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Published on
February 12, 2024
Last updated
February 12, 2024

What customers think about Decathlon

Decathlon, from recent customer reviews, presents itself as a reputable company with a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, a vast selection of sports gear, and exceptional customer service. Reviews repeatedly praise the store for its extensive product range covering various sports, including running, cycling, kick-boxing, hiking, camping, and winter sports, which seems to cater to both novices and adrenaline enthusiasts. The positive in-store experience is enhanced by knowledgeable and approachable staff like Alex, Oliver, and Arshad, who are commended for their expertise, personalized assistance, and dedication to customer satisfaction post-purchase. The pleasant in-store ambiance, accessibility of products, and the additional tech-savvy features like the feet scanner add to the overall customer satisfaction. Flexibility in services, like bike repairs that accommodate post-work pickups, further boosts the company's reputation for convenience and reliability.


Key positive aspects of Decathlon, as highlighted in the customer feedback, include a broad and varied inventory that introduces customers to new ideas and caters to multiple sports activities. The company is recognized for its adherence to sustainability and ethical practices, reflecting a broad consciousness towards environmental responsibilities. Customers notably value the high level of expertise and quality service provided by the store’s staff, with personal mentions of employees implying a strong and positive human element in the shopping experience. Fast, efficient service, and thoughtful after-purchase care are frequently mentioned, which suggests Decathlon values long-term customer relationships. The use of innovative technologies like the feet scanner seems to leave a uniquely positive impression, showing Decathlon’s commitment to an efficient and personalized shopping experience.


While the provided reviews are overwhelmingly positive, they offer limited insight into any consistent negatives affecting the company's reputation. To constructively critique, one might have to infer minor downsides, such as the potential for overwhelming choice due to the vast product selection that some customers might find daunting without staff assistance. Additionally, while the individual praise for staff members highlights excellent service, it may also suggest variance in service quality, potentially leading to different experiences should a less knowledgeable staff member be encountered. Moreover, sustainability and ethical practices, although praised, may indicate higher price points, which could dissuade cost-sensitive customers. However, these inferences do not reflect any direct negative feedback from the reviews given.

Frequently asked questions about Decathlon

What type of products can I find at Decathlon?

Decathlon offers a wide range of sports gear and equipment for various activities such as running, cycling, kick-boxing, hiking, camping, and snowboarding, as well as team sports like soccer, basketball, cricket, badminton, and tennis. They also have camping equipment and offer technological features such as a feet scanner for personalized fitting.

Can I expect good customer service and assistance at Decathlon?

Yes, Decathlon is known for its excellent customer service. Staff members, such as the cycling department manager and bike workshop staff, are frequently mentioned in reviews for their knowledgeable, helpful, and patient assistance. Moreover, the staff's dedication to customer satisfaction is well-regarded, with offers of after-purchase support.

Does Decathlon offer services beyond just selling products?

Absolutely. Decathlon provides various after-sales services, especially notable in their cycling department. They offer bike services and repairs with flexible pickup times. Staff are recognized for their expertise, and they ensure customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase, illustrating their commitment to long-term customer relationships.

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Tim Wroe
2 months ago
Always come here during the week for my trail running and kick boxing items. They have such a large selection of other items too like hiking, cycling etc. well worth a drop by even if you are not after anything, always good to get new ideas isn’t it 😀
11 months ago
A beyond huge mecca of low fare, minimal fuss gear and equipment catering any adrenaline junkies hobby and experiences for all seasons. I love this place, it's awesome and commonly my go to for threads for camping and snowboarding! One of the reasons I love this joint is that it does a great job of promoting ethical and sustainable selling and use of both equipment and garments which preserve our beautiful planet and allow us to take advantage of all these awesome experiences and opportunities in life!
Brenda Laing
2 months ago
I recently had a fantastic experience at Decathlon, where Alex provided exceptional customer service. His knowledge of biking gloves was impressive, guiding me through the diverse range available. Alex's expertise ensured I made an informed decision, ultimately enhancing my shopping experience. The store itself had a vast selection of sports gear, well-organized and easily accessible. Decathlon's commitment to quality and affordability stood out, making it a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts. The ambiance was welcoming, and the staff, like Alex, were approachable and eager to assist. I appreciate the emphasis on customer satisfaction at Decathlon, making it a reliable choice for all my sporting needs. My interaction with Alex and the overall positive atmosphere make me highly recommend Decathlon for anyone seeking quality products coupled with outstanding service.
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About Decathlon

Sports Shops
Welcome to our flagship store here in Leeds city centre. At Decathlon Leeds, we offer over 70 sports in store and online. Our bikes range from balance bikes to electric bikes and all come with lifetime warranty on the frame, handlebar and stem as well as a 3 month free service through your decathlon account. We also have a full camping showroom for you to browse with both family tents and pop up tents on show. Prefer water to land? We have all your watersports needs in the form of swimming, kayaking, surfing, sailing, snorkeling and more...! Further to our full sports range, we have a fully functioning workshop offering bike, tent and kayak servicing all repaired by our trained workshop mechanics.