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North Figueroa Animal Hospital
North Figueroa Animal Hospital

North Figueroa Animal Hospital Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 27, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about North Figueroa Animal Hospital?

North Figueroa Animal Hospital exhibits a mixed reputation based on customer experiences. Analysis of recent reviews indicates that while some clients appreciate the affordability and qualify the veterinary care as 'great' and 'honest', others express frustration over operational challenges, such as unavailability during holidays, difficulty scheduling appointments, and lengthy waiting times. The hospital's appeal lies in its cost-effectiveness and experienced staff, though contrastingly, there are notable grievances regarding the customer service, especially concerning the front desk and phone communication. Given this polarized feedback, it's clear that customers value the hospital's accessible animal care but are often disenchanted by its administrative procedures and the physical environment surrounding the clinic.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for North Figueroa Animal Hospital centers on the quality of veterinary care and cost-effectiveness. Customers underscore the competence of the veterinarians, mentioning the 'amazing' staff and describing the doctors as 'the best'. Affordability is a recurrent theme, often making the wait and early arrival worthwhile for pet owners. What's more, the provision of a discount for city voucher holders enhances the appeal for financially considerate pet owners. Some reviews also acknowledge the clinic's efforts to accommodate patients—like setting up tents and chairs—indicating an attempt to enhance the customer experience during waits. These aspects contribute to a perception of value for the services received.

Concerns and Threads

Critical feedback for North Figueroa Animal Hospital touches on various logistical and service-related issues. Customers complain about the hospital being closed unexpectedly on appointment days, resulting in wasted personal time and money. Difficulty in reaching staff over the phone and perceived rudeness of the front desk staff are central to customer dissatisfaction, suggesting a need for better communication and customer service. Lengthy wait times, both in-person and over the phone, are a recurring deterrent. Furthermore, some reviews imply that the waiting environment and neighborhood are less than ideal, affecting the overall customer experience. These negative aspects are significant considerations for potential clients.

Frequently asked questions about North Figueroa Animal Hospital

Is North Figueroa Animal Hospital affordable compared to other options?

Yes, many customers find that North Figueroa Animal Hospital offers more affordable veterinary services compared to other clinics, particularly noting its cost-effectiveness despite the lengthy wait times.

Can I expect long wait times at North Figueroa Animal Hospital?

It is highly likely; numerous reviews mention long waits for both scheduling over the phone and on-site services. Early arrival is recommended as they often operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Does the clinic provide good veterinary care?

Many reviewers praise the quality of veterinary care provided by North Figueroa Animal Hospital, using terms like 'great service' and 'honest'. However, some suggest the wait times and service experience can detract from the overall satisfaction.

What are customers saying about North Figueroa Animal Hospital

North Figueroa Animal Hospital
ava stander
2 months ago
How dare you make appointments for customers when you are closed for the holidays? I have been coming to this clinic for years it has gone down hill. No one ever answers phones, the staff is rude, it's just a money grab as they appear to be the only affordable vet on the East Side. It's 6am I wasted $25 on a Lyft and my cats still won't be spayed and neutered. It's really challenging to even get a vet on the phone as they almost never list prices it's hours wasted on the phone. Don't bother with this unprofessional disrespectful business.
North Figueroa Animal Hospital
stephanie “Tetti” Lechuga
a month ago
Had my cat neutered and With great care the animal hospital took care of my kiwi. I did have to wait 20 minutes at drop off, even with appointment . At pick up I waited 45 minutes for them to call my name. Great service
North Figueroa Animal Hospital
Saul Maradiaga
10 months ago
It was a good experience for my first time and went on a Thursday morning around 5-6 am to spay / neuter my 2 year old female chihuahua and 3 people were already in front of me but usually it gets packed since they only take the first 50 patients. They opened around 7:30 am to sign in and since it was my first time it was quick to drop my dog off after a quick examination and I had a city voucher ( which they give you a discount around $125 ) you only have to pay $125 including pain medication,amoxicillin medication, anesthesia, and cone. They aren’t taking free spay vouchers which sucks but compare to other clinics and the waiting list is not that bad. Had to pick up my dog at 4-4:30 pm same day and she is recovering quickly with the medication. You will need to go back in 3 weeks so they can check the incision
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