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Published on
February 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about 1St Choice Plumbing & Heating?

1st Choice Plumbing & Heating seems to have built a reputation for promptness, professional service, and thorough communication with clients. A recurring theme in the reviews is the company's quick response to emergency situations, which indicates a strong commitment to customer service. Clients appreciate the detailed explanations provided about issues and repairs, and the transparency regarding costs. However, there is some inconsistency in the company's follow-up service, with certain clients facing missed appointments and lack of communication concerning progress on ordered parts. The overall customer experience with 1st Choice Plumbing & Heating appears to be predominantly positive, but with notable lapses that affect its reputation.

Positive Feedback

Customers experience 1st Choice Plumbing & Heating as highly responsive and professional, participating positively in their urgent plumbing needs. Initial diagnostics are quick and accurate, and technicians invest effort in educating clients about the issues at hand. Moreover, the quick sourcing of replacement parts and commitment to follow-up checks elevate client satisfaction. Work quality is generally commended, and the company's willingness to return at no extra cost to address recurring problems reflects an admirable dedication to customer service. These positive engagements foster client trust and encourage recommendations.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the commendations, 1st Choice Plumbing & Heating's service has been noted for significant drawbacks, which include missed appointments and poor communication. Instances were cited where clients were not timely updated on the status of parts orders and had to initiate contact repeatedly. There are criticisms regarding the handling of payment and invoicing, which could convey a lack of professionalism, and high costs for seemingly straightforward jobs, which cast doubt on value for money. These experiences have led to dissatisfaction, deterring customers from future engagement and questioning the company's overall reliability and transparency.

Frequently asked questions about 1St Choice Plumbing & Heating

How responsive is 1st Choice Plumbing & Heating in emergency situations?

1st Choice Plumbing & Heating has received positive feedback for their responsiveness to emergency calls, often arriving promptly and handling issues quickly.

What are some concerns customers have had with 1st Choice Plumbing & Heating?

Customers have reported concerns about missed appointments, lack of communication regarding service updates, inconsistencies in payment requests, and high charges for some services. Some reviews reflect dissatisfaction with the transparency and professionalism in these areas.

Do customers feel that 1st Choice Plumbing & Heating provides value for money?

Opinions on value for money are mixed. While some customers are happy with the quality of service and are willing to recommend the company, others have found the costs to be high for the services rendered, particularly in cases where pricing exceeded initial quotes or was unexpectedly increased.

What are customers saying about 1St Choice Plumbing & Heating

1St Choice Plumbing & Heating
Ryan English
2 months ago
1st Choice came out promptly and started diagnosing our boiler. The immediate fault was quickly identified and demonstrated so we understood exactly what had gone wrong. They were up-front about costs and likelihood of repair. We decided to gamble on a replacement part which was very quickly sourced and installed. Unfortunately it started acting up again, but 1st Choice came out again at no extra charge to investigate. We ended up having to go for another boiler entirely, but we really appreciated their professionalism, explanation of the fault, and honesty about whether or not the proposed fix would work. Highly recommended!
1St Choice Plumbing & Heating
4 months ago
Boiler issue on a Sunday - 1st choice arrived within an hour, temporarily fixed the boiler so that it's in working order and had the parts ordered and ready for next day fitted early morning. Felt like my very own personal boiler service like a personal chef that doesn't leave till the job is done. Aftercare was great as they stayed in communication after fixing the issue to check up.
1St Choice Plumbing & Heating
Jason Mc Guire
5 months ago
Upon moving into our new apartment, we detected a gas smell, prompting us to turn off the gas supply and contact SGN. SGN responded promptly, fixing an issue with the gas meter and advising us to check for a minor gas pressure drop within our apartment. Seeking a solution, we contacted First Choice for a consultation, agreeing to their £95 fee. Unfortunately, they missed the initial appointment, requiring us to reschedule. They used a gas detector during their visit but found no gas leaks in our appliances. The technician expressed concerns about potentially accessing the floor to check the pipes and suggested replacing the cooker and boiler. However, he honed in on our cooker and identified a gas leak. Notably, this leak only occurred when the cooker was disconnected, with no leak was detected when it was connected. Citing insurance concerns, he installed a valve and removed some pipes behind the cooker, all without offering a cost estimate when we asked. Our cooker had no gas inlet after the works, and the pressure problem was not fixed. To our surprise, the technician requested £195 in payment, which included the agreed-upon £95 initial service call fee and an unexpected £100 charge for disconnecting a functional cooker, despite our previous request for clarification on this charge. We eventually agreed to pay £125, but we found this unprofessional. Unsatisfied with our experience, we sought a second opinion. A friend recommended another professional who promptly identified a loose screw beneath the fireplace as the source of the gas leak without the need to remove the fireplace. Additionally, he successfully reconnected the gas cooker, all for a total cost of £105.
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