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As of Mar 28, 2024, 692 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Alto Pharmacy's customer reviews analysis

Alto Pharmacy's reputation, as illustrated by the collection of customer reviews, exhibits a mix of significant satisfaction and critical issues. Users praise the convenience of home delivery, the inclusion of small tokens such as caramels, and the personal touch of friendly delivery personnel. Instances where Alto shines seem to be around the areas of convenience and proactive communication, like refill reminders, which enhance the customer experience. However, a growing concern is the variability in service quality, particularly with customer support responsiveness and prescription stock levels. Several reviewers describe experiences of service decline, with longer wait times on calls, inconsistent information from staff, and challenges with the online communication channels. The stock shortages and late notifications of unavailable medications are prominent pain points for customers, with some highlighting organizational changes and new executive leadership as turning points in their declining experience. Such mixed feedback suggests that while Alto Pharmacy maintains loyal customers due to certain unique services and conveniences, systemic issues in the operational and customer service domains are adversely affecting their overall reputation.

Positive Feedback

Reviews of Alto Pharmacy indicate several key positive aspects that enhance customer experiences and foster loyalty. The home delivery service, in particular, garners appreciation for its convenience, eliminating the need for in-person pharmacy visits and providing a much-valued service for those with mobility difficulties or time constraints. This convenience is further accentuated by friendly, helpful delivery staff, who are frequently mentioned as a highlight of the service. Additionally, Alto Pharmacy’s proactive approach in reminding customers about prescription refills is commended, supporting adherence to medication regimens. The extra touch of caramels included with deliveries personalizes the experience, leaving a memorable positive impression on customers. Overall, the aspects of service that prioritize customer convenience and thoughtful gestures are highly regarded and are the pillars of Alto Pharmacy's positive reception among their clientele.

Concerns and Threads

On the flip side, the reviews uncover substantial negative experiences that raise concerns about Alto Pharmacy’s operations. A recurring theme is the inconsistency in customer service quality, with reports of long wait times on calls, delayed email responses, and sometimes rude interactions with staff. Inadequate communication regarding prescription availability is another significant point of discontent, with customers expressing frustration over last-minute cancellations and unclear explanations from the pharmacy. Furthermore, some customers find the prescription order process cumbersome, especially when confronted with a lack of upfront pricing information and difficulties obtaining refunds. The size of the medication bottles and the packaging inconveniences, particularly for travel, also surface as a drawback. These shortcomings suggest there are areas within Alto Pharmacy’s service model and customer engagement practices that require urgent attention to prevent erosion of customer trust and loyalty.

Frequently asked questions about Alto Pharmacy

Does Alto Pharmacy offer medications at competitive prices?

Alto Pharmacy aims to offer competitive pricing on medications. However, they require customers to add items to their cart to view prices, which may differ from other pharmacies where pricing is immediately visible.

How reliable is the delivery service from Alto Pharmacy?

While many customers are satisfied with the home delivery service and its convenience, there have been reports of missed or delayed deliveries, as well as inconsistencies in locating addresses. It is recommended to clarify delivery schedules and any potential issues beforehand.

Is customer service efficient in addressing issues at Alto Pharmacy?

Customer service experiences vary significantly among users. Although some customers have had positive interactions, there is feedback about long wait times on calls, slow email responses, and occasionally unhelpful support staff. Ensuring expectations are aligned regarding customer service responsiveness may be helpful before using the service.

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Alto Pharmacy
Debbie Shea Aka Deveaura Zowie Bowie Shea
2 weeks ago
Today's delivery was left on the clip at my door which is the perfect place for it. I received it without issues such as the one that I experienced once before when I was not there to get it directly. 5 stars for today 's delivery!!
Alto Pharmacy
Nano Cup
4 weeks ago
Oh my God I want to warn you to not use this Pharmacy. I have had nothing but problems with them. You try to order something and they won't even give you a price unless you place it in your cart. I had issues getting a refund. They told me my life-saving medicine was coming and they never showed up and then when I called them the next day they erased the order. That was the last straw I really am about trying to keep things local but I can't handle it anymore I advise you before it's too late do not use this service. I think that they were really great in the beginning but now they don't have the staff the time the expertise to handle prescriptions so run trust me run. If you want any customer service you have to wait over 30 minutes on hold before anybody even answers the phone. They tell you to contact them for faster service through their email and that takes hours for them to get back to you. I'm telling you this is an honest review and these guys suck. Taking my business elsewhere
Alto Pharmacy
a month ago
So great not to have to stand in line at the local big box pharmacy! So great to have prescriptions delivered and reminders about refills given. So great to eat those luscious caramels included with deliveries! So great to have friendly, helpful people on the phone when contact is necessary (rarely). I love the convenience of ALTO Pharmacy.
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