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What do customers say about Fishers In The City?

As of Apr 13, 2024, 1338 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 13, 2024
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April 13, 2024

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Fishers In The City's customer reviews analysis

Fishers In The City maintains a commendable reputation, showcasing a significant number of patrons who have experienced satisfaction with both the service and culinary offerings. An extensive review of customer feedback indicates robust positive sentiment towards the restaurant's seafood offerings, ambiance, and staff service. Customers frequently laud the quality and preparation of traditional as well as innovative seafood dishes, with the scallops, fish and chips, seafood platter, and fish soup receiving specific commendation. The venue's wine selection and the atmosphere are also recognized as noteworthy attributes contributing to the overall dining experience. However, a consistent note across several reviews points to the pricing being on the higher side, which may influence the value perception among some patrons.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for Fishers In The City is predominantly favorable, underscoring the restaurant's prowess in delivering high-quality seafood. Commendations for the scallop starter, halibut with prawns and squid, and cod with cauliflower underscore the menu's appeal. Attention is also drawn to the restaurant's ability to deliver traditional fish and chips with exceptional quality. The wine selection and pairing recommendations are met with enthusiasm, enhancing the dining experience. In addition to the food quality, the service receives high praise for friendliness and attentiveness, ensuring a pleasant environment for guests. The strategic location and ambiance of the restaurant add to the attractive features pulling in customers seeking a quality seafood dining experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the resounding praise, Fishers In The City faces criticism regarding its pricing structure. Some patrons perceive the meals as overpriced, which could deter a segment of potential diners or leave some feeling that the value did not meet their expectations at that price point. A few specific mentions of less-than-fresh seafood in platters, such as a bad mussel, indicate occasional slips in food quality, which is critical for a seafood establishment. Additionally, while the variety in seafood is celebrated, there is a mention of the restaurant not being particularly special or impressive, hinting at the possibility that for some patrons, the restaurant experience did not stand out amidst competition.

Frequently asked questions about Fishers In The City

What are some of the must-try dishes at Fishers In The City?

Based on customer reviews, the must-try dishes include the scallop starter, traditional fish and chips, hot seafood platter, and the Fishers fish soup. The seafood and shellfish offerings, in particular, receive high praise for their freshness and quality of preparation.

Is Fishers In The City considered an expensive restaurant?

Several reviews mention that the prices at Fishers In The City can be on the higher side, with a perception of the restaurant being somewhat expensive. It is advisable for potential customers to review the menu prices in advance to discern the costs aligned with the dining experience.

How is the service at Fishers In The City?

Service at Fishers In The City is frequently described as friendly, attentive, and professional, contributing positively to the overall dining experience. The staff's attentiveness and recommendations, particularly for wine pairings, are appreciated by customers.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Fishers In The City

Fishers In The City
Ulyana Goryashina
a week ago
Went to this restaurant with my friend on Friday. It was busy right when it opened at noon. people working there were really nice. Food was good but a little expensive. They have lots of wines to choose from and it’s in a nice spot. Good place, but you might spend a bit more.
Fishers In The City
Navindra Patel
3 months ago
During our short stay in Edinburgh after Christmas before New Year, Fishers was recommended by Hotel Staff where we were staying and were very impressed with the quality of the food and service. The wine selection was equaliiy wonderful. Thank You for an amazing evening.
Fishers In The City
Vivian Huang
a month ago
Not fancy food but just well cooked traditional fish and chips and fish soup. Batter was light and airy with tender juicy fish. The soup was rich but not too heavy. A great pop in to get the mandatory fish and chips!
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