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As of May 02, 2024, 164 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

dates were flexible

truly exceptional

very personable

turn a mess into something beautiful

amazing work clean my house

always do excellent work

extremely professional

overjoyed by the work

clean my tile floors so clean

appreciate their hard work

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Check Maid Cleaning's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the multitude of recent testimonials, Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co. enjoys a commendable reputation that is reflected in the customer feedback. Customers consistently express satisfaction with the cleaning services provided, underlining the company's flexibility, professionalism, and efficiency. A recurring theme is the ease of booking and communication, with clients appreciating the ability to adjust appointments and cleaning tasks based on their preferences. The cleaners are repeatedly praised for their thoroughness and attention to detail, and their respectful handling of clients’ belongings. Many customers have also noted that the cleaners arrive punctually and are both friendly and professional, contributing positively to the overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Key positive themes from customer feedback are centered around the professionalism, skill, and efficiency of the Los Angeles House Cleaning team. Clients highlight the thoroughness of cleaning, the company's excellent customer service, and the ease of scheduling and changing appointments. Team members like Hector, Lorena, Lily, and Gabriella have been specifically commended for their attention to detail and friendly demeanor. The service's ability to create a spotless living environment and manage complex cleaning tasks has led to strong recommendations and intent to reuse the service from the clientele.

Concerns and Threads

The review data provided does not contain any explicit negative aspects of customer feedback for Los Angeles House Cleaning & Maids Co. All clients have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the services received, leaving no direct critiques or suggestions for improvement within these testimonials. However, the absence of negative reviews in this set of data does not necessarily imply that all customer experiences are uniformly positive; it is possible that any dissatisfied customers have chosen not to leave a review, or their feedback is not represented in the subset provided.

Frequently asked questions about Check Maid Cleaning

How flexible is Los Angeles House Cleaning with scheduling and appointment changes?

Los Angeles House Cleaning is noted for its flexibility in scheduling and accommodating clients' changing needs. Customers can easily change their appointments and customize cleaning tasks to match their requirements.

Are the cleaning teams from Los Angeles House Cleaning punctual and professional?

Yes, customer reviews frequently mention the punctuality and professionalism of the cleaning teams. They arrive on time, handle belongings with care, and perform their duties efficiently, ensuring a high-quality service experience.

Do customers generally feel that Los Angeles House Cleaning provides thorough and detailed cleaning services?

Customers consistently express that Los Angeles House Cleaning offers thorough and detailed cleaning services. The cleaners are often praised for leaving homes spotless and paying attention to areas that clients themselves might overlook.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Check Maid Cleaning

Check Maid Cleaning
Alicia Mooradian
2 weeks ago
My husband and I just moved into our house in a new area and we were looking for someone to clean after we had moved in (a clean reset almost!) and I found LA house cleaning via Google. The process was so easy and dates were flexible, once we booked, we were able to text with the service to give more info and prioritize were we wanted to focus. The team arrived, two people, a few minutes early and immediately got to work. They were very thorough and spent about 1.5 hours cleaning the house (~1500 sq ft). They were quiet and very nice whenever they had questions. Will definitely be using again!
Check Maid Cleaning
Erica Carroll
3 weeks ago
I hired LA House Cleaning to do a move out clean of my apartment and they were fantastic! I had to change my appointment multiple times and also had to make changes to my cleaning requests. They made everything so easy and were so flexible and accommodating of my needs despite ongoing changes to my personal situation. Hector and Lorena, the cleaners, were attentive and responsive during the walk through. My apartment was really dirty but they did a great job. They were very friendly and professional. I only wish I would have found LA House Cleaning sooner…
Check Maid Cleaning
Alyssa Louis
a month ago
The experience was truly exceptional. From the friendly and knowledgeable customer service to the punctual and respectful cleaning team, every aspect of the service exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail was remarkable, leaving my home spotless and refreshed. The team handled my belongings with care and professionalism, and the results were astonishing. I highly recommend this cleaning service for anyone in search of a top-notch cleaning experience that will leave their home looking and feeling amazing.
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