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As of Jan 27, 2024, 3112 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Better.Com's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Better, as derived from the provided customer reviews, appears to be mixed. While some reviewers have praised the company for its transparency, competitive rates, and seamless online transactions, others have faced significant challenges. Notable issues include poor communication, lack of familiarity with local laws, and inefficient handling of documents. Positive experiences with supportive loan officers and efficient online processes were overshadowed by instances of unresponsiveness, mistakes affecting insurance coverage, and additional expenses incurred due to the company's mistakes. There is a notable occurrence of negative experiences tied to the mortgage process's end stages, with customers citing repeated documentation requests, and unclear and unhelpful customer service leading to delays and frustration.

Positive Feedback

Certain customer feedback highlights the positive aspects of Better, noting the company's transparency in rates and fees, which customers found competitive compared with other lenders. The streamlined online process of Better, including the user-friendliness of the website, has been appreciated by tech-savvy customers and those appreciating the convenience. A number of customers reported a smooth closing process, provided satisfaction with how issues were rectified when raised, and applauded the knowledgeable and accommodating loan officers for their assistance throughout the mortgage application. Customers who have had positive experiences emphasize the company's ability to provide clarity during the mortgage process and its efficiency in facilitating quick closing times.

Concerns and Threads

Negative aspects of Better's services, as mentioned in the customer feedback, are centered primarily around poor communication and process management. Several customers cited instances of unresponsiveness, errors in handling personal information which led to potential insurance coverage issues, and a lack of knowledge about local laws that resulted in additional costs and jeopardized closings. Additionally, there is feedback suggesting that certain staff members lack the expertise required to answer questions appropriately, leading customers to seek other mortgage companies after experiencing significant delays and setbacks. The systematic request for repeated documentation and the perceived lack of human interaction were pointed out as pain points, indicating process inefficiencies and a lack of personalized customer service.

Frequently asked questions about Better.Com

Can I expect Better to be knowledgeable about local real estate laws?

Some reviews suggest that Better may not always be fully informed about the specifics of local real estate laws, which has led to difficulties and additional costs during the closing process. It's advisable for customers to ensure that any lender they work with is well-versed in their state's laws and requirements.

How does Better handle customer service and communication?

Customer experiences with Better's service and communication seem to vary. While some customers reported a seamless and communicative experience, others were frustrated by unresponsiveness and lack of clear guidance. Prospective customers should be prepared to be proactive in seeking out communication and confirming that all details are handled correctly.

Does Better offer competitive mortgage rates and fees?

Many customers have noted that Better offers competitive rates and fees compared to other lenders. It has been highlighted in some reviews that Better's transparency in this regard has been a positive aspect of their service. However, it's always recommended to shop around for the best mortgage rates and services that suit your needs.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Better.Com

Chris Bauer
5 months ago
Do not walk - run away - from better mortgage. The highlights: Clear sexism in that my wife was unable to get a response from any of our contacts until I interceded. This happened so frequently that she would ask if she could use my email account to respond. I cannot stress this enough: Better is clearly inept and does not understand the local laws of the markets they operated in. We had a representative from the Midwest handling our closing (for a home in New York) and there were constant errors, omissions, and duplicated requests. At one point he called the insurance company for the new house and got the address changed to the wrong account. He then called the insurance company for our current house (in Montana), which they have no business interacting with in the first place, and got the address changed to NY too, which we found out next month. Had anything happened to the house in Montana during that time we would have had no coverage. Additionally for closing certain requirements must be met in the state of NY that aren't required in the Midwest. When we got to closing, Better and their attorneys had failed to do any of the work required of them which resulted in our attorneys having to pick up the slack and handle their responsibilities, which we were billed for. We requested that Better cover the costs (in excess of $1,800 which meant a lot to us but literal pennies to them) and they refused saying that the legal procedures followed by our attorneys were "unnecessary". Apparently Better's 'senior admin team' knows better than our real estate attorneys about how closings go in NY. We also experienced significant awful behaviors from all points of contact. At times they tried to pit us against each other, intentionally misrepresented facts that we provided them, and refused to read our accompanying documentation. We tried to buy a home in a normal timeframe from Better Mortgage. They basically screwed up at every possible step, and misunderstood every possible point of their own responsibility, to produce a huge and unnecessary cost to us in order to save themselves money. When faced with their own behaviors, they pretended that we had done unnecessary work to make the closing happen, and gaslighted us about our understanding of the process. At one point I had to draw them a diagram to explain how the math worked for costs incurred. A *diagram*. I would do almost anything to go back and avoid having used them in the first place and utilized a local lender.
Rajkumar Meenashi Sundaram
6 months ago
Just closed my Home yesterday and Better made the process really smooth and easy throughout. What I really liked about Better is their transparency. They put their best foot forward from the beginning and gave me the best rate. I was getting quotes from other lenders like Rocket, a local credit union and even had a mortgage broker. They gave me higher rates to begin with and only matched Better (couldn't beat it) when I showed them the Better rate. I went with Better because of that transparency. Their fees was also the lowest without any gimmicks or tag ons. Their process is pretty straightforward with everything happening online and my closing went without any issues. Only quirk I found was higher property tax rates for the escrow without consideration for the local market but they were able to rectify it after I mentioned I was unhappy about it. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better lender.
Chxer Xiong
6 months ago
My co-worker recommended better to us for first-time home buyers. The better mortgage approved us, and we went through the process. They declined us after we paid the appraisal, and days later, they got back to us wanting to finish the task they requested. Better mortgage prolongs the process and makes it very hard on us as the seller wants to close by July 20. They sounded very promising, but we wasted a lot of time with better mortgage. I hope that nobody has to go through what my spouse and I went through with better as frist time home buyers.
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