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Published on
February 25, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Real Property Management Evolve?

The overall company reputation of Real Property Management Evolve appears to be a mixed bag, with both commendable and concerning feedback from customers. Despite the presence of positive remarks about individual employees' performance and customer service skills, there is a significant portion of reviews that depict experiences of neglect, poor communication, and a lack of professionalism. Key themes from the negative reviews include delayed or insufficient maintenance responses, difficulty in communication with both the management and staff, and a perception of disregard for tenant well-being and safety. These grievances are punctuated by instances of essential services such as air conditioning and electrical maintenance being ignored or improperly handled, and an overall impression that the company prioritizes revenue over tenant satisfaction and property maintenance. Conversely, when effective service is rendered, particularly from individual technicians and coordinators like Mario and Darcy, customers report satisfactory outcomes. The trend, however, leans towards customer frustration with a significant number of troubling encounters.

Positive Feedback

Among the positive aspects of customer feedback for Real Property Management Evolve, individual staff members such as Mario and Darcy stand out for their exemplary service. Mario is recognized for his sociability, proficient customer service skills, and timely resolution of issues. Darcy receives praise for going the extra mile, proactively assisting customers beyond regular hours, and maintaining superb communication. These positive experiences suggest that when staff members are engaged and mindful of customer needs, the company is capable of providing satisfying and efficient service. These specific commendable performances hint at the potential for a robust and customer-centric approach, should such practices be adopted company-wide.

Concerns and Threads

Negative feedback for Real Property Management Evolve centers around significant issues such as delayed maintenance, difficult communication, and perceived indifference towards tenants. Several reviewers describe a disheartening lack of attention to essential property maintenance, including air conditioning service and electrical issues, leading to unsafe living conditions. The difficulty in reaching the management via calls or emails exacerbates tenant frustrations. Furthermore, some customers recount experiences that suggest a lack of empathy or flexibility from the company during personal crises or emergencies. An absence of transparency, disregard for customer circumstances, and a failure to provide timely solutions appear to be consistent themes within the negative reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Real Property Management Evolve

What is the average response time for maintenance requests with Real Property Management Evolve?

Based on customer reviews, response times for maintenance requests can vary, with some tenants experiencing delays and difficulty in getting issues addressed. It is recommended that prospective clients inquire directly with the company for their current maintenance policies and average response times.

Can tenants expect effective communication with Real Property Management Evolve?

Feedback shows that tenant experiences with communication are inconsistent. While some report satisfactory interactions with individual staff members, others have had difficulty reaching the company and getting timely responses. Prospective tenants may wish to discuss communication expectations and protocols with the company before entering into a lease.

Does Real Property Management Evolve provide emergency assistance for maintenance issues?

Reviews indicate that the handling of emergency maintenance does not always meet tenant expectations, with reports of calls being unregistered and assistance being delayed. Potential customers should seek clarity on how the company handles emergencies and whether there are guarantees for timely intervention.

What are customers saying about Real Property Management Evolve

Real Property Management Evolve
Allie H
a week ago
RPM Evolve is the rental management of the home I lived in for just over 9 years-the first 3 years of my tenancy it was managed by a realtor-then RPM took over and for the most part I avoided contact with them and they were happy for it. I paid for my AC to be serviced each year as it was clear they were not going to do it; paid to have the pigeons permanently removed that were nesting above the patio and leaving dangerous levels of pigeon poop on my patio that fatally impacted the respiratory systems of two of my dogs. The first time I called RPM for maintenance was in April of 2023 for a leaking toilet AND multiple areas of shattered/cracked/broken tile flooring on the first floor likely due to the swelling and receding that kept happening. It took until November and multiple messages and complaints by me to the maintenance person there, the AG’s office, and even the owner for them to even send a plumber that confirmed sewer slab leak. It was almost January by the time the leak was addressed by the plumbers. I gave proper notice and moved out Jan 31st at which time the tile flooring that was swelling and receding, broken, and shattered to the point I had to have much it swept up and removed and the rest covered by carpets had still not been addressed. My dishwasher stopped being useable in 2015. I was not given keys so had to install my own locks on the townhouse. The electric never worked in the third bedroom and most of the outlets in the living room stopped working with the slab issue. I lived in the townhouse for 13 days in 2018 with no electricity because the breaker box had shortened and caught on fire (thank goodness I used a wooden spoon to flip the breaker or it would have killed me when this happened). Turned out the breaker box was way out of code and all of the electric had to be redone and approved by the city. 13 days and absolutely no word from RPM on a hotel room or not charging me rent for those days or anything at all. The electrician left me 100 dollars to get a hotel room because he felt so bad for me and my dogs staying there and going back and forth to work with no electric. RPM gave me nothing. I LOVED living in the townhouse but RPM did nothing to maintain it, never came to see it even once the entire time I lived there and the one time I need maintenance they completed disregarded it with no cares to give that I spent all of 2023 healing from three major skeletal surgeries and also living with unstable and unsafe flooring. Oh they did raise my rent tho by 30 percent in 2022 and again in 2023 and it was gonna go up again in 2024 despite being unsafe and technically not livable (per AZ State Statutes) for the last 9 months I lived there. I would not recommend renting from RPM but even more importantly I would not recommend to homeowners to use this company to manage your property. They were the rental management of my rental home for over six years and never once saw the home. Didn’t even have keys to it. I don’t know why anyone would pay them to do nothing for you except make you vulnerable to lawsuit.
Real Property Management Evolve
Renée Barrett-Small
a month ago
Definitely have to give a 5 star review for Technician Mario. He is very sociable, has great customer service skills & he's able to identify the issues & get the job done in a timely manner. I also appreciate the good communication from Darcy as well. Thank you for staying on top of the issues.
Real Property Management Evolve
Damian Roberson
2 weeks ago
Darcy is amazing!! I have never had someone go the extra mile like she did for me. She did everything she could to help me after hours and during. She is amazing 💯 Thank you so much Darcy 😊
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