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Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport

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What do customers say about Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport?

As of Feb 21, 2024, 6085 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport's customer reviews analysis

The Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport seems to offer a mixed bag of experiences to its customers. Reviews suggest a general appreciation for the efficient shuttle service and the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, especially highlighted are drivers Tony and Lucas, and reception member Ryan Lamb. Customers have expressed satisfaction with some of the service staff in the restaurant, particularly pointing out Oisin's professionalism and helpfulness. However, there are concerns regarding room amenities, cleanliness, and value for money. The hotel's perceived overpricing, coupled with minor facility issues and underwhelming room upkeep, has led to some dissatisfaction among guests. The recurring praise for staff attentiveness indicates a strong customer service culture, but this is juxtaposed against reports of subpar room conditions and amenities that fail to meet some guests' expectations for the price point. Overall, reviews indicate that while the Clayton Hotel excels in staff interaction and some logistical services like transfers, there is room for improvement in ensuring that accommodations and value align more consistently with guest expectations.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of customer feedback for the Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport focus on the commendable service provided by staff members across various roles. Shuttle bus drivers such as Tony and Lucas, along with Ryan Lamb at reception, stand out for their professional and customer-oriented approach. The courtesy bus service is highlighted for its punctuality and ease of use, contributing greatly to a smooth transition to and from the airport. Staff members in the restaurant, notably Oisin, are mentioned for their friendly and efficient service. Guests have also noted the comfort provided by the well-furnished and well-cleaned rooms, with comfortable mattresses enhancing the overall stay experience. Additionally, the convenience of the hotel's location and the availability of amenities like a hassle-free online check-in process are appreciated by travelers looking for a comfortable pre or post-flight accommodation.

Concerns and Threads

While many reviews of the Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport are positive, there are noteworthy criticisms that impact its overall reputation. Several guests have commented on the lack of expected amenities, such as adequate coffee facilities, issues with kettles, and absent suitcase racks in rooms. Reported cleanliness oversights, including the presence of previous occupants' belongings and inadequate bathroom maintenance, also detract from the customer experience. Some guests find the room pricing to be inflated when considering the subpar aspects of their stay, such as the absence of expected luxury toiletries and the presence of unsatisfactory heating solutions, like ineffective space heaters. Additionally, the reported antiquated communication devices, like phones that do not function, raise concerns about the hotel's attention to detail and modernity. These points of feedback suggest a need for the hotel to enhance its room amenities and ensure stringent cleaning protocols to bring the physical experience in line with the positive customer service reported.

Frequently asked questions about Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport

Does the Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport offer a shuttle service?

Yes, the hotel provides an efficient shuttle bus service to and from the airport, which many guests find convenient and easy to use.

Can I expect modern amenities in my room at the Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport?

While some guests have found the room furnishings to be comfortable, others have reported issues with amenities such as outdated or malfunctioning kettles and coffee facilities, so amenities may vary.

Is the staff at Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport helpful and professional?

Many reviews praise the staff, especially shuttle bus drivers and receptionists, for their helpfulness and professionalism, creating a welcoming environment for guests.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport

Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport
Denise E
2 weeks ago on
Superb stay before and after our holiday abroad. Shuttle bus to and from the airport went smoothly - particularly appreciative after a long evening flight. No hassle, easy instructions for pick up. Checking in is quick, being able to do it …
Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport
Caela Beal
a week ago on
For the price paid I’d expect much better coffee facilities in the room. No suitcase rack and previous occupier’s toothpaste in the sink. Kettle didn’t automatically switch off when boiled which was a hazard. Shuttle driver was very helpful and friendly and self-check in/out was very straightforward. Overall I found it clean and comfy but felt it over-priced for the points raised.
Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport
Phillipa Duguid
6 days ago on
Excellent staff in all respects, particularly helpful to us were the lady manager and Tony the shuttle driver. The room was well-furnished and -cleaned and very comfortable. Mattresses too were comfortable. A battery was missing from the room safe. Shuttle service excellent. The restaurant prices were a little high. We walked to the Airport Pub as a result. We would recommend the Clayton to friends and will definitely come again ourselves. Robert Duguid 13/2/2024.
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Relaxed airport hotel offering casual rooms with free Wi-Fi & shuttle, plus a modern restaurant.