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Published on
March 25, 2024
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March 25, 2024

What do customers think about Greaves Sports?

The reputation of Greaves Sports seemingly hinges on a balanced scale of customer experience. While the eclectic range of products and the level of staff expertise seem to meet customer expectations, certain instances have caused dissatisfaction among patrons. The reviews indicate a strong appreciation for the store's selection of sports goods, quick shipping, and hassle-free returns. However, there are distinct points of criticism such as the incident involving inappropriate staff behavior with vaping inside the store, which elicits health concerns and discomfort for customers. Additionally, the pricing strategy, particularly the cost associated with badminton racket accessories, is called out as being exorbitant. Overall, the reviews pinpoint a juxtaposition of professional customer service with individual staff conduct that negatively impinges on the shopping experience, establishing a recurring theme concerning the enforcement of store policies and pricing transparency.

Positive Feedback

Reviews pertaining to Greaves Sports reflect several commendable aspects, primarily regarding the inventory quality and customer service. Multiple customers laud the wide selection of specialized sports items, including running shoes, outdoor wear, and retro football shirts. The shop's proficiency in offering quick postage and accommodating hassle-free returns is another highlighted strength that contributes to a positive customer experience. Additionally, the helpfulness and knowledge of staff members, especially those providing valuable services such as gait analysis, are frequently appreciated by customers. These positive traits exhibit a level of professionalism and customer care that plays a pivotal role in solidifying Greaves Sports' reputation as a reliable and well-stocked sporting goods retailer.

Concerns and Threads

The negative experiences associated with Greaves Sports predominantly revolve around staff conduct and pricing. A particularly egregious example is the staff member who vaped inside the store, directly violating the law and showing disregard for customer comfort, resulting in a loss of sale and customer goodwill. Another significant complaint concerns the store's pricing strategy, as underscored by a customer dismayed by the unexpected costs incurred while purchasing a badminton racket, indicating that prices may not align with customer expectations of value. These incidents underscore operational lapses that potentially tarnish the store's reputation, suggesting an area where management intervention could be beneficial in preserving customer trust and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Greaves Sports

Can I return an item I purchased from Greaves Sports if it doesn't suit me?

Yes, Greaves Sports offers hassle-free returns, as mentioned by customers who have had positive experiences with the return process. The item should be returned according to the store's return policy conditions.

Does Greaves Sports offer services like gait analysis?

Absolutely, Greaves Sports provides specialized services such as gait analysis. Customers have praised the knowledgeable staff for their expertise in this area.

Are the prices at Greaves Sports competitive?

While some customers have found the prices at Greaves Sports to be fair and even advantageous during sales, others have expressed concerns about the cost of certain items and accessories being on the higher side. It is advisable to compare prices and assess the value before making a purchase.

What are customers saying about Greaves Sports

Greaves Sports
Lynn Smith
2 months ago
Although I spent an hour in this store looking for shoes from an excellent range the vaping staff member that had a vape everytime she went back for a pair if shoes was killing me. I would not have reviewed the store harshly if it stopped after I addressed it with her. To no avail... the next two times were worse. A beautiful young red head killing herself (and me)... by breaking the law and the rules of the company. Its the worst pandemic and companies are not giving customers clean fresh areas to shop in. The young man that took over from her was a smoker but he smelt much better and it clearly is because he is forced to do it outside. Why are certain staff allowed to vape inside? I hope she gets chastised and dealt with. No matter how nice you are to customers you should not be allowed to break the law and harm and ruin my shopping time. I ended up with shoes from another company which the young man sent me to... I would have bought the £150. Shoes from you but decided that my headache was too severe by this time and no matter who spoke it was filled with smoke and vape. Another customer gave me a small chocolate to help me try and cope. Good buyers should have good staff. You failed.
Greaves Sports
zhangchenlong huang
4 months ago
The price of their badminton racket is really expensive, each small lead actually has to charge 1 pound. Although the service is very good but this is not acceptable to me. I put on a regular beat and it costs me 53 pounds. That's enough to buy me an amateur racket.
Greaves Sports
Roslyn Adamson
2 months ago
Quick postage and hassle free return when the item didn't suit. Good price too compared to others selling the same product.
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