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Kings Pharmacy And Opticians

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Published on
March 5, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Kings Pharmacy And Opticians?

Kings Pharmacy & Travel Clinic appears to provide polarized experiences to its customers, impacting its reputation both positively and negatively. A section of the consumers express a disappointing experience, primarily due to recurring issues with prescription management and perceived unprofessional attitudes, including complaints of receiving incorrect notifications about prescription authorizations and experiencing unapologetic responses from the staff. Conversely, there are multiple accounts of positive interactions, with customers praising the friendly, patient, and helpful service. The facility is commended for its convenience, including Saturday openings and the ability to receive multiple services in one visit. The presence of helpful staff, a range of products, and a welcoming environment are repeatedly highlighted. These contrasting experiences suggest that while Kings Pharmacy & Travel Clinic excels in certain customer service areas, there are significant inconsistencies that affect overall satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

A significant number of customers share positive feedback about Kings Pharmacy & Travel Clinic, emphasizing the kindness, patience, and friendly disposition of the staff. Customers feel welcomed by the behavior of frontline employees, especially noting experiences that exceed expectations, such as assistance beyond the call of duty. The pharmacy's attention to customer service is frequently mentioned, with staff going out of their way to help. The convenience provided by the pharmacy, including the availability of services like vaccinations during Saturdays and the option to receive multiple treatments in one visit without the need for an appointment, is particularly appreciated. The clean, well-organized layout, and the quick service also contribute positively to the customer experience. Additionally, the presence of an optician service within the same establishment appears to be well-received, with commendations for the selection range and thorough assistance in choosing appropriate eyewear.

Concerns and Threads

Customer dissatisfaction at Kings Pharmacy & Travel Clinic stems predominantly from issues related to the management of prescriptions and perceived inadequacies in staff conduct. Several customers report a frustrating pattern of receiving inaccurate messages about prescription authorizations, followed by a lack of apology or acknowledgment of error from the pharmacy staff, resulting in a decision by some customers to change pharmacies. Instances of receiving medication with an impending expiration date and past experiences of receiving incorrect medication have also been reported, which raises concerns about the pharmacy's checking procedures and potential risks to patient health. These negative aspects emphasize a need for improvement in internal communication, process accuracy, and customer service training to mitigate the detrimental impact on customer trust and safety.

Frequently asked questions about Kings Pharmacy And Opticians

Does Kings Pharmacy & Travel Clinic offer services during the weekends?

Yes, Kings Pharmacy & Travel Clinic offers convenience for those with busy schedules by providing services such as vaccinations during Saturdays, enabling customers to receive treatments without requiring an appointment.

How is the customer service at Kings Pharmacy & Travel Clinic?

The customer service experience at Kings Pharmacy & Travel Clinic seems to vary. While there are numerous commendations for friendly and helpful service, there are also reports of issues, including a lack of proper communication and professionalism from some staff members, leading to frustration for some customers.

Can I get an eye examination and purchase glasses at Kings Pharmacy & Travel Clinic?

Yes, Kings Pharmacy & Travel Clinic includes an optician service known as Kings Opticians, where customers can have an eye examination and choose from a wide range of glasses with the help of attentive staff.

What are customers saying about Kings Pharmacy And Opticians

Kings Pharmacy And Opticians
a week ago
Finally leaving this pharmacist after several years of incompetence & a snotty pharmacist who can't wait to get you off the phone. Have no idea how it is award winning. Constantly texting me to tell me the doctor hadn't authorised my prescriptions. Then I call my doctors and am told the authorisations were sent over a week ago. Then I call the pharmacist to ask why I receiving texts about missing prescription authorisations when the actual prescriptions are ready in the pharmacists. This has happened at least a dozen times. The pharmacist never apologises. He actually sighed over the phone to me. I'm changing to another pharmacist. Should have done it years ago.
Kings Pharmacy And Opticians
Orlando (orly4291)
a month ago
These guys are the kindness and most friendly bunch of people, they have the most have amazingly patience and understanding, after having awful experiences at another pharmacy i decided to come back to my family pharmcy and will never move from here again (dispite me living in Harborne) they go out there way to help you and the team are such a friendy bunch its an absolute pleasure to attend here and pick up my medicaion. Thankyou!!!
Kings Pharmacy And Opticians
Rob UnoMe
4 months ago
I look at reviews before I visit somewhere, just in case. I needn't have worried, this place is amazing. The Receptionist is a real Gem, don't ever leave please. I tried my local surgery, but thier only open surgery hous, & not open Sats. They do flu jabs. But King's do both, CV & F Jabs. If you work shifts & you need booster jabs etc., Thier open Sats. Yes, just walk in & get both at the same time! Service here is 10*. I'll be back next year. I reccomend this Chemist to any person who hasn't got time to go to two places, when you can get both at one, without an appointment. Wish all places were like this.
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