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February 27, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Alliance Chimney & Energy Inc.?

Alliance Chimney & Energy Inc. has cultivated a positive reputation based on customer reviews, which highlight the company’s professionalism, responsiveness, and integrity. The testimonials consistently underscore the timely and efficient service, especially with installations of wood burning and gas fireplace inserts. Technicians including Joe, Charles, and Chuck receive special commendations for their honesty, respect for customer property, and transparency in communication. The reviews consistently reflect customer satisfaction with on-time project completion and adherence to budget constraints. Clients appreciate the dedication displayed during complex processes and the aftercare provided. The company is credited for their ability to address issues adeptly, showcasing their commitment to service quality even under challenging circumstances. Overall, the feedback points to a trustworthy and customer-centric business approach.

Positive Feedback

Clients relay positive experiences with Alliance Chimney & Energy Inc., emphasizing the company’s professionalism and customer-centric approach. The installation of fireplace inserts and chimney caps is noted as efficient, reasonably priced, and of high quality. Technicians like Joe and Chuck are praised for their honesty, comprehensive explanations, and responsible service. The consistent mention of timely executions and adherence to agreed budgets signifies a reliable operational standard. The company's responsive and patient demeanor during complex projects, as well as the extra efforts to ensure customer satisfaction without additional charges, is well-received. Educational efforts by the staff on fireplace maintenance and use are also appreciated, reflecting Alliance's commitment to not only service delivery but also customer empowerment.

Concerns and Threads

While largely positive, some reviews hint at minor setbacks in customer experience with Alliance Chimney & Energy Inc. A customer described the conversion process of two fireplaces from wood to gas as a 'lengthy mess.' Nonetheless, this feedback also acknowledges the company's perseverance and dedication throughout the process. It indicates that challenges were met with a consistent commitment to customer satisfaction. Although such instances appear infrequent and are typically resolved satisfactorily, they suggest that complex projects may experience occasional obstacles.

Frequently asked questions about Alliance Chimney & Energy Inc.

What type of fireplace services does Alliance Chimney & Energy specialize in?

Alliance Chimney & Energy specializes in the installation of wood burning and gas fireplace inserts, chimney cap customization, conversion of wood-burning fireplaces to gas, chimney cleaning, and leak repairs. They also offer services such as installing smoke guards and fireplace doors, as well as providing maintenance advice.

How does Alliance Chimney & Energy ensure customer satisfaction during complex projects?

Alliance Chimney & Energy focuses on open communication, patience, and attentiveness to customer needs, even when projects encounter difficulties. They persevere through challenges, provide multiple site visits as necessary, and remain committed to satisfying the customer without imposing additional charges.

Does Alliance Chimney & Energy offer any additional services beyond fireplace installation and repair?

Yes, in addition to their core services, Alliance has been reported to offer additional customer support such as thorough inspections (removing debris like dead birds), educational advice on maintenance, and minor complimentary services like spray painting roof caps.

What are customers saying about Alliance Chimney & Energy Inc.

Alliance Chimney & Energy Inc.
Iris Bates
a month ago
Alliance installed a Regency wood burning fireplace insert and a custom chimney cap. Works really well, they were fast and reasonably priced. Couple things need to be tweaked on fireplace & Charles is taking care of it. He & work crew are responsible & responsive. Integrity is hard to come by with todays Contractors- These guys have it!!! Highly recommend!!
Alliance Chimney & Energy Inc.
Susan Schwartz
3 months ago
I would recommend this company, hands-down over any other company I have ever used. Joe was the technician and he was beyond amazing. He was honest and forthright about the condition of my chimney and was respectful of my living space Joe explained everything that was wrong with the chimney. He made recommendations and I feel he was completely honest. The technicians arrived on time and again I cannot say enough about this company and about Joe. I highly recommend this company as they has been in business for many years, provide excellent customer service and do an excellent job!
Alliance Chimney & Energy Inc.
a month ago
Chuck is an excellent businessman as well as the people who work with him. I needed to have my wood-burning fireplace converted to a gas fireplace. All of this had to be done by the week of November 11. I contacted him in the first or second week of October. He said that he and his associates would be able to do it, and he kept his word. I only wish that more people in business were able to do the same as I was having a major home renovation for a three floor home! He was one of the few who knew how to work in a timely manner and stay within the agreed upon budget!
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With over 20 years of expertise, Alliance Chimney and Energy is dedicated to serving the greater Philadelphia area. Our focus is on delivering quality workmanship and using the best materials available. We take pride in educating our clients on maximizing the potential of their chimneys and fireplaces while helping them save on heating costs. As a fully insured chimney company, we offer a range of services including wood, gas, and pellet stoves and inserts, as well as gas log sets. Our team consists of C.S.I.A. and Sim-Tech certified professionals who are committed to making your home more energy efficient. Discover the potential for big savings on your heating bills by partnering with Alliance Chimney and Energy.