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Published on
February 10, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Sports Direct?

Sports Direct appears to garner mixed reviews from customers, impacting its company reputation. A recurring theme from customer feedback revolves around the inconsistency between displayed prices and the checkout price, with some staff members allegedly preferring to quote retail laws rather than resolve the pricing discrepancy. Staff competence is questioned in multiple instances, notably when dealing with refunds to gift cards or managing stock levels. Ethan's noted rude and dismissive behavior contrasts sharply with Conner's apologetic demeanor, signaling an inconsistent customer service experience. The company's in-store experience has been tainted by perceived rudeness, unprofessionalism, and neglect, especially close to closing times, overshadowing efficient service elsewhere. Despite these negatives, there are instances of positive feedback -- predominantly for having well-stocked stores with variety, enthusiasm for products, and commendable service in certain locations.

Positive Feedback

Amidst the varying customer experiences, several positive aspects emerge. Multiple reviews praise Sports Direct for its well-stocked shops and the variety of products available, especially at larger locations such as the Aintree store. Customers express satisfaction with product availability and the inclusion of designer outlets within stores. Enthusiastic service is another plus, particularly noted by customers with interests in specific product lines, such as gaming. These instances suggest a potential for a positive shopping experience, hinging upon staff passion and a well-maintained product inventory.

Concerns and Threads

On the downside, customer experiences denote significant areas of concern for Sports Direct. Customer service is frequently criticized, with staff often described as rude and dismissive. The issue of poorly handled discrepancies at the point of sale -- such as incorrect pricing -- represents a recurring complaint. Furthermore, the process of handling returns, especially those from online purchases, appears to be fraught with frustration due to poor communication and perceived incompetence. Unnecessary loud background music is noted to detract from the shopping experience for some. These negative aspects point to an urgent need for improved staff training, better customer engagement, and attention to detail in operational practices.

Frequently asked questions about Sports Direct

What is the in-store price policy if there is a discrepancy between shelf and till prices?

In the event of a price discrepancy, Sports Direct staff are expected to follow company policy, which should align with retail laws. However, the approach may vary on a case-by-case basis. It is advisable for customers to talk to a manager if concerns arise at the till.

How does Sports Direct handle returns for online purchases?

Online purchases can generally be returned in-store. However, if the return is due to an error like incorrect sizing, customers should expect assistance from staff without having to incur additional return shipping costs, although this can depend on the specific circumstances and available stock for exchange.

Are staff available to help during busy periods or close to store closing times?

Customers have reported mixed experiences. While some staff are praised for their assistance, others appear less forthcoming, particularly close to closing times. Sports Direct is likely working to address these issues, but customers might want to consider shopping at off-peak hours for a better experience.

What are customers saying about Sports Direct

Sports Direct
John Mooney
a month ago
Popped in today to buy some socks. Price on the pack said 2 packs for £22 but the price at the till came up as £24. Logic demands they were happy with £22 when they went on the shelf but the staff decided quoting retail laws to an unhappy customer was better than taking a common sense approach and I decided not to buy the socks. As I'd used a gift card for part of the sale 4 members (ironic as they only had one till on until i got to the front and they opened a second one, but I digress...back to the socks) of staff didn't didn't know how to refund the monies back to the gift card so another ten minutes passed before a phone call was made and the problem rectified...all this for 2 quid. Special mention for Ethan for being particularly rude and dismissive, sorry for inconveniencing you and your chat about New Year's eve plans. Thanks to Conner for taking the time to apologize, the one saving grace in a poor experience.
Sports Direct
Ayomide Aibinuomo
a month ago
Lovely place to visit. Sad they did not have the size of the shoe I wanted. Nevertheless love their services. I will recommend this place.
Sports Direct
4 months ago
Very poor experience, went in at 16:00 when the store closes at 16:30, the staff I saw all ignored me and pretended I wasn't there, eventually a male member of staff gingerly looked up at me and I asked for a pair of trainers in my daughters size he said they where showing 1 pair in stock, he went away and then came back empty handed and said they didn't have that size. I felt pressured and an inconvenience and this was still 20 minutes before closing time. Really poor customer service, will leave shopping to online now..
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Founded in 1982, Sports Direct is today the UK?s largest sporting goods retailer by revenue, and operates a diversified portfolio of sports, fitness, fashion and lifestyle fascias and brands. We aspire to be a leading sports and lifestyle retailer internationally offering our customers an unrivalled range of high quality leading brands.