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Published on
January 20, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Hiscox Limited?

Review analysis reveals a mixed perception of Hiscox's company reputation and customer experience, underscoring inconsistencies in policy coverage and customer service. A notable segment of customers express dissatisfaction with claims being denied, an unexpected limitation in coverage scope, and poor communication from Hiscox staff, particularly in scenarios involving business interruption and specific insurance claims. Conversely, other customers have encountered favorable experiences, citing seamless claims processes and commendable customer service. Such polarized views suggest variability in service delivery, potentially affecting the insurer's reputation.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Hiscox centers around exceptional customer service, ease of policy acquisition, and a straightforward claims process for those who have utilized it. Hiscox is acknowledged for non-intrusive claim handling, prompt responses, and a no-nonsense approach when honoring legitimate claims. Some customers value the extended operating hours and simplicity of contacting customer support, along with the lack of jargon during communications. The highlighted efficiency by the service representatives Scarlett Allen and Hannah Rogers demonstrate Hiscox's potential for exceptional personalized client support.

Concerns and Threads

An examination of negative feedback highlights considerable concerns with Hiscox's insurance policies and customer service. Customers report feeling misled by the lack of coverage in critical areas, unexpected exclusions, and denied claims, even when customers believed they were protected. Reported experiences of unconsented billing transactions and refusal to engage with non-policyholders over billing issues raise serious red flags regarding Hiscox’s financial practices and transparency. Additionally, the company's alleged indifference to customer concerns, exemplified by unresponsive communication channels following complaint submissions, further deteriorates customer trust. The tension between customer expectations and Hiscox's service delivery paints a picture of a potentially unreliable insurer in the eyes of dissatisfied clients.

Frequently asked questions about Hiscox Limited

What type of customer service can I expect from Hiscox if I need to file a claim?

Customer experiences with Hiscox's service in claim scenarios are mixed. Some report a seamless and efficient process with professional support, while others have encountered complications and denial of claims. Expect variability; however, there are accounts of Hiscox providing high levels of service with efficient, non-intrusive claim handling.

Are Hiscox insurance policies comprehensive in coverage?

Hiscox insurance policies may vary in comprehensiveness. It's crucial to review the policy details carefully, as some customers have experienced unexpected limitations and exclusions in coverage, particularly concerning business interruption and property near watercourses. Clarify with Hiscox representatives to ensure your specific needs are covered.

How does Hiscox handle billing and policyholder concerns?

Billing issues and policyholder concerns with Hiscox have been a point of contention as some customers report unconsented billing practices and poor responsiveness. It's advisable to regularly monitor accounts for discrepancies and communicate promptly with Hiscox for resolution, bearing in mind that reported experiences vary and may not always be positive.

What are customers saying about Hiscox Limited

Hiscox Limited
Matthew Odgers
3 days ago
Had business insurance with this company for 4 years and completely disgusted with their lack of cover... They provide medical malpractice insurance, but it does not cover any medical services. It covers massage and beauty which are not medical services and will not cover physiotherapy. They refused to cover our business premises as there is a river half a mile away with many other properties between ours and the river. Avoid this company as there insurance policies will probably not cover your business.
Hiscox Limited
Siimply Darliin
6 months ago
I have just had the worst experience. I was given a quote, and asked them to send the quote into my email and id get back to them, the response i receive from their New Business Team is utterly disgusting. So surprised that this is a company that represents other companies
Hiscox Limited
Arwyn Bailey
a year ago
I used to be an IFA and I have always been very cautious of General insurance. When I was on holiday in Chile, many years ago, an expensive zoom lens broke in use. I tried claiming on the travel insurance. There were all sorts of caveats. I was unable to claim. I tried household insurance. As it occurred overseas, there was no cover. Earlier this year I received a renewal notice on my business insurance. It was being increased by a third! I have held business insurance for nigh on 30 years. Not once have I claimed on any insurance. I have deemed it not to be worthwhile. Due to the increases in premium I went to a broker whom I know. He shopped around and arrived at three companies. I discounted one company as being too expensive. One of the remaining two companies was so intrusive in their questioning. They would ask for information. I supplied it, quite readily. They came back with more questions, I supplied that information. They came back a third time. I said to the broker that if this company is going to be this fussy on an application, having given an indicative price only, then they will be problematic in a claim scenario. I asked him to go ahead with Hiscox, partly upon his own experience when his clients have claimed. I did not expect to make a claim, it just so happens that I have had to make my first two claims on accidental damage to equipment ever. On both occasions the process has been seamless. There have been no intrusive questions. I realise that this is not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things, but, to a small business like mine it is the difference between borrowing a stash of money to replace expensive lenses, going bust, or, carrying on with my business with successful claims. I have used specialist insurers in the past, for my own profession, who were selling their services at a trade show. Every year they wanted to know the exact value of equipment; turn over, to the penny, on each individual area of my business; company accounts submitted etc... I fully understand the need to measure risk as actuaries, within a company, but, the issue with that company was that they were not the insurers. They were passing on the risk to a variety of companies. I understand how risk and premiums work. I advised upon this on life and illness cover for almost twenty years. My son-in-law has a degree in actuarial science. Hiscox is the very first company, in my experience of thirty years, that has offered any kind of high level of service. Their level of customer service is exceptional. Thank you to Scarlett Allen who is dealing with the current claim, and to Hannah Rogers for dealing with the first claim. for your prompt replies and client service. I have experienced this high level of service twice, therefore it is no accident and it must be embedded within this company. It is one of the best decisions that I have ever made to choose Hiscox Group as my business insurance provider.
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