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What do customers say about Firstmaid Cleaners?

As of May 02, 2024, 175 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.2 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

the cleaners were doing a great job

very satisfied with the service

cleaning was always done to a good standard

best ever service I have received

felt offered value for money

cleaning quality was mixed

bad experience

absolutely terrible service


complete waste of money

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May 2, 2024
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May 2, 2024

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Firstmaid Cleaners's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the reputation of FirstMaid Cleaners | Manchester from the recent reviews presents a picture of inconsistency within the company’s service delivery. There are repeated instances of dissatisfaction where customers observed a disparity between the time billed and the time spent on cleaning, sometimes noticing significantly fewer hours of service than agreed upon. This issue has led to refunds only upon customer realization but suggests a lack in proactive measures by the company. Furthermore, mixed cleaning quality is mentioned, with some customers experiencing incomplete services or damage to their property, leading to subsequent legal disputes and loss of trust. Nevertheless, several customers have also expressed satisfaction with the cleaning services and have praised the company for its good communication and professional conduct of some staff members.

Positive Feedback

Despite some negative experiences, FirstMaid Cleaners | Manchester has received commendations for several positive aspects of its service. Customers have appreciated effective communication, often highlighting prompt responses to inquiries and confirmations prior to service appointments. Certain individual cleaners are repeatedly praised for their professionalism and thorough work, leaving several clients with clean and fresh spaces. Furthermore, customers are satisfied with the level of detail paid attention to during deep cleaning sessions, particularly when the service is carried out diligently over the course of many hours. There are mentions of the company being friendly, accommodating, and offering value for money, which contributes positively to customer satisfaction and enhances the company's reputation among satisfied clients.

Concerns and Threads

Several critical issues have been raised by customers regarding FirstMaid Cleaners | Manchester, casting a shadow over the company's service quality. Recurrent points of contention include inconsistency in cleaning standards, with some clients reporting areas left unclean or only receiving a basic level of service despite paying for a deep clean. There are also claims of insufficient hours of service rendered in comparison to what was billed, suggesting a lack of transparency. Customers report feeling cheated when paying full price for less work and witnessing property damage with no accountability taken by the company. These negative experiences are exacerbated by a perceived deficiency in customer support post-service, with some customers finding the responses lacking professionalism and refusing refunds or proper resolutions to complaints.

Frequently asked questions about Firstmaid Cleaners

What should I do if I notice the cleaner spent less time than I paid for?

If your Ring doorbell or any other time-tracking method indicates that the cleaner provided fewer hours of service than you paid for, it is recommended to report this discrepancy to FirstMaid Cleaners immediately. The company has refunded overcharges when cases are noticed and reported.

Can I expect the cleaning staff to bring their own supplies?

While it is generally expected that cleaning staff bring their own supplies, except for items specified by the company such as a vacuum and mop, there have been instances where this was not the case. It is advisable to clarify with the company beforehand what supplies will be provided by the cleaner to ensure a smooth service experience.

Is there a guarantee for a full deep clean as listed on the FirstMaid Cleaners' checklist?

FirstMaid Cleaners offers deep cleaning services, but some customers have reported that the cleaning did not meet expectations or the advertised checklist standards. If the service provided does not match what was agreed upon, customers should contact the company directly to address these issues, though it should be noted that resolutions have varied in satisfaction among customers.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Firstmaid Cleaners

Firstmaid Cleaners
Simon Hunter
5 months ago
very mixed results - but after a couple of years with them i have left. the cleaning quality was mixed. sometimes very good. sometimes terrible. i initially requested 2 hours...they said they needed 4...so i paid for 4....then they started only coming for 3. i only noticed due to my ring doorbell timings. then they started only coming for 2hours and sometimes 1.5. i reported when i noticed but i bet i didn't notice half the time (as i was out). they would refund the overcharge when i noticed it but nothing felt very proactive. i was told "the cleaner thinks she can clean faster than others so did it in half the time but charged full price" as if this was acceptable... when i eventually left by polite email - i was then accused of trying to poach cleaners directly! 1 of the cleaners moaned to me about the company not paying well and said would i mind if she messaged me directly to work that way. i said i didn't mind (and then promptly cancelled their service to avoid this). she did message me and i ignored. i now have a different cleaning company with decent (not perfect) standards but much more trustworthy/nice.
Firstmaid Cleaners
Aditya Ravichandran
a month ago
Bad experience! I had an end of tenancy cleaning done -- which is a 7.5 HR job as advertised on their website. The cleaners claimed they finished the job in 2.5 hrs (5 maid hours). When I returned to the apartment several parts were not clean -- not major things but small things that could affect my deposit. This was even more critical as this was the last day of my tenancy. Since the job was incomplete & for less hours than quoted I requested a partial refund. The cleaners then started blaming me for the damage -- making a total bogus claim that I used the facilities in the apartment after cleaning. Its an end of tenancy cleaning in an empty apartment lol. They charged me £183 which is absolutely ridiculous considering they spent 3 hrs max at the apartment and didn't do a complete job. ** My complaint is not that they did not clean. They cleaned several parts of the flat well but it was an incomplete and inconsistent job. But the response from the cleaners to blame me for the damage was ridiculous. Please do not waste your time.
Firstmaid Cleaners
Cornerstone Property
4 months ago
We contacted FirstMaid Cleaners as our tenant left the property in a huge mess. The cleaners were doing a great job, cleared out all the rubbish and cleaned the entire apartment thoroughly. Pawel is very responsive and we had a good communication in between. After all we are very happy with the cleaning service they provided.
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Looking for reliable cleaners in Manchester area – well you’ve come to the right place. We have an established reputation for residential Cleaners in all Greater Manchester postcode areas. We have a very clear and open pricing structure and all our cleaners’ rates can be seen on our website. Materials and equipment are included in price and provided by your cleaners as standard. We believe that by booking your cleaners in Manchester and surroundings through FirstMaid you will receive great service at a sensible and affordable price.