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Published on
March 1, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Total Life Counseling Dallas?

Total Life Counseling Center - Dallas, under the guidance of Dr. Jada, presents a robust reputation grounded in the effective assistance offered to clients navigating through personal struggles and mental health issues. The feedback from the reviewers frames a narrative of life-enhancing experiences, emphasizing Dr. Jada's pragmatic and challenging approach, which is consistently described as a catalyst for personal improvement. Clients express a deep sense of gratitude for the knowledge, tools, and strategies provided, which appear to be instrumental in facilitating positive change and fostering understanding of their life choices. There is a recurring acknowledgment of the center creating a secure and non-judgmental environment, critical for clients to express themselves freely. Additionally, the center's educational offerings, such as the Life Coach Masterclass and various workshops, receive high praise for their depth, relevance, and ability to engage participants actively.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of customer feedback for Total Life Counseling Center - Dallas center around three main themes: empowerment, personal growth, and educational value. Dr. Jada is frequently praised for her authentic and direct approach, which not only resonates with individuals from diverse demographics but also seems to facilitate a real sense of empowerment. Several reviewers mention an appreciation for the life skills and mental tools they have acquired, underlining their practicality in everyday life. The accolades extend to Dr. Jada's educational programs; the Life Coach Masterclass and workshops are lauded as up-to-date, comprehensive, and highly engaging, contributing significantly to the motivation and growth of attendees. Clients describe these experiences as transformative, providing them with a refreshed perspective on their value and the importance of mental health, regardless of preconceived cultural beliefs.

Concerns and Threads

The collection of reviews provided does not contain explicit negative comments regarding Total Life Counseling Center - Dallas. All reviewers have unanimously expressed positive experiences and outcomes, making it challenging to extract any specific negative aspects of their interactions. However, this analysis does not imply the absence of any negative feedback; rather, it is limited by the scope of the customer reviews presented. Prospective clients should consider this aspect when making informed decisions about their counseling needs.

Frequently asked questions about Total Life Counseling Dallas

What kinds of issues can Total Life Counseling Center - Dallas help address?

Total Life Counseling Center - Dallas offers support for a variety of personal struggles and mental health issues. They focus on empowering clients, helping them find their purpose, and providing the tools to navigate life's challenges.

Does the center offer any educational programs for those interested in becoming life coaches?

Yes, Total Life Counseling Center - Dallas provides a Life Coach Masterclass. Reviews suggest that it is a comprehensive program that equips participants with extensive knowledge and practical skills in life coaching.

Do clients find the counseling approach at Total Life Counseling Center - Dallas effective?

Customers consistently praise Dr. Jada's realistic and no-nonsense approach as effective. Her methods are described as instrumental in fostering personal growth and improvement.

What are customers saying about Total Life Counseling Dallas

Total Life Counseling Dallas
Tamara Lloyd
2 months ago
Dr Jada is amazing. She helped me navigate through one of the hardest periods of my life. She is practical but also challenged me to do better and be better. Her no nonsense approach shows that she really cares and she's authentic. My personal process was by no means easy but definitely worth it. I am truly better for it.
Total Life Counseling Dallas
Taylor Jackson
3 months ago
I walk around trying to be “Unbothered” in my Dr.Jada voice. She is an incredible woman. She is real to the point. And she knows a lot. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. She creates a safe space in which you’re able to express yourself without feeling attacked. We need more woman like her . Being a young woman in my 20s it’s hard to find a woman that is older who gives you knowledge and grace! I look forward to seeing her again in the near future !!
Total Life Counseling Dallas
Stella Tyler
3 months ago
I have been so blessed with the information and tools that I have been given to use on behalf of Dr. Jada they have been very helpful for me as I navigate through the different areas that I have been through, and I am currently going through. Thank you so very much for everything that you have shared and given to me, with this information I have been able to not only see but to understand why I have chosen and made some of the choices and decisions. I pray that others will also be blessed by what you have to share and give. I also pray that God will continue to use you in the way that he has for the benefit of others. Thank you so very much
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By Appointment Only - At Total Life Counseling Center we take the guesswork out of finding the right counselor! Our Counselors are Experts for National and Local TV. We have an excellent reputation amongst graduate & private schools, attorneys, doctors, therapists, providers, professional athletics & corporations. We strive to ensure our therapists have diverse clinical backgrounds, to allow us to match each client to the therapist that will best meet his or her needs. We help with child, teen, family, and relationships issues as well as ADHD, Anxiety, ASD, Depression, Bi-Polar, Performance Anxiety, Alternatives to Medication instead of Medication, PTSD, EMDR and RRT Trauma Therapy, Bullying, Social Skills Groups, Social Coaching.