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Bob'S Discount Furniture Chicago

Bob'S Discount Furniture Chicago Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Bob'S Discount Furniture Chicago?

The overall reputation of Bob's Discount Furniture and Mattress Store seems to be a mix of positive and negative experiences, with a slight lean towards positive interactions in-store. Positive reviews frequently commend staff members like Vinnie, Jeffrey, Jacqueline, and Adam D. for their warm greetings, knowledgeable assistance, and no-pressure sales approach. Negative reviews, however, are concerning; they highlight significant issues with delivery and customer service, such as incorrect item deliveries, communication barriers with non-English speaking representatives, unhelpful customer support, and policy transparency issues. A particularly distressing account involves a customer who received the wrong couch pieces multiple times and encountered substantial difficulty obtaining a refund or resolution. While some clients have had seamless shopping experiences with commendable in-store service and adequate product quality, others indicate systemic customer service failures, suggesting a possible disconnect between the in-store experience and after-sales support.

Positive Feedback

Bob's Discount Furniture and Mattress Store's customer feedback indicates several key positive aspects. Many customers report a very welcoming environment within the store, thanks to the friendly and engaging staff. Sales representatives like Vinnie, Jeffrey, Jacqueline, and Adam D. are routinely praised for their professionalism, knowledge, and respectful, non-intrusive approach to sales. Customers appreciate the no-pressure buying experience, which allows them to browse and consider their options comfortably. The prices of the products also seem competitive, with many shoppers expressing satisfaction with the value and quality of the furniture they purchased. The benefits of the GoofProof warranty and the assistance provided in making final decisions are highlighted as well.

Concerns and Threads

Despite some positive in-store experiences, Bob's Discount Furniture and Mattress Store is plagued by critical customer service shortcomings post-purchase, particularly in delivery and follow-up support. Recurring negative themes include botched deliveries, such as a customer who received incorrect parts for an ordered piece multiple times, and protracted, stressful processes to rectify the issues. Troubles further extend to communication barriers with customer service that lead to repeated and unresolved issues. Lack of transparency regarding return policies and non-disclosed terms at the point of sale cause frustration and disappointment, tarnishing the company's post-sales reputation. The disparity in quality of experience between the store and customer service suggests a need for the company to align its policies and communication strategies to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the entire purchasing journey.

Frequently asked questions about Bob'S Discount Furniture Chicago

What should I do if I receive the wrong furniture or parts for my order?

If you've received incorrect items, immediately contact Bob's Discount Furniture's customer support. It is advisable to document the issue with photos and detailed notes. Persistence may be necessary, and if communication through regular channels fails, consider contacting higher levels of management.

Can I return products if I am not satisfied, and what is the return policy?

Yes, returns are possible, but the return policy has specific conditions, such as a 3-day return window for certain items like pillows. Check the return policy carefully at the time of purchase and ask for clarity on any item-specific conditions.

How can I ensure a smooth furniture delivery after my in-store purchase?

For a smoother delivery, confirm all details of your order with the sales representative and ensure they are correctly recorded. Ask the store for information about the delivery process, including how to handle potential issues that may arise, delivery times, and set-up expectations.

What are customers saying about Bob'S Discount Furniture Chicago

Bob'S Discount Furniture Chicago
Can Canver
3 months ago
They did the impossible and messed up something so simple twice and left us in a stressful situation over three weeks now. We liked and ordered an L shaped couch in the store and they delivered the pieces wrong where the hooks were at the opposite side. Delivery guys took photos and said they will share it with customer support and there is nothing to do on our end and it would be fixed. A week passed and nothing happened, then we started a process ourselves, explained the simple issue and they sent a new piece after 10 days wait. They sent the exact wrong middle piece again! Delivery guys again took photos, and we spent an hour on the phone explaining it, it's like they really do not comprehend. Now, a technician has to come out to evaluate the issue but they can't send the right furniture that we ordered. Horrible experience overall. What is he coming to evaluate? Why can't you send the right furniture that we ordered in the store! Update: Per response we received we tried again, all they do is connect you to someone who can not speak English and repeat the same things you tell them and put you on 25 minutes hold. Non English speaking customer service goes like this " so you are saying...."..Yes, that is exactly what I said 4 times already. We are fighting for a refund now, and want them to pick up this wrong item sitting in our home over a month and no result so far. These are ultimate scam artists. Just go to Ashley furniture for peace of mind and do not deal with these people.
Bob'S Discount Furniture Chicago
Chemika Howard
a month ago
Vinnie greeted us warmly when we walked in. He asked if we had been in before and gave us the layout of the store. He checked on us consistently without hovering. He was very knowledgeable and able to point us to different pieces based on our likes and dislikes. I highly recommend Bob’s and Vinnie for a no pressure buyin experience.
Bob'S Discount Furniture Chicago
Casey Ross
3 months ago
Literally the most stress-free furniture shopping experience I could ask for. Jeffrey was helpful and courteous, and completely low-pressure. Stuck around to answer all of our questions, and provided insights where appropriate, but didn’t hover when we wanted to browse, or needed to discuss privately. The couch we bought was at a great price, and we he quality is great as well. Finally, the GoofProof warranty makes spending that much money on furniture feel like an investment, rather than a weight around our necks. Definitely shopping here again!
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