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As of Apr 25, 2024, 653 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

fish soup is amazing

favourite restaurants

food here is top class

excellent restaurant

Loved the food

Luxurious fine dining experience

perfect score

really outstanding

tastes too sweat

wasn't appetizing

over cooked and salty

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Gamba's customer reviews analysis

The collection of reviews for Gamba indicates that the establishment enjoys a largely positive reputation among its clientele, especially for its seafood dishes, service, and atmosphere. Patrons have repeatedly praised Gamba's fish soup, crispy fried stone bass, and seafood offerings such as Halibut, Monk Fish, and Sea Bream, attributing high marks to the food quality. Compliments on the restaurant's ambiance, which is described as elegant, cozy, and artsy, contribute to the overall customer experience, making it a recommended destination for those appreciative of a fine dining atmosphere and high-end service. However, there are some criticisms focused on the pricing being perceived as steep and instances of dishes not meeting expectations, such as an over-sweetened sticky toffee pudding and an overpowering smoked haddock in a Halibut dish. These concerns are offset by acclaim for the good choice of wine and the longevity of the business since 1998, indicating a sustained capability to deliver a robust dining experience.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Gamba centers around its high-quality seafood dishes, with many customers expressing satisfaction with the taste and preparation of offerings like the praised fish soup, Halibut, and Monk Fish. The dining experience is further enhanced by the restaurant's ambiance and décor, characterized as cozy, elegant, and conducive to a pleasant meal. The level of service at Gamba is also frequently noted as being exceptional, with staff described as friendly and welcoming. An instance of going the extra mile was evident when a customer’s expression of appreciation was reciprocated with a complimentary cookbook, a touch that resonates with the clientele. The restaurant’s longevity and reputation as a staple since 1998 underscore its consistent delivery of a high-quality fine dining experience, despite being on the pricier side.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, some customers have critiqued Gamba for particular aspects of their menu and pricing. There are reports of dissatisfaction with certain dishes - namely an overly sweet sticky toffee pudding and a Halibut main course that was deemed less enjoyable due to the strong flavor of smoked haddock. Issues with main dish accompaniments, such as a watery and overly salty sauce accompanying cod, were identified as detractors from the overall dining experience. The pricing is another point of contention for some patrons, who deem the cost high relative to the portion sizes, especially in the case of the Halibut dish. While these criticisms do not overshadow the positive feedback, they do present areas where some customers' expectations were not fully met.

Frequently asked questions about Gamba

Is Gamba suitable for diners who do not prefer seafood?

While Gamba specializes in seafood and has a wide selection of fish dishes that receive high praise, the choices might be limited for those who do not enjoy seafood. It is advised to review the menu or contact the restaurant before visiting if you have dietary restrictions or preferences.

Do I need to be prepared for a higher-end pricing at Gamba?

Yes, customers should anticipate a fine dining experience with higher-end pricing when visiting Gamba. The quality of food and service, along with the ambiance, are reflected in the prices, which some customers note as steep.

Does Gamba accommodate special occasions or provide any additional gestures for customers?

Gamba has been known to provide extra gestures, like giving a complimentary cookbook to a customer who expressed appreciation. While this may not be a guaranteed offering for all, such instances suggest that Gamba can be accommodating to special occasions and might deliver personalized touches to enhance the dining experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Gamba

2 months ago
The fish soup (crab meat with ginger and coriander) is amazing. Crispy fried stone bass tastes well, especially with the lettuce salad. The warm sticky toffee pudding tastes too sweat, not recommended.
3 months ago
Been coming here for years. One of my favourite restaurants. If you enjoy fish dishes this place is great, lots of delicious choices. The service is really good, very nice ambience, really enjoyed their fish soup with prawn balls.
Hudi Pisang
4 months ago
The chef and I must have different tastes. My main course, Halibut in Cullen Skink sauce, came with a substantial amount of smoked haddock. It had a powerful flavour. I would have enjoyed Halibut much more if there wasn't smoked haddock at all. Panna cotta wasn't appetizing either. We had a great seafood dinner elsewhere in the city centre for a much lower price so our expectations were not met.
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Basement venue with refined decor concentrating on the simple cooking of Scots-sourced produce.