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Published on
March 4, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Climateguard Windows & Doors?

The overall reputation of ClimateGuard Windows & Doors - Factory Showroom appears divided based on an analysis of customer reviews. Positive experiences often commend individual customer service representatives, particularly praising the professionalism and helpfulness of a sales representative named Sabina. Customers appreciate the smoothness of the sales process, the quick and efficient installation of the product, and the perceived good quality of windows at reasonable prices. However, negative experiences reported have had substantial effects on the company's reputation. Several customers have reported issues with improper installation leading to potentially expensive damages, as well as unresponsiveness and failure to take responsibility for the mishaps. Instances of mismanagement, such as unauthorized final payments and disputes over warranties, suggest systemic challenges in addressing customer grievances effectively. A recurring theme involves dissatisfaction with the product quality and post-installation service, including complaints about frost build-up on windows and improperly installed window and door flashings that violate building codes.

Positive Feedback

Several key positive aspects emerge from the customer feedback regarding ClimateGuard Windows & Doors. Particularly noteworthy is the praise for individual customer service relationships, with multiple reviews highlighting the professionalism and expertise of a sales representative named Sabina. Her consistent performance over the years has earned a loyal customer base who are highly satisfied with her knowledge, courteousness, and efficiency. The straightforward and pleasant purchasing process has also been positively acknowledged, contributing to customers' decision to engage in repeat business. Moreover, the speed and cleanliness of installations, coupled with the favorable assessment of the windows' quality and design, especially their low-profile bezel that maximizes light, have been mentioned favorably.

Concerns and Threads

The negative feedback for ClimateGuard Windows & Doors indicates several key issues with the service and products. Customers report serious grievances including improper installation of windows and doors, which in some cases breached building codes resulting in significant water damage and potential legal action. There is a clear pattern of customer dissatisfaction stemming from both the denied responsibility by the company and their alleged one-year labor warranty which some customers find insufficient. The reviews also suggest that ClimateGuard is unresponsive to complaints, and there have been instances where customers felt 'ghosted' after raising concerns. The service center has been described as disorganized, and staff are sometimes perceived as rude and unhelpful. These issues, along with complaints about product quality, such as frost build-up on windows and claims of drafts, have led to a damaged trust in the company and its products.

Frequently asked questions about Climateguard Windows & Doors

What is the warranty on ClimateGuard windows and doors, and does it cover installation issues?

ClimateGuard offers a labor warranty that covers installation issues for a period of one year. Customers have reported concerns with the adequacy of this warranty, especially when defects became apparent beyond this time frame, so it's recommended to discuss warranty details and coverages with the sales representative before purchasing.

Are ClimateGuard's installations compliant with building codes?

There have been customer reports of ClimateGuard's installations not being compliant with Illinois building codes, particularly regarding the lack of proper flashings on windows and doors. Before proceeding with an installation, it's advisable to request details on how compliance is ensured and consider independent inspections to verify the work's integrity.

How does ClimateGuard handle service issues after installation?

Customer experiences with post-installation service issues vary. While some have been satisfied with the company's response, others report difficulties in getting timely resolutions to their problems, citing unresponsiveness and avoidance of responsibility. If an issue arises, it's important to document all communications and escalate concerns through the appropriate channels at ClimateGuard.

What are customers saying about Climateguard Windows & Doors

Climateguard Windows & Doors
Leslie Corral
2 weeks ago
This is our experience with ClimateGuard Windows and their installation crew. Materials and services that have been fully paid for never provided or properly completed. We have been ignored by multiple contacts. Our impression is that they have ghosted us. Installation day was 6/7/22. Our new bathroom window was supposed to have capping on inside, never completed. The new wood window frame installed using 6 scrap pieces of wood, not the standard 4 continuous boards. Outside capping with gap in corner with wood frame exposed. Flashing that is not done according to climateguard installation instructions by climateguard installation crew. Damage done to our existing window weatherstripping. The list goes on; see photos. The last payment was processed without our authorization because they had our credit card on file. After waiting over a year for them to rectify, no lasting measures have been taken to address our concerns. And no reimbursement has been issued.
Climateguard Windows & Doors
Ksy V
3 months ago
Petr is very professional and knowledgeable sales representative at Climate Guard windows👍🏻 I recommend him as sales person, thanks to him all the process went very smoothly and quick! The quality of the windows and installation timing is phenomenal; clean and efficient installation. Very pleased with the whole process and how Pert handled it! Much recommended! Thank you!
Climateguard Windows & Doors
Bart Rogacewicz
4 months ago
We had doors and windows installed five years ago by their contractors. This week, when installing new flooring, we've come to find that they were initially installed incorrectly, with no proper flashings installed at the doors at the least; we also have 7 windows they most likely also installed incorrectly. I am told by their service that CG is washing all responsibility due to a laughable one year labor warranty. What this means to you- if they send someone to install something and the installer is good at covering their poor craftsmanship, you may find your home rotting years later at your responsibility. Stay away from Climate Guard, Studio 41, and anyone else involved if they tell you this is normal. Based on other reviews, it's clear they don't actually care about the customers and only praise positive feedback. UPDATE: While we can't allow our GC to open anything up yet to truly assess the damage ClimateGuard has caused to our home (insurance/lawyer needs to look at unaltered), the current estimate for damages is in tune of $20-40k, potentially much higher. Stay far away from this company. UPDATE2: Looking things over, it's starting to look like ClimateGuard is also in breach of IL building code by not installing flashings on doors/windows. If you're being told by their representative that your home is not humid/too humid and trying to place blame elsewhere, have someone make sure they did not also botch your install. I smell a class action lawsuit. UPDATE3: As there's really no reply functionality, I just wanted to reply and state that while it's appreciated a representative should reach out, I shouldn't have to post a negative review with photographic evidence for someone to take me seriously about CG allowing contractors to do work against building code. UPDATE4: Sadly to no one's surprise, Climate Guard has yet to reach out. Unsure if this is due to insurance or lawyer reaching them first, but to me there's no update. UPDATE5: Two reps came out to the home, Chris and Jose. Immediate attempt to deflect responsibility, trying to blame "existing" damage on the bad/illegal install. After some arguments, Chris admitted fault to both improperly installing doors without flashings, not to code, and the fact their crew covered whatever they may have found up, and did not notify a single person of any issue whatsoever simply to finish and get paid. Their attempts at rectifying this are just as ridiculous as everything else, with two of our doors and floor damage offered to be replaced. Zero care or concern for the other two doors, or the 7 windows that may be hung improperly as well. Waiting on a certified inspection report to take this further. UPDATE6: Company, specifically Jose P, tried to send a crew and insist on fixing this to my wife, all without obtaining a permit or any other required authorization. When I spoke to Jose to confront this, I was told no work ever happens without a permit. This is directly conflicting the company policy, and their own staff is blatantly lying to customers. We're waiting on a response, but please beware of any work done, and always ensure the work is done with a permit and inspected by a licensed building inspector after completion. UPDATE7: We're finally seemingly getting on the same page. Awaiting an official proposal we could then work off of and figure out what to do next. At the very least, Jose's been trying to rectify this.
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