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Published on
January 16, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Medivet Clerkenwell?

The reviews for Medivet Clerkenwell depict a veterinary practice that is well-regarded for its compassionate care, timely and efficient service, and professional staff. Customers consistently highlight the team's exceptional care for a variety of animals, including puppies, kittens, dogs, Guinea pigs, and even exotic birds. The promptness of emergency services and the willingness to provide advice and support are noted as significant positive aspects influencing the reputation of Medivet Clerkenwell. Although there is a high level of satisfaction with the care provided, there is a concern raised about corporate practices, specifically regarding the nature of contracts for veterinarians and pricing due to the corporate ownership by bankers.

Positive Feedback

Customers have expressed significant satisfaction with the level of care provided by Medivet Clerkenwell. The sentiment across the reviews is one of gratitude, with pet owners noting that their animals are treated with love and kindness, suggesting a high level of trust in the team's professionalism and dedication to animal welfare. The ease of securing both routine and emergency appointments, coupled with the prompt and efficient service, further contributes to the positive customer experience. Staff members, including both vets and receptionists, are praised for being friendly, helpful, and offering clear communication, which is an essential aspect of veterinary services. Additionally, the willingness of the team to assist with specialized needs such as ordering specific types of pet food exemplify their commitment to accommodating client requests.

Concerns and Threads

Whilst the majority of the feedback is highly favorable, there is a notable critique regarding the corporate structure of Medivet. A reviewer expresses concern over the employment practices, mentioning that the veterinaries do not receive full-time contracts and implying potential implications on job security and staff turnover. There is also a criticism of the pricing structure, which the customer attributes to corporate ownership and market monopoly. These concerns indicate that, for some, the ethical and business practices of the overarching organization could influence their perception and experience with Medivet Clerkenwell, potentially affecting the level of comfort in continuing patronage despite the high quality of animal care provided.

Frequently asked questions about Medivet Clerkenwell

Can I book an emergency appointment with Medivet Clerkenwell?

Yes, Medivet Clerkenwell is responsive to emergency situations, and customers report being able to secure an appointment within a short time frame, often within an hour for urgent cases.

Does Medivet Clerkenwell treat exotic pets?

While Medivet Clerkenwell may not have an in-house exotic pet specialist, they are willing to see such pets, provide advice, and offer direction to appropriate services when necessary, as evidenced by customer reviews.

Are the staff members at Medivet Clerkenwell friendly and professional?

Customer reviews consistently describe staff members at Medivet Clerkenwell as friendly, professional, and compassionate, with a genuine interest in the welfare of the animals they treat.

What are customers saying about Medivet Clerkenwell

Medivet Clerkenwell
Stacey Yuen
3 months ago
My puppy has been with Medivet Clerkenwell since he came home 9 weeks ago and has met every vet (& probably most team members) by now. The team are compassionate and understanding of my needs and my pup’s, often going above & beyond. Visits are always on time and efficient. Never met a puppy who loves going to the vet before... but mine does. Thanks, Medivet Clerkenwell team!
Medivet Clerkenwell
Anna C
4 months ago
The Medivet team took great care of my 2 kittens when they came in to be spayed. Communicated clearly on the procedure and after care and provided helpful tips. Reception is also very friendly and helpful. I wanted a specific type of cat food and they were more than happy to look for it and order it. Thanks team!
Medivet Clerkenwell
Jason Murphy
a week ago
Lovely vets, got an emergency appointment, vet gave us good advice, and showed so much love and kindness to our dog.
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