job due to allegedly inferior materials, and an instance where a potential customer received no callback. These instances, while less common, point towards certain areas where the company could focus on improvement, including warranty transparency, follow-up communication, and material quality assurance.

Frequently asked questions about Lazy Day Pool And Spa, Inc.

What pool services does Lazy Day Pool & Spa Inc specialize in?

Lazy Day Pool & Spa Inc provides a range of services including pool liner installation and replacement, safety cover installation, ZeroChlor system installation, pool refurbishing like re-plastering and the addition of stairs, as well as general pool maintenance.

How does Lazy Day Pool & Spa Inc handle changes in schedule due to weather?

The company maintains clear communication with clients when weather affects the scheduled services, making sure to complete the projects in a timely manner once conditions allow.

If an issue arises with a product installed by Lazy Day Pool & Spa, how is it handled?

While positive experiences are more commonly reported, in instances where customers have issues with a product, the feedback suggests that the company's response can vary. It's advised for prospective clients to inquire about warranty details and service policies when discussing potential projects.

What are customers saying about Lazy Day Pool And Spa, Inc.

Lazy Day Pool And Spa, Inc.
Bill english
a year ago
In 2022 I hired Lazy Day Pools to install a new pool liner in the spring and a safety cover in the fall. They were professional and communicated when weather caused the schedule to move slightly. They cleaned up and completed everything on time . I would recommend them for any of your inground swimming pool opportunities Great Job
Lazy Day Pool And Spa, Inc.
Hello Pam Evans
a year ago
Chris came out to give us an opinion about the Liner we had installed by a different company a year ago, but have been having problems with since. He was kind, patient, informative and knew his stuff.  How we wish we had used Lazy Day the first time around! We absolutely will in the future. They are awesome. Thanks, Chris.
Lazy Day Pool And Spa, Inc.
Sandy Jungman
2 years ago
Our experience with Lazy Day Pools has been excellent. They do what they say and quickly respond when we have questions. They installed a ZeroChlor system, replaced our liner, and refinished the steps. It looks great!
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