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Published on
January 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about IKEA New York?

Review analysis indicates a dichotomous perception of IKEA, displaying both commendation for product variety and pricing, and criticism pertaining to store navigation and customer service. Positive experiences encompass the availability of a wide range of well-priced home items, appreciation for the additional amenities such as the Swedish food offerings, and praise for specific locations perceived as well-managed with comprehensive inventory and well-trained staff. Nevertheless, customers consistently report challenges associated with navigating the stores, often described as maze-like, impediments involving parking, and escalator outages. Furthermore, negative feedback underscores inefficiencies with inventory management and staff service — including stock discrepancies, long waits for service, and perceived disorganization. This intricate tapestry of customer experiences reflects a company that excels in providing a variety of products and an overall satisfactory in-store atmosphere, yet struggles with elements of operational efficiency and customer service consistency.

Positive Feedback

IKEA's positive reviews are a testament to its reputation for offering a vast array of household products that cater to varying needs and for maintaining reasonable pricing across its range. Customers appear particularly impressed by stores that exhibit strong management, and by certain stores offering special amenities like the exclusive ferry service from Wall Street. The culinary experience at IKEA, including the Swedish food court and grocery store, garners favorable comments, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Moreover, the assortment of furniture and household appliances is noted to be comprehensive, ensuring that customers are likely to find what they are looking for. The cleanliness of hallways and certain aspects of the cafeteria, alongside the polite nature of some staff, are notable positives contributing to the IKEA shopping experience.

Concerns and Threads

On the downside, IKEA faces palpable challenges, the core of which center around customer service issues and logistical complications. A recurrent theme in the negative feedback emphasizes the complexity of the store layout, likening it to a maze, which exacerbates the difficulty customers encounter when trying to locate specific items or exit the store. Criticisms escalate with regard to stock consistency, where customers report frustration with inventory mismatches leading to wasted time and disrupted shopping experiences. Service quality is frequently questioned, with mentions of incompetent staff and perceived dishonesty at certain locations. In addition, infrastructural concerns such as insufficient parking, out-of-service escalators, and unkempt restrooms contribute to a less than ideal shopping environment. Notably, the mixed feedback on staff assistance further underscores the need for IKEA to address variability in customer service effectiveness.

Frequently asked questions about IKEA New York

What amenities are available at IKEA stores?

IKEA stores typically offer a variety of amenities including a Swedish food court, a grocery store, and at some locations, special services such as exclusive ferry transportation. These amenities aim to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

How can I quickly find what I am looking for at an IKEA store?

Navigating IKEA can be challenging. It is recommended to plan ahead by checking the store layout online, using the IKEA mobile app, or consulting with a store employee upon arrival to help locate items efficiently.

Are there any common customer service issues at IKEA that I should be aware of?

Some customers have expressed concerns regarding stock discrepancies, long wait times for picking up goods, and difficulties in receiving prompt assistance from staff. Being prepared with exact measurements and product information may mitigate some of these issues.

What are customers saying about IKEA New York

IKEA New York
Andriy Rshkvn
a month ago
Good home goods store. You can find many necessary and beautiful things at reasonable prices. There is a large parking lot, its own Swedish dining room and a Swedish grocery store. However, the store area is very large and it is quite difficult to navigate it on your first visit...
IKEA New York
Xea On
a week ago
I was excited to go to IKEA,not my first time, but it's been a while; there is no definitive direction that's beyond a maze.. Let me say its some what clean but organized, no!! It is more like Thirft Store ... Not everyone wants to go to every area. You want to get what you came for, eat, and get out! Also eat first..They should be opened earlier and close later. Parents allowing their kids to jump all over the place, rude and disrespectful too. 1 parent had to remove her child from a glass bookshelf..wth..smh.😖 The arrows do not help you exit your lucky to get out if you find your way. Staff scattered. Most were working in closet Design go early, long wait line oh sorry they open at ten.. HDepot opens at 6am everyday you might get better kitchen design there, Measure your space twice or three times to take pictures, too. No real help on the floor got lucky and was guided out. Mind you it not my first visit. Cluttered... No place to charge your phone mine died bring battery charger!! The kitchen was packed only 2 cashiers line was as long as green mile didnt like the dessert were behind glass but not covered in plastic or clear containers😱 . Cashiers were polite. 🙏
IKEA New York
shaya frankel
3 weeks ago
Honestly this was my first time here and I was thrown off because I couldn’t figure out if this was a furniture store or a plaza or a playground or what 😅 but either way it was impressive. Walking in I felt like I was at the mall not just an IKEA store 😄 either it was an exciting vibe and suddenly I was happy to be there and spend all my money 🤣. From the food court to the staff that serves the food it was all great and the food was definitely good as well. Whatever you’re looking for as far as household appliances and furniture goes, IKEA has it in store, no matter what it is, they have it‼️.
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