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What do customers say about Hyatt Regency Phoenix?

As of Apr 05, 2024, 4085 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Hyatt Regency Phoenix's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the overall company reputation based on recent reviews, the Hyatt Regency Phoenix appears to be reputable with generally positive customer experiences. The hotel's staff receives high acclaim for their attentive service and effective communication, even when facing language barriers. Cleaning practices are well-received, with daily room maintenance highlighted. The accessibility of the hotel is another strong point, especially with services like DoorDash facilitating easy food delivery. The hotel's location is appreciated for its close proximity to various activities and the convenience it provides to guests. The inclusion of amenities such as mist sprayers, an efficient lobby, and quick elevators enhance the experience. Food offerings, particularly at the marketplace, are mentioned fondly, with specific praise for the croissants. Recurring themes in positive feedback include the quality of the rooms, safety considerations, and excellent walkability. However, there are notable grievances regarding reservations, with reported inconsistencies in pricing and difficulties with customer service communications. Noise pollution and room amenities also stand as points of dissatisfaction for some guests.

Positive Feedback

Guests of the Hyatt Regency Phoenix consistently praise the hotel for its excellent staff service, highlighting their dedication and approachability. The cleanliness of the rooms and the diligence of the housekeeping staff are other positive aspects frequently mentioned. The ease of access, both in terms of location and the hotel's features (such as DoorDash accessibility and mist sprayers for comfort), provides guests with an enjoyable and convenient stay. Additionally, the hotel's proximity to local attractions and events, alongside the spaciousness and comfort of the lobby and room interiors, have been well-received. The food and drink options, particularly the well-prepared dishes at the hotel's restaurant and marketplace, receive specific commendation, suggesting that the culinary aspect significantly contributes to the overall positive customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

While many aspects of the Hyatt Regency Phoenix receive praise, customers have expressed frustration with the reservation process, citing inconsistent pricing and difficulties in phone communications as major concerns. Negative experiences with the hotel's booking system have led some guests to feel that the practices are disorganized or, in severe critiques, discriminatory. Noise issues, particularly from adjoining rooms, are pointed out as dampening the quality of the stay. Moreover, in-room amenities such as malfunctioning safes, non-functional phones, and inadequacies in coffee supply and housekeeping services are viewed as detractors from the hotel's otherwise upscale reputation. These negative elements, coupled with occasional cleanliness issues - such as hair found in bathrooms - and the lack of a club lounge, have been cited as not justifying the hotel's price point for some dissatisfied customers.

Frequently asked questions about Hyatt Regency Phoenix

Is the Hyatt Regency Phoenix located in a convenient spot for accessing local attractions?

Yes, the Hyatt Regency Phoenix is located downtown, providing easy access to nearby activities, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Guests note the convenience in walkability to places like the convention center, sports arenas, and theaters.

Are food and drinks satisfactory at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix?

Many guests have had positive experiences with the food and drinks at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, especially praising the marketplace and the hotel restaurant for their well-prepared meals and enjoyable dining options.

What are some of the concerns guests have had with the Hyatt Regency Phoenix?

Guests have expressed concerns regarding the reservation process, including inconsistencies in pricing and phone communication issues. Additionally, noise from adjacent rooms and some overlooks in room amenities and housekeeping services have also been cited as negative aspects.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Hyatt Regency Phoenix

