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What do customers say about Dhl International (Uk) Limited?

As of Feb 27, 2024, 145 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 27, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Dhl International (Uk) Limited's customer reviews analysis

An analysis of recent reviews for DHL Express Glasgow indicates a mixed company reputation with varied customer experiences. Recurring positive themes suggest that a number of customers find DHL to offer fast, efficient, and friendly service, with specific praise directed at front desk staff like Natalie. There appears to be confidence in the secure handling and prompt delivery of parcels, particularly within Europe. However, on the negative side, there are several instances of customer dissatisfaction due to misinformation given by sales representatives on cut-off times, failure in delivering parcels as scheduled, and allegations of dishonesty about attempted deliveries. Additionally, customers have reported unhelpful and slow service, issues with drop-offs, and challenges in sending documents without providing personal contact details, which has been a cause for frustration and inconvenience.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of DHL Express Glasgow are highlighted by reviews that commend the service as fast, efficient, and reliable. Customers who had successful interactions often reference a smooth process in getting parcels sent with next day delivery options in Europe being available. Clients find the online booking system paired with prompt check-in at the facility as convenient. The staff, particularly Natalie, receive specific mentions for being helpful and friendly, contributing to a good overall experience. These reviews reflect that when the service functions as expected, customers are left very satisfied and confident in the safety and timeliness of their shipments.

Concerns and Threads

Customer feedback reveals significant negative aspects of the service provided by DHL Express Glasgow. Notable grievances include misinformation about the availability of services and cut-off times, leading customers to waste time and effort. Instances of repeatedly failed delivery attempts, with customers waiting full days and receiving last-minute notifications of delays, further reflect operational inefficiencies. In addition, there are complaints about poor customer service, with reports of staff being slow, rude, and unhelpful. Some customers have also had difficulty in obtaining proof of drop-off in the form of receipts or tracking numbers, which undermines trust in successful delivery, and there are complaints about the rigidity in documentation requirements hindering the sending of important tax documents.

Frequently asked questions about Dhl International (Uk) Limited

What are DHL Express Glasgow's hours of operation, and can I drop off my parcel after regular cut-off times?

DHL Express Glasgow typically operates until 7:30 PM, but the cut-off times for same-day shipping dispatches might be earlier. Customers are advised to confirm cut-off times directly with the Glasgow branch to avoid any inconvenience.

How reliable is the next-day delivery service to destinations within Europe?

Several customer reviews have praised DHL Express Glasgow's next-day delivery service within Europe as fast and efficient. While most experiences are positive, the reliability may occasionally be impacted by operational challenges.

What should I do if I encounter poor customer service at DHL Express Glasgow?

If you experience poor customer service, you are encouraged to contact DHL Express customer support directly to resolve any issues. Providing feedback about your experience can also help the company address service issues promptly.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dhl International (Uk) Limited

Dhl International (Uk) Limited
Gordon Cowan
6 months ago
Told by DHL Express Sales on the phone that if I rushed up to DHL Glasgow from Prestwick with my important documents that I needed to get to Cyprus and got there before 7.30pm, my documents would go tonight! I dropped everything and rushed up to get to DHL Glasgow and arrived at 6.50pm to be told that 1. The DHL lorries left at 6pm and can’t help or do anything tonight! 2. They can’t take my document envelope for tomorrow because the system won’t allow that to happen. The staff here suggested that I can come back tomorrow (a 2 hour round trip) or call them back tomorrow to get someone to pick it up, with no idea of when! DHL said not their fault as it was customer service who gave the wrong information - not good enough DHL! Poor show, poor processes that don’t allow a parcel to be processed after 6pm when you are open to 7.30pm, ‘it was them’ attitude and not taking any responsibility or providing any solution was just fuel on the fire for me!
Dhl International (Uk) Limited
cheeks mcgraw
3 months ago
Worst ever.... Waited in 2 days for a delivery , I mean waited , as in full days. The first day , they said it would be here before 8 pm. When it hit 9pm, they said, "we're sorry, your parcel is running late." And delivery attempted! No, no, no , nothing was attempted. Then I got a txt another day, saying it would arrive between 14.34-15.34 , so again I waited ...... I was stop number 88, it gets to past 5pm and they were at stop 87 , next thing when checking tracking it said delivery attempted!😡. This was around 5 pm. on a Friday. There's nothing I hate more than getting fobbed off due to it being a friday and someone clearly wanting to finish their shift. This has been going on since 21st November, and it's now 24th November. It wasn't my choice to use this company due to a purchase from Amazon. So yes, I understand it's busy at this time of year. But there is no need for lies. They clearly have some cowboys "delivering " their parcels. Sorry, DHL, it's not the first time I've been fobbed off by you, but this will be the last, goodbye.
Dhl International (Uk) Limited
Michael McCusker
2 days ago
Good experience using DHL pick up Fast, efficient, in and out in no time.
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