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What do customers say about Highland Park Housekeeping?

As of Apr 04, 2024, 545 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 4, 2024
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April 4, 2024

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Highland Park Housekeeping's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation of Vella, derived from recent customer reviews, reflects a highly positive sentiment. Customers praise the professionalism, attention to detail, and the quality of cleaning services provided by Vella's teams. Specific commendations mention the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, such as floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and the use of proper techniques for a variety of surfaces including hardwood, tile, and granite. Vella's commitment to customer satisfaction appears to be a significant factor in their reputation, as noted by a customer who highlighted the managerial involvement in the cleaning process. The company's ability to accommodate specific customer requests and schedules further contributes to the positive experiences shared by users. Overall, the feedback consistently reflects a high level of service and customer appreciation, with recurring themes of punctuality, kindness, and thoroughness.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects in customer feedback for Vella include their employees' professionalism and thorough cleaning practices. Reviewers frequently note the superior attention to detail, such as organizing pet toys and cleaning intricate items like cat litter scoops. Vella's expertise in handling various materials, including hardwood floors, tiles, stainless steel, and granite surfaces, is also a recurring commendation. The effectiveness of their cleaning leaves homes with a genuine clean sensation rather than a chemical odor, which customers find pleasing. Moreover, the company's staff is consistently described as punctual, personable, and accommodating to specific client needs, such as working around home office schedules. The expressed gratitude towards the cleaning teams suggests that Vella is succeeding in providing a personal touch and a higher standard of customer care.

Concerns and Threads

While the provided customer feedback for Vella is overwhelmingly positive, the reviews lack any substantive negative experiences or criticisms. However, one customer did mention the higher cost associated with Vella's services in comparison to independent cleaners, which could be a potential concern for price-sensitive customers. It would be beneficial to collect a wider range of feedback to determine if there are any underlying concerns or less favorable aspects of Vella’s service that have not been captured in these reviews. Without significant negative feedback, it is challenging to present a comprehensive analysis of any drawbacks in Vella's service offerings.

Frequently asked questions about Highland Park Housekeeping

How does Vella ensure the quality of their cleaning services?

Vella ensures the quality of their cleaning services through thorough training of their teams, as seen in customer reviews that mention detailed cleaning of various surfaces and the use of the correct cleaning techniques. Additionally, managerial involvement in cleaning jobs reflects Vella's commitment to maintaining high standards.

Is Vella more expensive than independent cleaning services?

According to a customer review, Vella may be more expensive than some independent cleaning services. However, the cost is linked to a more professional experience, attention to detail, and the assurance that comes with hiring a bonded company.

Can Vella's cleaning teams accommodate specific scheduling needs?

Yes, reviews indicate that Vella's teams are flexible and can work around clients' schedules, such as avoiding disturbances during work-from-home hours. They are described as accommodating to specific client requests, ensuring minimal disruption while providing their services.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Highland Park Housekeeping

Highland Park Housekeeping
Charlotte O'Connell
2 weeks ago
Isabel and Yovanna did an amazing job cleaning my home. I had never hired professional cleaners before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Their attention to detail blew me away with small touches like organizing my dogs toys inside her crate. They even cleaned the scoop I use for my cats litter box. Super impressed and happy with the result
Highland Park Housekeeping
Jamie Fawn-Meade
a month ago
I am really happy with my Vella experience. We have used independent house cleaners for years. After having some items broken, we decided to switch to a company that is bonded. We chose Vella. Vella is more expensive but the experience is so much better. The cleaners professionalism for one was exceptional. They were more detailed than any of our other cleaners. I also feel like they were better trained for cleaning our hard wood floors, tile, stainless steal surfaces and granite surfaces. We also have floor to ceiling mirrors and they had their ladders out cleaning them. No streaks anywhere. No one has done our full mirrors for us. I really can’t emphasize how personable they were. Being able to speak English was a plus. Being our first time the director stopped by and even helped for a bit. She was so sweet too. Over all a really nice experience and I’m super happy with how my home looked when they finished.
Highland Park Housekeeping
dayanna martinez
3 weeks ago
The company I work for hired Vella a while back & I just want to say how amazing they are. I’m very peculiar about my office being clean and they do a wonderful job. Lakeisha is so bubbly and Maria always complies with any request. The two come in happy & do a spectacular job cleaning. If you see this, thank you ladies! Y’all are very much appreciated.
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About Highland Park Housekeeping

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Vella, previously known as Highland Park Housekeeping combines luxury housekeeping, professional excellence, and a focus on providing job opportunities for working moms to give our customers a pristinely clean home – exactly the way they like it. Our bonded, insured and background checked teams of 2 expert housekeepers will make your home shine from the ceiling fans to the baseboards using natural, non-toxic products. Call, text, or book online to experience the Vella difference.