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Decathlon London Surrey Quays
Decathlon London Surrey Quays

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Published on
January 18, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Decathlon London Surrey Quays?

Decathlon appears to have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from its customer base, earning a reputation for offering a broad range of sporting goods and equipment catering to various sports and activities. Client experiences highlight a significant appreciation for the store's extensive inventory, covering needs from cycling and hiking to more specialized ones such as mountaineering and kayaking. Furthermore, the reviews emphasize a strong satisfaction with the level of customer service. Customers praise the helpful and knowledgeable staff, whether it is in building a scooter for immediate use, assembling bicycles, or providing informed recommendations. Supplementary facilities such as a golf simulator, tennis court, and cafe, along with practical amenities like clean restrooms, free water dispensers, and convenient parking, contribute to a superior shopping environment. Decathlon's commitment to aspects beyond commerce, evidenced by events like 'WORLD CLEANUP DAY 2023,' also resonates positively with consumers.

Positive Feedback

Customers consistently laud Decathlon for delivering excellent service, which is a core positive aspect highlighted in the reviews. Staff members, such as Tudor and Akash, are commended for going above and beyond in assisting customers, whether through building products for immediate use or sharing expert advice tailored to individual needs. The free assembly of purchased items, particularly bikes, and the ability to rectify selection errors, such as incompatible child seats, without fuss, illustrate a commitment to customer satisfaction. The store's setup, including interactive and family-friendly features like in-store courts and simulators, plus the hosting of sports classes, greatly enhances the shopping experience. The range of quality products available at competitive prices caters to various budgets, and added conveniences like self-checkout, clean amenities, and the location's accessibility further underscore the positive shopping journey at Decathlon.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the abundance of positive comments, the available reviews provide scarcely any mention of negative experiences, making it challenging to identify specific areas of customer dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, an objective assessment requires addressing any less favorable aspects that might be implied or less represented. One isolated incident mentioned a customer who, despite the product they sought being unavailable, still left with a satisfactory alternative, which might suggest potential stock issues. However, the issue appears to be efficiently mitigated by the staff's knowledgeable assistance. It is crucial to bear in mind that a lack of negative feedback does not inherently signify a lack of problems, but rather that such instances are perhaps infrequent or unreported in the provided reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Decathlon London Surrey Quays

Does Decathlon offer assistance with assembling purchased items?

Yes, Decathlon provides assembly services for items such as bikes and scooters, often free of charge, ensuring that customers can use their products immediately after purchase.

Can I find a wide variety of sports equipment at Decathlon?

Yes, Decathlon is known for its extensive range of sports equipment and gear covering a plethora of activities from general to specialized sports, ensuring that most customer needs can be met under one roof.

Is Decathlon a good place to shop for both adults and children?

Absolutely, Decathlon offers a family-friendly shopping environment with facilities for children to play and engage in activities, while adults shop, making it an inclusive option for family shopping trips.

What are customers saying about Decathlon London Surrey Quays

Decathlon London Surrey Quays
Don Joki
2 weeks ago
Totally satisfied with this place. Was looking to get some sporting equipment and boy was I glad I located this place. From climbing, jogging, biking , mountaineering to swimming, tennis, basketball and most of other sports equipment, wear and gear were represented. There is also a golf simulator for golf enthusiasts upstairs and a tennis court at the top of the building. The staff was helpful as I had to return an item I purchased earlier and it was a breeze. Self checkout is available. And yes, the restroom was clean as a whistle. Kudos
Decathlon London Surrey Quays
Diana Bieles
4 months ago
We visited the store to buy a new scooter for my eldest and member of staff by the name of Tudor offered to build the scooter so my daughter can enjoy it straight away. It's amazing when someone offers to help because they notice how hard it can be to shop with two toddlers. Thank you Tudor! Location is also perfect for families travelling with kids. Parking underground is huge and they have a nice cafe and studio that runs many classes throughout the week. My kids loves visiting this store and gives them the chance to play while I shop.
Decathlon London Surrey Quays
kV yew
2 weeks ago
Akash was very friendly and knowledgeable! I’m a newbie to bikes, and he explained the differences and provided recommendations on bikes and accessories. Kudos for the great service and big thank you!
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At Decathlon, we take pride in designing, manufacturing, & selling our own high-quality sports gear. With teams of dedicated designers & engineers, we create innovative gear for over 70 different sports. By controlling every step of the production process, we ensure that our products meet our rigorous standards of quality & affordability.While we specialise in designing and manufacturing our own sports gear, we also offer a selection of popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma & more.In addition to offering a wide range of sports gear, some Decathlon stores also provide additional products & services such as bike repair/maintenance, rentals, second life products & spare parts. Please get in touch with your local store for detail…