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What do customers say about Appliance Repairman?

As of Apr 15, 2024, 107 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 15, 2024
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April 15, 2024

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Appliance Repairman's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation of Appliance Repair Man is predominantly positive based on recent customer reviews. The reviews frequently highlight the company's reliability, punctuality, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness. Technicians like Paul and Chris are individually praised for their work ethic and their commitment to resolving issues efficiently. Customers appreciate the prompt and friendly service, with same or next-day repairs being a recurring point of satisfaction. Clear communication regarding time of arrival, repair procedures, and pricing has also fostered trust between the company and its clientele. The consistent mention of reasonable pricing suggests that the company offers a good value for their services. Repeat business and high recommendations reinforce the company's strong standing in the appliance repair market.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of Appliance Repair Man, as per customer feedback, include timely and professional service, with technicians arriving on schedule and often offering same-day or next-day repair solutions. The technical proficiency of the staff, as demonstrated by the quick diagnosis and resolution of issues, has been commended. Customers are particularly impressed by the technicians' ability to carry necessary parts and their determination to address multiple faults within a single visit. The straightforward and transparent communication regarding pricing and services contributes to the company's credibility. The behavior of technicians is described as friendly, understanding, and efficient, further contributing to a high level of customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of reviews are favorable, there is a notable absence of negative feedback within the provided customer reviews for Appliance Repair Man. However, it is important to approach this data with caution, as a limited dataset might not capture the full spectrum of customer experiences. A more diverse range of reviews might be necessary to identify any consistent negative aspects beyond isolated incidents. Without such instances mentioned in the provided reviews, we cannot accurately determine or report on the negatives that customers might have experienced.

Frequently asked questions about Appliance Repairman

Can Appliance Repair Man provide service the same day I call?

Many customers report very quick service, often with same-day or next-day repairs, suggesting that Appliance Repair Man does strive to provide prompt service whenever possible.

Are the pricing and parts used by Appliance Repair Man reasonable and genuine?

The reviews highlight reasonable pricing and the utilization of genuine replacement parts, indicating that you can expect transparent costs and quality service when choosing Appliance Repair Man.

Does Appliance Repair Man ensure that repairs are thoroughly tested before completion?

Based on customer feedback, technicians from Appliance Repair Man are noted to test appliances post-repair to ensure functionality, offering peace of mind that your appliance has been properly fixed before they leave.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Appliance Repairman

Appliance Repairman
2 weeks ago
Appliance Repair Man fixed my washing machine after my dog had 'remodelled' the rubber seal (as seen in photo!). It was replaced with a new genuine part at a reasonable price. Friendly guy that came when he said he would and tested the machine before leaving. I would definitely recommend. 10/10
Appliance Repairman
Xania B
4 months ago
Really happy with the service I received, called and was booked in the following day! Very reasonably priced and had my oven fixed in no time! Definitely recommend 🙂
Appliance Repairman
Ian Nicholls
5 months ago
I can't thank Paul enough. Such a pleasure to have met you. I'm lucky because Paul had the parts in his vehicle and completed the job in less than an hour. I will recommend you. Thank you Paul.👍👌
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We are fully qualified and accredited white goods engineers with over 40 years experience, who'll visit your home and fix your electrical appliance. So, if you're concerned about the price of a new machine, give us a call and we'll be with you in no time at all. We aim to complete most repairs on the first visit. Washing machine repairs, dishwasher repairs, oven/cooker repairs, dryer repairs.