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Published on
January 22, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Nesco Upholstery?

Nesco Upholstery and Design evidently maintains a robust company reputation characterized by high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. The plethora of positive reviews consistently accentuate their professionalism, efficiency, and communicative approach. Customers frequently praise the seamless process from fabric selection to final delivery, noting the convenience of services such as pick-up and drop-off. Satisfaction appears high not only regarding the craftsmanship but also with the reasonable pricing structure and the ability to adhere to quoted timelines. Recurring themes include the delight in the transformation of treasured furniture pieces and the thoroughness of the work. Clients also highlight the dedication and responsiveness of the team members, both during the decision-making process and the execution of the projects.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer experiences with Nesco Upholstery and Design are marked by several key aspects. Customers are very satisfied with the quality of work provided, noting that furniture is often returned in a condition surpassing its original state. The enhancement of sentimental and heirloom items to look 'brand new' is a significant merit of their service. The company's customer service is highly applauded, with staff like Blimie, Sara, and Rick receiving personal commendations for their exceptional support and guidance. The added convenience factors such as the home pick-up and delivery service, along with sending fabric samples directly to customers, are mentioned as distinctive benefits. The fairness in pricing, coupled with the avoidance of hidden costs, is frequently praised, indicating a transparent and trust-building approach that contributes to the overall positive perception.

Concerns and Threads

While the dataset exhibits a pronounced bias towards positive feedback, the scope for negative aspects is minimally represented or possibly non-existent in the provided reviews. There are no overt critiques or themes of dissatisfaction that emerged across the testimonials. Therefore, it is difficult to constructively analyze or highlight key negative aspects of the customer feedback without any direct references to subpar experiences or concerns.

Frequently asked questions about Nesco Upholstery

What kind of furniture items can Nesco Upholstery and Design work on?

Nesco Upholstery and Design is experienced in working on a variety of furniture items including chairs, couches, sectional sofas, and benches. They are adept at handling both modern and antique pieces requiring detailed attention such as double welting and symmetrical fabric patterns.

How does Nesco handle fabric selection and does the customer need to provide it?

Customers can either provide their own fabric or choose from Nesco's vast selection. The company assists in the selection process by sending fabric samples and providing recommendations, ensuring that the fabric matches the customer's vision and the furniture's needs.

Does Nesco offer any additional services for convenience?

Yes, Nesco enhances the customer experience by offering convenient services such as home pick-up and delivery. Their comprehensive service package allows customers to enjoy a hassle-free process from start to finish.

What are customers saying about Nesco Upholstery

Nesco Upholstery
Betsy Lazow
a year ago
I am so happy with my 2 chairs that Nesco reupholstered for me. I provided the fabric and details of how I wanted them recovered and they came out beautiful. Quick, reasonably priced and quality work. Would absolutely use them again for any future reupholstery needs.
Nesco Upholstery
Mary Silver
2 weeks ago
Nesco does a great job from start to finish—from sending fabric samples to providing pickup and delivery! Thanks, Blimie, for extraordinary customer service. I love the new upholstered chairs!
Nesco Upholstery
Kim Surko
a year ago
An amazing experience working with Sara and team at Nesco! I am beyond thrilled with the results of their work on my grandmother’s chair! Before (white-ish fabric) and after (yellow leather!). Can’t stop staring at it in our living room.
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Nesco Upholstery is a leading provider of quality custom upholstery work. As professional upholsterers in Brooklyn, we help people preserve the furniture they love by providing expert solutions and superior customer service. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable upholsterers, we offer a wide range of services, including commercial and residential upholstery, bedding and pillows, furniture refinishing, custom window treatments, and custom furniture