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What do customers say about Greenforce Clean Team Co?

As of May 02, 2024, 10 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

professional and helpful

amazing job

cleaned my apartment very well

beautifully clean home

best experience

thoroughly wonderful my apartment feels

very thorough and professional

professionals everyone can trust

left the house spotless

worst cleaning crew

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May 2, 2024
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May 2, 2024

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Greenforce Clean Team Co's customer reviews analysis

Greenforce Clean Team has largely positive reviews that highlight professionalism, responsiveness, and thorough cleaning services. Customers underscore the team's ability to efficiently manage deep cleaning and moving-related services, often exceeding expectations in the quality of the clean delivered. While praised for professional conduct and providing peace of mind during stressful times such as moving or dealing with post-construction dust, they appear to have had at least one unsatisfactory encounter where cleaning standards were not met. Recurring themes in the reviews include the appreciation for attention to detail and the delivery of a clean and safe environment. However, a notable negative experience involving inadequate cleaning and unprofessional behavior suggests a potential inconsistency in service quality.

Positive Feedback

Greenforce Clean Team is celebrated for their professional and responsive approach to cleaning services. Many customers express gratitude for the team’s thoroughness, specifically mentioning that the results often surpass original cleanliness levels. The attention to detail, including cleaning behind furniture and inside appliances, is frequently commended. Also highlighted is the ability to create a transformative experience for clients, leaving environments spotless and reinvigorating personal spaces. The chemical-free cleaning option and respect for the clients' homes and businesses add to the positive feedback. The provision of peace of mind during stressful events such as moving is considered invaluable, reinforcing the perception of Greenforce as a reliable service provider.

Concerns and Threads

Despite numerous positive reviews, Greenforce Clean Team has faced criticism for what one customer described as the 'worst cleaning crew they have ever come across.' The particular grievance centered around an ineffective and incomplete cleaning service after a renovation, citing thick layers of dust remaining and trash left in common areas. Additionally, the crew reportedly walked out on a job when confronted by the clients about missed areas. This negative experience suggests variability in service quality, and a potential lack of professionalism and thoroughness in certain instances. These concerns could reflect on training or oversight processes needing enhancement within the company.

Frequently asked questions about Greenforce Clean Team Co

What types of cleaning services does Greenforce Clean Team offer?

Greenforce Clean Team offers a range of services including deep cleans, moving-related cleaning, and post-renovation cleaning. They focus on creating a clean and safe environment for homes and businesses.

Can I trust the cleaners sent by Greenforce?

The company is noted for providing thoroughly trained and screened professionals. Most reviews mention trust and satisfaction with the cleaners' work, although as with any service, experiences may vary.

Does Greenforce Clean Team use chemical-free cleaning options?

Yes, Greenforce Clean Team does offer chemical-free cleaning solutions, as highlighted by positive customer reviews praising the spotless results achieved through their eco-friendly approach.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Greenforce Clean Team Co

Greenforce Clean Team Co
Kristen Karney
10 months ago
This was my first time booking cleaners- at first I was nervous to admit I needed help with my move out clean. Green Force team and the cleaners were professional and helpful. Peace of mind with everything one has to worry about when moving apartments. I recommend and would definitely use their services again. Thank you Green Force! Service: Moving-related cleaning
Greenforce Clean Team Co
Paul Murphy
a year ago
I manage a small retail store in my area and had a plumbing issue. The plumber came out and did his thing but left a real mess for me and my staff to clean up. The Greenforce crew did an amazing job for me. They were very responsive and got out to my store quickly and cleaned and sanitized everything up for me very quickly. Ensuring a clean and safe environment for my staff and patrons is very important to me and thanks to Greenforce I was able to keep that commitment. When they finished the place was even cleaner than before I had any issues. I will be calling Greenforce again for sure. They are wonderful and everyone in need of cleaning should give them a try. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Greenforce! Service: Deep clean
Greenforce Clean Team Co
Gloria Lin Boni
a year ago
Worst cleaning crew we have ever come across. I wish Google had the option of 0 stars. We hired Greenforce for cleaning services per our condo management's recommendation after our interior renovation and they were some of the worst cleaners we've come across. I'm honestly not sure what they even cleaned after being here for 2 days. There were still thick layers of dust everywhere to the point you could swipe your finger across it and see it. We just had a baby and had to bring the newborn back home to this mess. They also left bags of trash in our common hallways instead of throwing it out and actually walked out on our designers when they pointed out lots of areas they had missed. We ended up not paying them for their second day of "services." We had to have another cleaning crew come in the week afterwards.
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Greenforce has been known as San Francisco’s premier green cleaning company since 2005. Greenforce is your trusted choice for house cleaners in San Francisco. As a premier San Francisco cleaning service, we specialize in top-notch maid service and housekeeping. What sets us apart is our commitment to eco-friendly practices, making us a leader in green cleaning in San Francisco. Our skilled team ensures your home is not only spotless but also environmentally conscious. Experience the difference with Greenforce – where excellence meets sustainability in the heart of San Francisco.