Hyatt Regency Phoenix
2 weeks ago
Wow. I’ve never stayed at a better hotel. I live in North Dakota and this was my first 4 star hotel experience and wow. First of all the staff. Even if they couldn’t speak our language, they tried everything to help us and be there for us. They guided us wherever we needed and Cleaned our rooms perfectly. For context, I was a student in the national speech and debate association national competition and I stated this hotel for almost a week. The staff would come in and clean up once a day and it was so nice and they kept doing such a great job! There were no problems at the room. Everything was just perfect. Everything was clean. Everything was in order and organized well and this was sometime in June 2023. Second of all is easy access. My DoorDash orders and much more were able to get in and get me my food and I’ll be outside where these nice mist sprayers to keep us cool during hot days. It’s just a very accessible hotel. The outside is also just perfect. The landscape itself is just beautiful with all the plants. It looks nice and the restaurant there is amazing with great food and great scenery. But I love most is the lobby and elevators. The lobby was so perfect everything about it was clean organized and super accessible to do whatever work you needed not to mention the marketplace right by to get all the snacks and necessary with cheap prices. The escalators were amazing. They worked well and the elevators are extremely fast and very scenic for the hotel, which I think attracts a lot of people. Now let’s not forget the rooftop dine in. That’s awesome! Look overall, I could share so many stories about this hotel, and it was the key cornerstone of my nationals trip and memories. I made so many memories here and it was the perfect place to do it. What an amazing hotel with amazing staff and amazing people. I am so glad to have stayed! Thank you all for the blessing of the Hyatt regency!! Rooms: The rooms have nice floors, the very clean, nice TVs and accommodations to the guest. They’re always clean and hard work is put into them hats off to the staff. They do a hard job. Nearby activities: Restaurant. Phoenix activities center. Diner on the rooftop of the building and restaurant on the bottom floor! Not to mention The close, pizza, shops, marketplace, and grocery store! Safety: There’s strict safety rules and implications to keep us safe. You have to have a card to get in they said good curfew and the staff is super friendly about it Walkability: Easy to get around and perfect spacing for all chairs and furniture. Not to mention the rooms are very spacious for 300 bucks a night. Food & drinks: Amazing. Need I say more? Everything was well cooked well prepared, especially the croissants at the marketplace. They were the best, and everybody in North Dakota was talking about how they were so amazing hats off to the people working at that marketplace. They made some amazing food and amazing memories just by making good croissants thank God.!! Noteworthy details: It was just comfortable you were able to work get things done and have a bit of fun. The staff was friendly. Everybody was there for business and it was a nice environment. You could wake up get your snacks and get to work. Everything was there it was just a good day, and it was a good place to make some memories.
Hyatt Regency Phoenix
Bob T
2 weeks ago
This hotel has a really good location, convenient to the convention center, not far from the airport, and plenty of downtown locations within walking distance for entertainment or meals. Their meeting rooms and facilities are excellent and the food service for the meets was excellent. Hotel staff were always friendly and helpful. The lobby areas are very spacious and comfortable and have plenty of room for lounging. The fitness center can be a little hard to find, particularly early in the morning, but it is well appointed and kept in really good shape. Noise was not a problem and I loved being on the 19th floor. Gave a great view and kept you a little removed from the bustle on lower floors.
Hyatt Regency Phoenix
Bart Chandler
a week ago
Unbelievably pathetic reservation policy and procedures! I couldn't even book a room for a convention coming up in April. It started with inconsistencies on the website (or about a dozen affiliated websites). The convention I am to attend has blocked out some rooms at a "group rate". According to the website the "group rate" wasn't any different than the standard rate, so i called the hotel directly. Serious phone issues on the part of Hyatt prevented me from making a reservation (I tried from multiple landlines and a cell phone to confirm that it wasn't on my end). Through the garbled back and forth, I was able to find out that booking using my AAA membership was significantly cheaper than the "group rate". Since I couldn't book via phone because of the issues, I tried using the AAA option on the website but was given a higher rate than I was quoted via telephone. So I tried the phone again. Same issues. I also found out that calling the call center, hotel directly, or one of too many websites all gave me different rates for the dates I needed. This is incredibly sloppy and disorganized policy and procedure at best, and an apparent discriminatory business practice at worst. My rate shouldn't have to be dependent upon who I am talking to or what website I'm using to be fair and consistent. After taking a break for a couple of days due to such extreme frustration, I tried again. The phone issue seemed resolved, however no one was able to find my original AAA quote or able to reproduce the same discounted rate. The group block of rooms was also now partially filled, and two days of my convention were sold out. I was forced to book elsewhere at a hotel farther from the convention center. It's unacceptable that a chain like Hyatt can't get it's phones, websites, or personnel all on the same page to deliver even a modicum of decent customer service. Unbelievable that an older, more distant, lower quality hotel could take my reservation with ease and zero hassle. Shame on Hyatt and its affiliates throughout the entire process.
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