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What do customers say about American Signature Furniture?

As of Mar 02, 2024, 2987 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 2, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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American Signature Furniture's customer reviews analysis

American Signature Furniture reportedly provides a generally positive customer experience, with numerous commendations for service from the sales and delivery teams. Sales associates across various locations, such as Wynona at Camp Creek and Yaya, are recognized for their helpfulness and professionalism, facilitating a seamless selection and sales process. Delivery personnel like Joshua, Travis, Shawn, and Charles are noted for their professionalism and efficiency in handling and setting up furniture. The readiness of staff to keep customers informed, even during delays, and the managers' efforts in overseeing delivery and setup contribute to positive impressions. However, experiences related to scheduling mishaps, uncommunicated delivery rescheduling, and perceived disregard for customer convenience during pick-up processes detract from the company's reputation. A significant incident involving a lack of empathy and product integrity issues further affects the company's perception negatively. The combination of thoughtful assistance and select incidents of poor service inform the overall mixed reputation of American Signature Furniture.

Positive Feedback

Positive experiences at American Signature Furniture are predominantly characterized by a high level of service provided by sales associates, exemplified by personnel like Wynona, Yaya, and Mamie who are praised for their supportive guidance throughout the purchasing process. Customers express satisfaction with the wide selection of furniture and the ability to locate desired items quickly, often facilitated by knowledgeable staff members. The rate of customer satisfaction extends to the delivery service, where teams are complimented for their timeliness, respectful demeanor, and efficiency. Positive touchpoints in the customer journey include sales associates giving space for independent browsing, clear communication updates about orders, and even sales managers engaging personally to assure the quality of the delivery.

Concerns and Threads

While many facets of American Signature Furniture's customer experience are positive, there are critical issues that raise concerns. Several customers faced abrupt and unnotified scheduling changes, resulting in inconvenience and loss of wages due to missed work. The lack of empathy and adequate response to product failures, like the case of a $4000 recliner sofa breaking, has also been called out. Negative delivery-related experiences highlight the need for more attentive customer service, particularly post-purchase. An exceptionally distressing account of being pressured into a sale, inconsistent pricing, and disrespectful treatment when collecting a clearance item suggests issues with company culture and training at certain locations.

Frequently asked questions about American Signature Furniture

What should I expect in terms of communication if there are delays with my furniture delivery?

American Signature Furniture staff generally keep customers informed about order status, even during delays. Customers have reported receiving updates throughout the process, but it is advisable to confirm details to avoid potential scheduling conflicts.

Can I trust the furniture quality and durability from American Signature Furniture?

While many customers are satisfied with their purchases, there have been cases of durability concerns. It is recommended that prospective buyers inspect products carefully and inquire about warranties and service options.

Will I receive assistance in selecting the right furniture for my needs?

Sales associates at American Signature Furniture are often commended for their expertise in guiding customers through the selection process. They are known to be patient and helpful, ensuring customers find furniture that meets their preferences and budgets.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for American Signature Furniture

American Signature Furniture
Tiffany T. (Just TT)
3 months ago
Great service from start to finish!!! My bedroom set was delayed a few days but it was worth the wait!! The staff kept me informed the entire time. The sales team at American Signature (Camp Creek) was fantastic. Wynona helped me with every step of my sale with a great attitude. The young lady who sits in the back (I forgot her name) where you make payments was very pleasant and professional as well. I had a complicated order and both ladies handled it with ease. The delivery guys Joshua and Travis were so cool. They worked well with each other and quickly unloaded my 4 piece bedroom set (which consisted of several heavy boxes). They were super professional and efficient. My bedroom set was set up very quick and I am in love with my set!!! I would definitely recommend these two to deliver and set up your furniture and I would definitely recommend the Camp Creek location for your furniture needs!! Thanks!!!
American Signature Furniture
Anna Myers
a week ago
American Signature was the place for us! After searching tirelessly for months to find a couch, we walked right in and found the perfect one. We are so happy and couldn’t have done it without Yaya’s help. If you need the perfect couch with the perfect price, look no further than American Signature.
American Signature Furniture
Jasmine S.
6 months ago
The delivery from the gentlemen (Shawn and Charles) who came here was exceptional and quick. I appreciate them taking the time to put everything exactly where I wanted them. As for the scheduling part — the company rescheduled my delivery without notice and I took off from work when I didn’t have to. Had I been properly notified I could have made better arrangements and not miss 2 days of work. Aside from that, the actual delivery was smooth and hassle free once the new delivery date was confirmed and they actually arrived the second time around. They claim to have waived $100 off the delivery fee — we shall see. Anyway, overall — I love this sectional, arm rest and ottoman!!!
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