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What do customers say about Glasgow Club Scotstoun?

As of Apr 17, 2024, 121 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 17, 2024
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April 17, 2024

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Glasgow Club Scotstoun's customer reviews analysis

Glasgow Club Scotstoun's overall reputation exhibits a dichotomy of experiences denoted by its customers. Positive remarks frequently cite the facility’s cleanliness, particularly with relation to the swimming pool and changing rooms, and highlight the variety of available activities, including a commendable range of gym equipment and racquet sports. The staff are noted for being helpful and accommodating in certain instances, providing an amenable experience for patrons. However, a common thread in the feedback alludes to negative encounters with the staff, particularly characterized by perceived rudeness and a lack of support. There are mentions of inadequate customer instructions for facility usage, a deficit in attentive supervision, and problematic operative aspects such as malfunctioning lockers and a cumbersome requirement for mobile phone checks upon each gym entry. These issues detract from the overall customer experience and suggest a need for improvement in customer service and facility management.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects from the feedback about Glasgow Club Scotstoun center around the high quality and cleanliness of its facilities. Specifically, the swimming pool is frequently lauded for its hygiene and supplemental amenities such as hairdryers and a wetsuit dryer machine. The range of activities available, including various sports and a well-equipped gym, is another highlight, catering to diverse fitness needs and preferences. The presence of friendly and helpful staff members in certain contexts, who exhibit patience and understanding, also emerges as a noteworthy positive aspect, contributing to a pleasant experience for those customers. The quiet environment, absence of overly loud music, and well-maintained pool, as mentioned by patrons, add to the attractive profile of the center.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive feedback, Glasgow Club Scotstoun also faces substantial criticism from its patrons. A recurrent theme centers on customer service, where staff members are often described as rude, unhelpful, and disinterested, particularly at reception. Complaints about the lack of basic customer orientation, difficulty with access, and a general apathy from the staff towards visitors’ problems are troubling. Issues such as non-functional lockers, the inconvenience of having to use a mobile phone for gym entry, and the unsupervised and sometimes disorderly environment in the gym further tarnish the establishment's reputation. These negative experiences effectively overshadow the potential enjoyment of the facility's amenities and call for managerial intervention.

Frequently asked questions about Glasgow Club Scotstoun

Do I need a membership to use the swimming pool at Glasgow Club Scotstoun?

No, a membership is not required. You can pay a fee of 4 pounds to access the pool. Remember to bring a 1 pound coin for the locker.

Are the changing rooms and facilities at Glasgow Club Scotstoun clean and well-maintained?

Customer feedback indicates that the changing rooms and swimming pool are generally clean and equipped with useful amenities such as hairdryers and a wetsuit dryer machine.

What kind of customer service can I expect from the staff at Glasgow Club Scotstoun?

While some patrons have encountered friendly and helpful staff, there are reports of negative interactions with staff members, including experiences of rudeness and unhelpfulness at the reception, which suggest that customer service experiences may vary.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Glasgow Club Scotstoun

Glasgow Club Scotstoun
4 weeks ago
Great swimming pool! Went there without a membership/pre-booked on the app and need to pay 4 pounds and need to bring 1 pound coin for the locker. The pool and the changing rooms are clean, equipped with hairdryers and wetsuit dryer machine. Just hope they provide a proper closed shower room. Some parts of the big pool are too shallow for me. Not too crowded on Saturday afternoon.
Glasgow Club Scotstoun
Ryan Imrie
2 months ago
Really poor experience with the gym so far, staff at reception are incredibly rude. After asking about membership and quiet times the responses of two different staff members have been "I'm far too busy right now, figure it out yourself", and a momentary glance up from the computer to say "I can't help you". A good number of the lockers in the men's changing room don't lock and gym classes blast klaxon alarms at full volume through the whole gym. Really a shame as the set up and the equipment is decent and the location is convenient. Wouldn't recommend.
Glasgow Club Scotstoun
Concerned Citizen
2 weeks ago
I was not shown how to sign in, use the barriers or even given a tour of the facilities. There was a day in which I struggled to enter and about eight of the staff all stood behind the counter having a laugh and a giggle at my expense. I hadn't signed in or scanned my rubber band properly. All seven of them stood and watched, grunting and getting all frustrated. It was pathetic. The stuff, one would expect to find in a school yard. The worst one is the assistant manager. His name is Steven Niblock and he cannot even use capital letters when writing his own name on his linked-in page, let alone run a busy leisure centre, yet has the audicity to call people with disabilities stupid and openly mock them for not being able to utilise fancy new gadgets they were never shown how to use. Claims to have studied a degree at the not-so-famous Loughborough College. I don't believe him. I think he bought it online. As for being driven, he should stop kidding himself. He and the rest of the elderly staff, seem to be counting down the days until the GCC offer them a severance package. They seem determined to make life incredibly difficult for visitors until that day eventually comes. Overall, a decent facility but if you run into any issues as I did, don't expect sympathetic or supportive staff.
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