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Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage

Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage Reviews Summary

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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage?

Analyzing the recent reviews for Piece of Cake Moving and Storage yields a predominantly positive outlook on the company's reputation and customer experience. Customers frequently commend the professionalism, efficiency, and care of the movers. These sentiments emphasize an overall satisfaction with the handling of belongings, packing, and moving procedures. The use of descriptors like 'diligent,' 'honest,' and 'friendly' accompanied by specific accounts of movers going above and beyond in service, such as accommodating moves on holidays and under less-than-ideal weather conditions, underscores the company's commitment to a positive customer experience. The communication, from booking to the move itself, is often highlighted as seamless, and the company's use of resources, like online tools and email responsiveness, adds to an impression of a well-organized company. However, despite the absence of explicit negative reviews in the provided information, it would be imprudent to assume a complete lack of customer complaints and criticisms without a more exhaustive set of reviews.

Positive Feedback

The positive feedback for Piece of Cake Moving and Storage consistently reflects its exemplary customer service and operational efficiency. Reviewers express high levels of satisfaction with the courteous and quick nature of the moving teams. The efficient packing and unpacking, careful handling of items to prevent damage, and the professional demeanor of the movers are recurrent praises. Timeliness and the ability to facilitate moves responsibly and swiftly are noted as key strengths. The provision of packing materials and the convenient rental of plastic bins contribute to an organized and environmentally friendly move. Furthermore, the company's flexibility with move-in and move-out timing, including accommodating moves on a holiday, enhances the positive customer experience. These aspects suggest that Piece of Cake is aptly named, as it provides a stress-reducing moving experience.

Concerns and Threads

While the provided customer reviews for Piece of Cake Moving and Storage do not explicitly highlight negative aspects, it is essential for an objective analysis to consider the possibility of downsides that have not been cited. Potential areas for concern could include hidden costs, discrepancies in service quality, or challenges faced during complex moves that have not been captured in the feedback provided. Even the most positively reviewed companies are subject to occasional criticism, and future customers should be aware that individual experiences might vary. Seeking out a more diverse range of customer feedback, including any potential negative experiences, would be advisable for a comprehensive understanding of the company's service spectrum.

Frequently asked questions about Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage

Does Piece of Cake Moving and Storage offer packing and unpacking services?

Yes, according to customer reviews, Piece of Cake Moving and Storage provides both packing and unpacking services, including the disassembly and re-assembly of furniture pieces.

Can I rent moving supplies from Piece of Cake Moving and Storage?

Customers have mentioned the ability to rent plastic moving bins from the company, indicating that Piece of Cake Moving and Storage may offer rental options for moving supplies.

Is Piece of Cake Moving and Storage able to handle moves on holidays or in adverse weather conditions?

Reviewers have reported successful moves during challenging times such as New Year's Day and in adverse weather conditions. This suggests that the company is capable of handling moves under a variety of circumstances.

What are customers saying about Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage

Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage
Alex W
2 days ago
Been living in Bedstuy for 12 years and all my moves have been pretty hectic. Piece of cake made this move one to remember and changed my whole perspective on moving. Super diligent, really kind and honest movers is also an absolute plus . Very efficient and very careful with your life items as well. Highly recommend booking them for your next move.
Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage
Brittany Chow
a month ago
Used them for my most recent move and they were amazing! The movers were so friendly and fast. They packed up my entire apartment in just a few hours and was able to unload everything at my new place so quickly. They were so careful and made sure none of my items would get damaged during the move. They were so responsive and supplied all the materials I needed for my move. I love Piece of Cake Moving and would use them again.
Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage
Sarah G. Harris
5 days ago
Best moving company I’ve used!! Piece of Cake was excellent from start to finish. They have a lot of helpful online resources for your move and are very fast with email responses. Heidi did a great job working with me on my quote! I can’t speak highly enough of them and this smooth experience. I opted to pack myself, but rented the plastic bins. As I packed, I added labels to help categorize things by room. Ultimately, the labels are for you! So be sure to write down what’s in each box on the label for easy unpacking. I will definitely use Piece of Cake if I move again!!
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We are the highest rated and most loved moving company in NYC. We offer extensive moving and storage services. Residential and Commercial, Local and Long Distance. Packing, Moving Supplies and Plastic Moving Bins. Short and Long Term Storage. We can move you across all NYC Boroughs, the Tri-State Region and across the country with our long distance moving service. Fully insured, professional and trusted.