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What do customers say about Brennans Upholstery Services?

As of Mar 04, 2024, 7 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Brennans Upholstery Services's customer reviews analysis

Reviews of Brennan's Upholstery Services present a formidable picture of the company's reputation and customer experience. Customers laud the professional demeanor of John, the lead craftsman, and the high standard of craftsmanship evident in the work completed. A significant emphasis on the quality material selection and the exemplary end-result of the furniture is a consistent theme across customer feedback. Time efficiency also appears to be a strong suit, with reports of work being finished sooner than quoted and the convenient process of furniture collection and return as soon as materials are available, adding to customer satisfaction. Despite the accolades, there is a minor gap in service offerings, as one customer indicated a desire for garden upholstery services, which the company currently does not provide. This presents an opportunity area for business expansion to meet a broader range of customer needs.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of Brennan's Upholstery Services, as reported by customers, include the exceptional professionalism of John. His ability to guide customers in selecting appropriate fabrics and colors for their furniture is highly appreciated, ensuring a personalized touch. Customers also value the quick turnaround time once materials are in stock, which aligns with a modern consumer's desire for efficiency. The convenience offered through the collection and return of items underscores the commitment to a superior customer experience. Further, the company's support for sustainability by offering an alternative to buying low-quality, mass-produced new furniture from abroad has been positively received. This ecological awareness combined with a unique, high-quality end result is pivotal in distinguishing Brennan's Upholstery Services.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there exist areas of unmet customer expectations that Brennan's Upholstery Services could address. Notably, a single customer expressed disappointment due to the company's current non-availability of garden upholstery services, suggesting a disconnect between the company’s service offerings and the full spectrum of potential customer needs. This indicates a niche area of customer interest that, if fulfilled, could serve to augment the company's market base and cater to a more diverse clientele seeking customization for outdoor furniture as well.

Frequently asked questions about Brennans Upholstery Services

What type of upholstery services does Brennan's offer?

Brennan's Upholstery Services specializes in professional upholstery for indoor furniture, including dining chairs, sofas, bedrooms chairs, and three-piece suites, with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and material selection. Currently, they do not offer garden upholstery services.

How does the process work for getting my furniture upholstered by Brennan’s?

The process includes professional guidance in selecting the type, color, and fabric for your furniture. Once the material has arrived and is in stock, your furniture will be collected, and the upholstery work is completed with a quick turnaround. The furniture is then returned to you at a specified time.

Can I expect environmental sustainability from Brennan’s Upholstery Services?

Yes, customers commend Brennan's for contributing to environmental sustainability by providing high-quality upholstery services that offer an alternative to purchasing new, often lower-quality furniture from abroad, supporting both the local economy and reducing carbon footprint.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Brennans Upholstery Services

Brennans Upholstery Services
7 months ago
John was extremely professional in his approach to me deciding what type,colour and fabric I needed for my 6 dining chairs. We had to wait for the material to arrive and once it did he finished the chairs quicker than first quoted. The craftsmanship is excellent and chairs are now well sprung and beautifully upholstered. John is a true master in his trade. Highly recommended!
Brennans Upholstery Services
Paul Little
2 years ago
Superb standard of craftsmanship, a good range of very high quality materials included as standard, excellent communication and fast turn around once your material has been selected and in-stock. John was a pleasure to deal with - very polite, informative, patient and willing to offer advice when questioned. Our furniture was collected only once the material was in stock and returned complete the following week at the exact times specified. The process was much more convenient and less stressful and time consuming than setting out to buy a new piece of furniture with a far greater choice of finishes too. We were also keen to give our business to a local craft person than spend our money on a lower quality new product shipped from the other side of the globe. We now have a piece of furniture unique to us too. Very highly recommended.
Brennans Upholstery Services
Angie G
5 months ago
I haven’t used them as they didn’t do garden upholstery, maybe they should as a lot of friends would love to improve garden cushions etc.
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