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As of Apr 23, 2024, 179 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

running like new with beautiful cable management

fantastic knowledge and hard work

repaired it and returned it

swiftly assisted with repairs

repair was excellent and was much quicker than anticipated

Stress free really would recommend

repair was quick, very good price and very convenient

fixed it within just under 2 days

quickly diagnosed the problem

Cheap, extremely fast, and super friendly service

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April 23, 2024

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Computer Clinic Liverpool's customer reviews analysis

Computer Clinic Liverpool garners a robustly positive reputation from contemporary customer reviews, which frequently praise the technical adeptness and service quality. Customers appreciate the attentive and transparent communication from Chris and Marty, which includes detailed assessments of issues and clarity on repair options and costs. Expediency appears to be a hallmark of their service, with numerous instances described where complex repairs, inclusive of part ordering, are completed within a 48-hour window. Noteworthy is the convenience offered by their pick-up and drop-off service, widely lauded for reducing the friction in getting devices repaired. The company's pricing model is consistently described as fair and reasonable, contributing to overall customer satisfaction. While these reviews present a predominantly favorable view of the company lacking significant critique, one should consider the potential for bias as dissatisfied customers may not always provide feedback.

Positive Feedback

Across the board, clients of Computer Clinic Liverpool extol the quick turnaround time of their repair services, with devices often returned in optimal condition within just a few days. The professional approach Chris and Marty employ in managing the intricacies of device issues and their execution of repairs — such as troubleshooting, component replacement, and internal cleaning — is frequently acknowledged. Positive feedback also extends to their excellent communication, with the team providing clear timelines, regular updates, and transparent pricing for the repair work. The added convenience of a pick-up/drop-off service further amplifies customer satisfaction, suggesting an operational emphases on customer-centric practices. Lastly, their competitive pricing for parts and labor is frequently highlighted as a defining positive trait.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews presented do not explicitly detail any recurrent negative experiences, which suggests either an absence of such trends or a possibility that dissatisfied customers have not been vocal in the channels from which these reviews are sourced. Consequently, without negative feedback, it is challenging to provide a balanced critique or point to specific areas for improvement. Prospective customers should remain aware that the absence of critique in the available reviews does not ensure a flawless service experience; this emphasizes the importance of continued diligence when researching service providers.

Frequently asked questions about Computer Clinic Liverpool

Can I expect Computer Clinic Liverpool to fix my device within a specific timeframe?

While individual cases may vary, reviews frequently mention a fast turnaround, often within 48 hours for many repairs. The specific timeline will depend on the complexity of the issue and availability of required parts.

Will I be kept informed about the repair process of my device?

Yes, customers have reported that Chris and Marty maintain excellent communication, providing clear and transparent details about the repair progress, part ordering, and associated costs.

Does Computer Clinic Liverpool offer any convenience services for device repairs?

Indeed, they offer a pick-up and drop-off service for devices that many customers find convenient, enhancing the seamless nature of the repair experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Computer Clinic Liverpool

Computer Clinic Liverpool
Aristol Ayetteyman
a week ago
My PC wouldn't turn on after seemingly nothing happened and after a day of trying to find the problem myself I was left stumped. I rang after 5pm explaining my issue and within a couple of hours Marty came to pick up my PC. The next day Chris called me and explained the issue and what needed to be done to fix it. They then ordered in the replacement part(s), fixed and returned my PC the very next day. All in all, it took just over 48 hours and my PC is back in excellent condition and running like new with beautiful cable management. All done with a fair price and excellent communication. Great job Marty and Chris, absolute legends. Highly recommend their services 👌🏾.
Computer Clinic Liverpool
Rhys Jones
3 weeks ago
Just to preface this review, this organisation is not to be confused with the phone repair company located in a similar area. If you want my advice following various instances of poor service at diferent businesses, call Marty and Chris directly and consult them on your needs! So, just under a couple of months ago, I gave Chris (Computer Clinic Liverpool) a call after I had mixed up (and mis-reviewed) his organisation with another in the local area. Following our conversation, my case was passed over to his working colleague, Marty, who was much more local to my address. After Marty had picked up the laptop and made his assessment, Chris and Marty confirmed my fears with the laptop, noting that there were indeed hardware issues that required some parts to be replaced. These were fixes that I had anticipated were likely to be needed, prior to any assessment. Chris was very clear and honest with me on costs to repair an expensive gaming laptop (the laptop itself being worth just shy of £2k) and gave me various options on the parts to replace non-working parts. After coming to an agreement, he and Marty arranged for the specific parts to be ordered. Chris also gave me a good, broad approximate timeline for delivery of those parts and for the overall process. Marty completed all of the required work very swiftly following receipt of the parts and also completed a service of the interior of the laptop, including fresh thermal paste, de-dusting, etc. Prior to engaging with Chris and Marty, I had struggled to find an appropriate company to help with the repairs. Most of the shops around the city didn't seem to have a particularly good understanding of what was required, or would refuse service due to the nature of the laptop, whereas Chris and Marty identified the issue within a couple of hours, put the parts on order promply and provided a fantastic service overall. We are now a couple of months removed from the work and the laptop continues to run perfectly. No recurrent issues have arisen and I can only thank Chris and Marty for their fantastic knowledge and hard work. If you are within Liverpool, or the local region and you want to engage with a reliable (and trustworthy) company that will do a good job at fixing your computer, Chris & Marty's Computer Clinic Liverpool is my top recommendation. Thank you both again for your hard work! - Rhys
Computer Clinic Liverpool
Kasu Kymera
2 weeks ago
Very helpful, came to collect my pc, repaired it and returned it. Additionally, cleaned and managed the cables. Returned it working as good as new.
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