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February 27, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Vca Briarcliff Animal Hospital?

VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital demonstrates a mixed reputation based on the provided customer reviews, indicating a diverse customer experience. Positive experiences frequently mention high-quality medical care, rapid and efficient emergency services, thorough communication by veterinarians, and a professional and kind staff. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the welcoming environment for both exotic and common pets, the responsiveness to emergency situations, and follow-up practices. Contrastingly, there are notable concerns about high costs, experiences of perceived unnecessary upselling of tests and products, and insufficient customer service in some instances. The transition from previous management has left some long-term customers dissatisfied, pointing to a change in business practices and loss of the personal touch. Customer service experiences are varied, with reports of rudeness and unhelpfulness balancing out those of professional and empathetic staff interactions.

Positive Feedback

Several reviews of VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital outline key positive aspects of the customer experience. Many customers have lauded the quality of medical attention their pets received, highlighting the care and empathy shown by the veterinarians, particularly in emergency and critical care cases. Praise includes prompt responses to health crises, informative and regular communication regarding treatment plans, and a general sense of professionalism and competence from the medical staff. These experiences suggest a robust sense of trust between pet owners and the hospital's medical team. Additionally, the welcoming of exotic pets and recognition of pets as family members by the staff contribute to a positive impression for those customers.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, several reviews point to significant concerns about the customer service and business practices at VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital. Complaints include experiences of inadequate service, with reports of staff appearing indifferent, transferring calls unnecessarily, and a lack of prompt callbacks, contributing to frustrating customer interactions. Additionally, some reviews mention billing discrepancies and feelings of being overcharged or pressured into agreeing to unnecessary tests, suggesting a prioritization of profit over patient care. The criticism of a corporate approach to management and perceived loss of personal touch has led to disappointment among long-term clients, with some noting changes post-ownership transition that detracted from their overall experience.

Frequently asked questions about Vca Briarcliff Animal Hospital

Does VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital provide emergency care services?

Yes, VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital offers emergency care services, with customers reporting rapid response times and around-the-clock availability in some cases.

Can I expect clear communication regarding the costs of services provided by VCA Briarcliff?

Customer experiences with communication about costs appear to be varied. Some customers report transparency and upfront estimates, while others suggest a need to actively inquire about treatment options and associated costs.

Is VCA Briarcliff well-suited for all types of pets, including exotic animals?

Some positive reviews specifically mention the hospital's capacity to welcome and treat exotic pets, indicating that VCA Briarcliff may be equipped for a variety of animal types.

What are customers saying about Vca Briarcliff Animal Hospital

Vca Briarcliff Animal Hospital
Montez Diamond
a month ago
The best experience every time I visit . It brightened my day to see my rabbit son's name on the welcome board in the entry on the exotic pets side of VCA. Pup is always greeted and cared for in such a caring manner. This rabbit is my only "child" and he enjoys each visit.
Vca Briarcliff Animal Hospital
5 months ago
I have not visited this vet in a while. I moved cities and I now have a new vet that treats my dog so well he actually loves seeing the vet. The more I visit my new vet, the more I am reminded on how much I did not like this place. The last and final time I brought my dog here, he came back with a bloody lip and when I confronted them they told me “he came in like that”. He did NOT. If he did, why as a vet would you not notice and treat that? Because again, I didn’t bring him to you like that. This was the final straw for me. He had been wearing an e-collar for a week and obviously I would know if he has been bleeding prior because it was quite a bit of blood. I still get furious every time I think about this experience I have had with them. Although my dog being injured while at the vet was my biggest concern, I can’t ignore the hefty price tag that came with my visits. After I switched vets my new vet care team are so much more gentle and don’t charge and come up with unnecessary tests I should be running. My dog is doing the best he’s ever done and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get him to his healthiest. Find yourself an honest vet and not one that tries to operate on your fear. They scared me into getting tests I never even needed. This is a photo of his face after I cleaned him up a bit and cleaned the blood off his e-collar.
Vca Briarcliff Animal Hospital
tara habibi
2 months ago
A very special thank you to the whole team at VCA Briarcliff, specifically Dr Rehm and his team! I called last minute about my husky having incontinence issues. They got me in very quickly, and took immediate care of her. They did a full blood panel and Dr Rehm even called me on his day off to confirm the results and assure me that there are no bigger issues. So grateful to this team!
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VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital was founded in 1958 and has a solid reputation in veterinary medicine in Northeast Atlanta, Morningside, Buckhead and Decatur. Our team of staff and doctors are committed to continuous training on the latest in veterinary medicine, procedures and best practices.We are animal lovers who understand that pets are members of the family. No one understands a pet better than his or her owner, and we honor that bond. Each doctor and staff member will provide you with the information you need to make informed medical decisions for your cherished pet.Fully accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), our leading-edge practices include laparoscopic and laser surgery, digital radiology, and dentistry.