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What do customers say about Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding?

As of Mar 01, 2024, 229 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the compiled customer reviews of Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding reveals a consistently positive reputation. The feedback recurrently highlights the friendly and professional demeanor of the staff, a clean and well-stocked facility, and efficient service with minimal wait times. Customers frequently emphasize the personalized care they receive, a contrast to the more impersonal experience at larger pharmacy chains. The range of products and services offered, including high end skincare and vaccinations, also receives praise, contributing to the pharmacy's boutique-like reputation. Moreover, the ease of receiving vaccinations and the informative approach of the pharmacists has been particularly appreciated, suggesting that Apteek Pharmacy fulfills a multifaceted role in the community – as a provider of both healthcare and retail services.

Positive Feedback

Key strengths identified from client feedback for Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding include exceptional customer service and a warm, friendly staff. Customers repeatedly note the cleanliness and professional atmosphere of the pharmacy, as well as the efficient, fast service they experience. Apteek's comprehensive inventory and 'high tech, full service' offerings are commended, which suggests it meets a wide array of client needs. Moreover, customers appreciate the personalized attention from owners who seemingly treat patrons like family. The pharmacy has also been recognized for its contribution to community health via prompt vaccinations and informative consultations, establishing its image as a community-centered and responsive health care provider.

Concerns and Threads

One would be hard-pressed to find recurring negative themes in the reviews provided for Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with virtually no direct criticism or negative experiences shared by the customers. While this paints a highly favorable image of the pharmacy, it provides limited insight into any potential areas of improvement or less than satisfactory aspects of the customer experience. This anomaly itself might warrant attention, as an absence of any criticism might suggest a non-representative sample of customer experiences or potentially hesitance to report negative feedback in a public forum.

Frequently asked questions about Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding

What types of vaccines does Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding offer?

According to the customer reviews, Apteek Pharmacy offers both Moderna and J&J vaccines. They provide vaccination services efficiently and are known for their clean environment and friendly, informative staff.

Is Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding suitable for quick shopping?

Yes, customers report that Apteek Pharmacy offers quick and easy service for a variety of needs, including getting a COVID booster and shopping for small gifts. The pharmacy is noted for its efficient service and well-stocked inventory.

How does the service at Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding compare to larger pharmacy chains?

Reviews often underline the personalized care and family-like treatment received at Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding, contrasting it with the impersonal service common at larger pharmacy chains. The attentive and friendly service by the owners and staff is frequently highlighted as a significant differentiator.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding

Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding
J.R. Cohen
2 years ago
Very friendly team. Clean. Fast service. Well stocked. Professional.
Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding
Douglas Powers
2 months ago
This is a fantastic pharmacy. The service is outstanding.
Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding
Marbin Alexis
2 years ago
excellent service, the staff is very friendly, I recommend it
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About Apteek Pharmacy & Compounding


As a locally grown, locally owned, and an independent pharmacy, the skilled and professional staff are fully committed to the community we serve. At Apteek Pharmacy we strive to meet the needs of our customers, whether you need prescription services, immunizations, compounded medications, consultations, medical supplies, or just a thoughtful gift.We guarantee unmatched personal service coupled with a relaxing and friendly atmosphere for all our customers. We understand that every patient has individual needs. We take pride in providing every patient with personal and the best pharmacy service possible. Whether you need pharmacy services for your little ones, pets, or your elderly loved ones, we are here to help.