Late Night Pharmacy And Opticians
Late Night Pharmacy And Opticians

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Published on
February 21, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Late Night Pharmacy And Opticians?

The overall company reputation of Late Night Pharmacy and Opticians, based on recent reviews, appears to be largely positive, particularly due to their accommodating hours and willingness to assist customers in urgent situations. There are positive mentions of the staff being friendly, efficient, and going above and beyond to provide exceptional service, even during off hours such as late evenings, bank holidays, and even Christmas Day. Crucially, the pharmacy's attentiveness and diligence in handling prescription issues are commended, reflecting a strong commitment to customer care. The pharmacist's actions, such as noticing incorrect dosages and engaging directly with medical professionals, have been crucial in fostering trust and high regard among customers. However, concerns have been raised about inconsistent phone availability, stock issues creating anxiety for customers, and seemingly unprofessional pricing practices requiring haggling, which detracts from the overall customer experience. These operational challenges could be limiting factors in the perception of the company's efficiency and professionalism.

Positive Feedback

Key positive themes from customer feedback on Late Night Pharmacy and Opticians include the staff's helpfulness and professional attitude. Reviews consistently acknowledge the accommodating nature of service, praising the pharmacy's operational hours that cater to late-night needs. For example, staff have been described as warm and proactive, with specific instances of commendable assistance during holidays and non-operational hours for urgent medication needs. The personalized attention customers receive, even when other patrons are present, has been noted as exceptional. Moreover, the pharmacy's ability to notice and rectify prescribing errors reflects a significant commitment to patient safety and adds to their positive reputation. The staff, including Mosan, seem to be recognized for their commendable communication skills, problem-solving abilities, custorier satisfaction, and for creating a comfortable environment conducive to addressing medical needs effectively.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive aspects, Late Night Pharmacy and Opticians has garnered some criticism. A recurring issue mentioned by customers is the difficulty in reaching the pharmacy by phone, with reports of the line being perpetually busy, creating inconvenience and anxiety for those reliant on timely medication. Furthermore, stock availability appears to be a pressing concern, with customers frequently finding medications out of stock, potentially affecting patient trust and continuity of care. Perhaps most troubling are the reported experiences regarding pricing practices that seem highly unprofessional, including the need for a customer to haggle over prescription costs. This not only undermines the image of the pharmacy as a professional healthcare provider but may also raise ethical questions about pricing transparency and consistency.

Frequently asked questions about Late Night Pharmacy And Opticians

Are the staff at Late Night Pharmacy and Opticians responsive and helpful during off hours?

Yes, the staff are praised for their responsiveness and willingness to help, even during late evenings, on bank holidays, and on special days like Christmas.

Has there been any feedback about the ease of obtaining prescriptions at Late Night Pharmacy and Opticians?

Most feedback is positive about obtaining prescriptions, with pharmacists taking active steps to rectify any issues. However, there are some concerns about medication stock levels and occasional trouble with prescription pricing.

Is there an issue with contacting Late Night Pharmacy and Opticians by phone?

Some customers have reported difficulty in getting through to the pharmacy, often finding the phone line busy, which has been a source of frustration and anxiety for those needing timely service.

What are customers saying about Late Night Pharmacy And Opticians

Late Night Pharmacy And Opticians
Andy V
a month ago
I arrived shortly before their closing time of 10pm thinking they’d probably close early, but they didn’t. They were friendly, prompt and efficient. I was in and out very quickly. The only downside is the lack of parking in the area, but certainly not a fault of the pharmacy itself.
Late Night Pharmacy And Opticians
a month ago
Fantastic service and staff. Helped us on Xmas day when the drugs prescribed were not and available and were needed urgently. The owner and their amazing staff went above and beyond to liaise with City hospital and ensure my wife had the treatment she needed on Christmas Day. We are grateful to be of their service and wish them all a happy new year!
Late Night Pharmacy And Opticians
Skylar Sawatzky
2 months ago
Seems like a lot of mixed reviews here but I'll share my experience from the other night as it was one of the best experiences I've ever had with a pharmacy. I was having prescription issues all weekend and had to call 111 multiple times to get things sorted, and this was my closest pharmacy that was open late on Sundays. However the doctor that wrote my new prescription for penicillin didn't admission the full amount. The pharmacist here noticed that, and said to call back 111 so I can get my proper dosage. He was incredibly patient and considerate, and let me sit in his office while being on hold, and even offered to talk to the GP on the phone to ensure I get the right amount of penicillin this time, as he said since I was a paying customer, he didn't want me to pay numerous times for my prescription when the GP wrote it down wrong. All and all spent about an hour and a half here because I had to wait on the phone, but the pharmacist was so kind and once I got the proper prescription, it was filled immediately. They had other customers while I was here but made me felt looked after, as they checked in with me and didn't keep me waiting!
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