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Published on
January 20, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Fantastic Gardeners?

The overall reputation of Fantastic Services appears to be characterized by exceptional service and professionalism, as reflected by recent customer reviews. Customers consistently praise the thoroughness and attention to detail demonstrated by the cleaning teams, particularly noting individuals like Maya, Miya, and Ivan by name for their exemplary work. Feedback highlights an emphasis on going beyond the expectations of a standard clean, with several instances of teams being commended for their hard work and resulting transformation of clients' homes. However, a pattern of minor criticisms concerning scheduling and specific service details, like the cleaning of oven doors, suggests room for improvement in certain operational aspects. One starkly negative review cites an end-of-tenancy clean that resulted in the customer losing their flat deposit, implying a severe lapse in service quality or customer support in isolated cases.

Positive Feedback

Fantastic Services has garnered significant acclaim for the quality and professionalism of its cleaning services. Various customers praise the meticulous nature of the team's work, from the polishing of ovens to the transformation of domestic spaces. Many reviews emphasize the effectiveness of the cleaners, who are often described as 'hardworking', 'efficient', and 'professional'. Positive customer experiences seem to be underpinned by the staff's willingness to work extra hours and their friendly conduct, including attention to pets. Specific mentions of staff members in the reviews suggest that certain individuals are particularly valued for their competence and dedication, which further supports the company's positive reputation.

Concerns and Threads

While the preponderance of feedback for Fantastic Services is positive, there is a discernible undercurrent of dissatisfaction in some customer experiences. The most pressing concerns stem from issues with service execution, including a reported failure to properly complete an end-of-tenancy clean that led to a financial loss for the customer. This incident is compounded by claims of poor customer service follow-up, including refusal of a refund and lack of responsiveness. Additionally, there are criticisms around scheduling, such as canceling appointments without timely communication, and minor service oversights such as not placing protective foil during carpet cleaning and neglecting parts of the oven during cleaning. These drawbacks, though seeming to represent a minority of experiences, identify opportunities for the company to enhance their operational consistency and customer support mechanisms.

Frequently asked questions about Fantastic Gardeners

What guarantees does Fantastic Services provide for their cleaning?

Fantastic Services emphasizes customer satisfaction and aims to provide high-quality cleaning services. While specific guarantees may vary, it is advisable for customers to discuss expectations and any service guarantees directly with the company prior to booking, especially for critical services like end-of-tenancy cleaning.

How responsive is Fantastic Services to customer complaints or issues?

Feedback on responsiveness is mixed. Some customers have reported satisfactory experiences, while others mention difficulties with receiving refunds and experiencing unresponsiveness. It's recommended to clarify the company's complaint resolution process before engaging in their services.

Can I request a specific team or individual based on positive reviews for Fantastic Services?

Customers have favorably mentioned specific team members. For a personalized experience, it may be possible to request these individuals or teams, depending on availability and company policy. It is suggested to inquire with Fantastic Services about accommodating such requests.

What are customers saying about Fantastic Gardeners

Fantastic Gardeners
Amanda Nartey
a month ago
Maya and team were excellent and truly transformed the house. They made sure to clean thoroughly rather than just a superficial surface clean. I will be booking them again.
Fantastic Gardeners
Roger Fagg
3 months ago
Ordered a last-minute house clean from fantastic services. Three cleaners arrived and they were extremely professional and helpful. Miya and her team were brilliant. The standard of the cleaning is really high, and they went above and beyond what would be expected from a standard clean. Due to the size of the cleaning job, an extra hour was required, and they were luckily available to work for that extra hour. I cannot recommend the service enough. Getting domestic cleaning seems to a minefield, and difficult to find people who are reliable and professional. I highly recommend fantastic services for anyone who is looking for domestic cleaning services. Thanks so much. 5* Service: Standard cleaning
Fantastic Gardeners
Valerie Beattie
5 months ago
Wonderfully helpful and extremely hard working team! They all worked their socks off and my house is totally awesome! I love it again. Thank you so very much - please see the photos which show just how sparkling clean it is now. So very happy, can’t thank you all enough for your hard work Service: Standard cleaning
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Fantastic Services is the only company that gives you real-time availability and prices to guaranteed appointments for over 100 home and garden services by in-house professionals.Sparkling clean home and office, trimmed to perfection lawn and garden, brand new looking carpets, an odd-job around the house, or even pest control are just 30 seconds away when booked online! Of course, with all COVID-19 needs met.Get up to 20% off your online/app bookings as a member of the Fantastic Club, and enjoy priority booking and £300 in credits!