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What do customers say about Frontline Cleaners Ltd?

As of May 02, 2024, 36 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

look like a new one

spectacular job

highly punctual and thorough

certainly recommend their services

Very pleased with service received

Always happy to get their services

have high expectations

very impressed with the attention to detail

cleaning so well that my house looks almost new

quality was poor and the price was high

Quality of work done was very poor

were dusty, kitchen hood was greasy

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May 2, 2024
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May 2, 2024

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Frontline Cleaners Ltd's customer reviews analysis

Frontline Cleaners Express Ltd has a mixed company reputation based on customer reviews. Overall, the feedback illustrates satisfactory customer experiences, particularly in the context of deep cleaning and end-of-tenancy services. Recurring themes from positive reviews include professionalism, punctuality, attention to detail, and commendable results, with several customers intending to retain the company's services for the future. However, there are also cases of dissatisfaction concerning quality control, as some customers report incomplete or substandard cleanings, issues with appointment scheduling, and a lack of thoroughness; these have sometimes resulted in financial repercussions with customers needing to clean again or facing deposit deductions. This dichotomy suggests that Frontline Cleaners Express Ltd may struggle with consistency in service quality.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Frontline Cleaners Express Ltd often highlights the company’s capability to deliver professional and punctual services. Clients have praised the thoroughness of the cleaning, especially after building works and for regular household maintenance. The attention to detail in deep cleaning tasks has been commended, with some customers pointing to their properties looking 'as good as new' and appliances such as ovens and mattresses being exceptionally cleaned. Additionally, the staff is frequently described as knowledgeable, offering helpful tips, and demonstrating a considerate attitude towards clients' homes and specific needs. These positive experiences have not only encouraged recurring business but also led to personal recommendations—a sign of high customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive aspects, Frontline Cleaners Express Ltd faces criticism relating to the quality and reliability of their services. Some clients have highlighted significant shortcomings in the standard of cleaning provided, noting that areas such as kitchen appliances, radiators, and windows remained unclean or were not attended to with sufficient care. Inadequate cleaning has had direct financial consequences for customers, such as the forfeiture of security deposits due to apartment conditions post-service. Moreover, reports of missed appointments and rescheduling also contribute negatively to the company's reputation, as these cause inconvenience and potential distrust towards the company’s management of time and commitments.

Frequently asked questions about Frontline Cleaners Ltd

Can I book Frontline Cleaners Express Ltd for last-minute cleaning services?

Yes, Frontline Cleaners Express Ltd can accommodate last-minute requests. Customers have noted the ability to book services at short notice, such as a couple of days after Christmas.

Does Frontline Cleaners Express Ltd provide cleaning services for special circumstances, such as after building work?

Yes, the company offers specialized cleaning services, including after-build cleans, with clients testifying to satisfactory and thorough services prompting ongoing cleaning relationships.

What if I am not satisfied with the cleaning service provided?

In the case of dissatisfaction with the cleaning quality, it would be advisable to contact Frontline Cleaners Express Ltd directly to address the concerns, as the feedback indicates variable experiences with quality control.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Frontline Cleaners Ltd

Frontline Cleaners Ltd
Daria Aristova
3 months ago
I don't like this service. I ordered the deep cleaning, but the quality was poor and the price was high. The cleaner didn't clean all things properly (radiators were dusty, kitchen hood was greasy, fridge and kitchen cabinet wasn't cleaned, windows weren't cleaned properly and so on). He was trying and was very nice, but the result was bad and I had to clean again the flat. The good thing about this company is that they provide fast service. I was able to book a cleaning a couple days after Christmas.
Frontline Cleaners Ltd
Nena Stipic
2 months ago
We just have our mattress cleaned and it look like a new one. The gentleman was highly professional and kind. He explained everything to us and give us some tips for the future. We are honestly forever grateful:)
Frontline Cleaners Ltd
Rida Babar
4 months ago
I booked the frontline cleaners for a deep clean for the whole house and they did a spectacular job. The booking process was very smooth and they were very punctual and thorough. I can't recommend them enough. Excellent service. Will definitely continue to use frontline cleaners in the future 👍
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For professional and reliable cleaning services in the Greater Manchester area, turn to Frontline Cleaners Express Ltd. Whether you need carpet and upholstery cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, or office cleaning, we have all your cleaning needs covered. We are also specialised in after construction cleaning, and floors cleaning. We are a member of National Carpet Cleaning Association, NCCA. Book your appointment today and experience the difference with Frontline Cleaners Express.