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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Axa Insurance?

Analyzing the recent feedback for AXA Insurance reveals a nuanced perspective on the company's reputation and customer experience. While a subset of customers appreciates the simplicity of their online platform, highlighting the service's accessibility and manageability, there are pronounced concerns related to customer service interactions and policy management. Notable grievances include inflexibility in negotiation for policy renewals, with reports of significant, unwarranted increases in premium costs, alongside instances of service that some customers perceive as dismissive. Moreover, users report disturbing service experiences, including difficulties with claims unrelated to the policyholder and complaints about poor communication, especially regarding courtesy car arrangements and callback promises. Ethical concerns are also expressed, with some customers advocating for a boycott due to the company's alleged investment in contentious activities. Overall, the company faces a blend of praise for certain operational aspects and serious allegations regarding both customer service and ethical practices that are likely impacting its general reputation.

Positive Feedback

Positive sentiments from AXA Insurance customers primarily focus on the company's efficient claim handling and the perceived fairness in pricing. Some reviewers express satisfaction with AXA's support during the claim process, especially in cases of non-fault accidents where the company's involvement is described as helpful and proactive. The ease of getting insured and the rapidity with which customers can get on the road are applauded, with one customer hoping to maintain a long-term relationship based on their positive initial experience. The online platform's user-friendliness is also commended, allowing users to conveniently manage their policies digitally. A recommendation from a satisfied client further implies that when the service works as expected, it can be both effective and reliable.

Concerns and Threads

Negative experiences with AXA Insurance are recurrent in recent reviews, indicating possible systemic issues. Customers express dissatisfaction with substantial and seemingly arbitrary premium increases at renewal, coupled with a reluctance from customer service to negotiate or match competing quotes. In some cases, customer service representatives are described as unwelcoming and unhelpful. There are also allegations of associating unrelated claims to customer policies and a lack of transparent communication, especially when promises of callbacks are not fulfilled. Moreover, the company encounters complaints about complex service offerings that leave potential customers confused about the benefits. A particularly scathing review accuses AXA of poor ethical standards, investing in entities allegedly involved in illegal activities, suggesting that the issue extends beyond individual service experiences to broader corporate responsibility concerns.

Frequently asked questions about Axa Insurance

How does AXA Insurance handle claim processing?

Customers report varied experiences with claim processing. Some find AXA Insurance supportive and helpful, especially in incidents where they are not at fault. However, there are accounts of difficulties, such as unrelated claims being added to policies, and communication breakdowns during the claims process.

Can I negotiate my policy renewal rate with AXA Insurance?

Several reviews suggest that AXA Insurance may not be open to negotiation on policy renewal rates. Customers have experienced significant premium increases without apparent justification and have found the company inflexible in discussing changes to the renewal quotes.

Is AXA's online platform user-friendly for managing insurance policies?

AXA Insurance's online platform receives some positive feedback for being simple and allowing customers to manage their policies conveniently. This ease of use is one of the few consistently praised aspects of the company's service offering.

What are customers saying about Axa Insurance

Axa Insurance
Lucy Finn
a month ago
Axa tried to double my car insurance and when I rung their customer service line the lady all but told me to go away to another company because they were not willing to match quotes or even negotiate that I stay with them. I’m so glad I left. They do have a simple website and policies can be managed online which was the only benefit of being with them. Never again!!!!
Axa Insurance
Humayra Patel
2 weeks ago
Awful company!! Do NOT use - AXA have increased their complicity in Israel’s illegal settlements as a shareholder in 3 Israeli banks. They've also invested in companies directly involved in illegal Israeli settlements or in Israel’s genocide against Palestinians in the besieged and occupied Gaza Strip, such as Caterpillar, Volvo Group, IBM, Carrefour, HPE, Siemens, Airbnb and Solvay. Boycott AXA!!!
Axa Insurance
I Ward
a month ago
This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with! Tried telling me that I should agree to having 7 claims on my van insurance policy that aren’t related to me! Imagine agreeing to accepting someone else’s claims on your policy! Abysmal service!
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