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What do customers say about Detail Cleaning Services?

As of Apr 07, 2024, 815 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 7, 2024
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April 7, 2024

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Detail Cleaning Services's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation of Detail Cleaning Services is consistently characterized by high customer satisfaction, as evidenced by recent reviews. Recurring themes include the professionalism and punctuality of the staff, thoroughness in cleaning, and the ability to accommodate pets and busy households. The technicians, most notably Blanca, Lissa, and Elena, receive specific accolades for exceptional service, suggesting that employees are well-trained and attentive to detail. Additionally, the company's communication and scheduling are reported as smooth and efficient, which further enhances the customer experience. The gesture of folding towels and paper products into designs adds a charming and personalized touch that appears to resonate positively with clients. Trustworthiness and reliability, as well as the company being veteran-owned, are mentioned as compelling reasons for choosing their service. These combined factors create an impression of a well-regarded cleaning service that prioritizes customer care and quality work.

Positive Feedback

Detail Cleaning Services receives commendation for its prompt, thorough, and accommodating services, enhancing its positive aspects highlighted by customers. The staffs' professionalism is frequently praised, noting both friendly demeanor and skillful execution in cleaning tasks. Additionally, customers value the considerate and effective communication, including reminders and updates on arrival times. An appreciation for the special attention given to pets and active households also stands out, illustrating the company's adaptability to various home environments. The use of eco-friendly cleaning supplies is a significant positive, aligning with contemporary consumer preferences for sustainable and safe products. The practice of scheduling cleanings quickly and the veteran ownership contribute to the perceived integrity and efficient operation of the business.

Concerns and Threads

The provided customer feedback does not present explicit negative aspects of Detail Cleaning Services. Each review is positive in nature, praising various aspects of the service, from the quality of the clean to the professionalism of the staff. However, it's important to note that the absence of negative reviews in this dataset does not necessarily equate to a flawless service; it simply reflects the experiences of those who chose to share their impressions. Potential customers should consider seeking additional sources of reviews for a more comprehensive understanding of the company's service. Additionally, prospective clients may benefit from inquiries into the company's handling of any service issues or negative experiences, which are not covered in the available reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Detail Cleaning Services

Are the cleaning supplies used by Detail Cleaning Services eco-friendly?

Yes, Detail Cleaning Services utilizes eco-friendly cleaning supplies, ensuring that your home is not only spotless but also remains safe and smells fresh.

Can Detail Cleaning Services accommodate a busy household with pets?

Certainly, Detail Cleaning Services is adept at working around active households with pets, ensuring a thorough cleaning without disturbing your family or furry friends.

Does Detail Cleaning Services offer flexible scheduling for cleaning appointments?

Yes, according to customer reviews, the company has been praised for its smooth and efficient communication, which includes quick scheduling and the ability to book cleaning appointments that fit with the customer's timeline.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Detail Cleaning Services

Detail Cleaning Services
ashleigh sarkaria
5 months ago
Blanca and Lissa did an amazing job cleaning our home. We appreciated the reminders and communication about their arrival time. They were super sweet and professional. The floors and baseboards are gleaming and bathrooms and kitchen are sanitized. I've included a few pics- so, you can see the shine). We have 3 dogs and 6 people home all day- and they worked around the pets and people with ease. They took their time and made sure each room was immaculate. A cute bonus was discovering all of the hand towels and paper products folded into lovely designs. We highly recommend Detail Cleaning Services and especially Blanca and Lissa.
Detail Cleaning Services
Amy Bedolla
5 days ago
We’ve been using Detail Cleaning Services for see real months after a not so great experience with Two Maids and a Mop Sugar Land. Best decision we’ve made. They are prompt, thorough, and accommodating. Plus they are Veteran owned, trustworthy, and reliable. Great company to have work in your home!
Detail Cleaning Services
John Buckley
3 weeks ago
Absolutely exceptional service! From the moment the technician stepped through the door, I was impressed by her professionalism, attention to detail, and profound dedication to ensuring my home was sparkling clean. She went above and beyond in every room, tackling hard-to-reach spots and leaving surfaces gleaming. Communication with their office team was smooth and efficient, making scheduling a breeze. The technician was punctual, respectful of my space, and equipped with eco-friendly supplies that left my home not only spotless but also smelling fresh. I highly recommend Detail Cleaning Services for anyone looking to elevate the cleanliness and comfort of their home. Their exceptional work truly sets them apart in the field of home care.
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About Detail Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services
Detail Cleaning Services has served the greater Houston metroplex with experienced and professional maid cleaning services since 2009. All our employees are licensed, bonded, and insured. With extensive background checks and reference checks, rest assured only the most trustworthy crews will render cleaning services in your Houston home. We offer move-in and move-out cleaning, deep cleaning, and recurring house cleaning services. Interested in having our maids clean your home? Instantly get a free quote online, or give us a call at (832) 483-5721. Experience the difference of quality customer service with Detail Cleaning Services in our quick response and friendly office staff. DCS - top reviewed house cleaning company in Houston Texas.