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As of Mar 31, 2024, 104 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Capsule's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the reputation of Capsule through recent customer reviews presents a predominantly favorable image of the company, punctuated by some notable dissatisfaction. Customers repeatedly praise Capsule for its exceptional communication, helpful management of insurance issues, consistent medication availability, and the convenience of its delivery services. Moreover, the provision of a user-friendly app and the pharmacy's efforts in applying manufacturer coupons and securing discounts have engendered customer loyalty and appreciation. Positive experiences highlight the capability of Capsule to alleviate the stress associated with managing prescriptions for chronic illnesses and the overall ease of use of the service. However, a subset of reviews cites significant lapses in service, including delivery issues, especially on weekends, and unhelpful customer service encounters. Instances of technological failures and inadequate incident response measures have also been noted, leading to some customers reconsidering their continued use of Capsule's services. Thus, while Capsule has established a strong reputation, there's a clear need for addressing the operational deficiencies to maintain customer confidence.

Positive Feedback

Customer experiences with Capsule pharmacy have highlighted several key positive aspects of the service. The ability of Capsule to maintain medication stock even during national shortages, and their proactive approach in applying discounts and coupons, have made a substantial impact on user satisfaction. Customers with chronic illnesses particularly value the seamless, compassionate, and personable service, citing the significant relief provided by being able to manage prescriptions via user-friendly app interfaces instead of dealing with phone calls. The efficiency of the delivery service, bolstered by free and timely deliveries, and the ability to handle prior authorizations and insurance complexities on behalf of the customer, are frequently mentioned advantages. Capsule's deployment of a responsive and helpful approach, specifically through text communication, further reinforces the positive perception of their customer service.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive reviews, Capsule has been subject to criticism that calls attention to areas needing improvement. Customer experiences indicating negative aspects include disheartening situations where delivery promises were not fulfilled, particularly concerning 'same day delivery' offers that did not apply on certain days or times. These incidents have sometimes exacerbated health concerns due to delayed medication access. In addition to the delivery issues, some customers faced unhelpful and slow customer service responses, with chat support described as uninformative or irresponsive. Technological glitches in the app and failures in the incident response protocol push the responsibility of resolution onto the customer, perceived as burdensome and inappropriate, particularly in health-related matters. Physical interactions with staff in the shops have occasionally been described as unfriendly, and the knowledge gap between pharmacists and other staff members has caused frustration among users.

Frequently asked questions about Capsule

What is Capsule's delivery service window and does it include weekends?

Capsule offers a delivery service window typically extending into the evening on weekdays. However, please note that their 'same day delivery' service may not apply after a certain time on weekends. It is advisable to check directly with Capsule for specific delivery times in your area.

How does Capsule handle prescriptions that require prior authorization or have insurance complications?

Capsule is proactive in handling prescriptions that require prior authorization or face insurance complications. They offer assistance by contacting your doctor and insurance company on your behalf, aiming to streamline the process for you.

Can I manage my prescriptions through an app with Capsule, and is customer support available through text?

Yes, Capsule provides a user-friendly app through which customers can manage their prescriptions conveniently. Additionally, customer support is available via text messaging, offering a convenient and accessible way to address any issues or questions that may arise.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Capsule

Ashleigh H
a week ago
Capsule is amazing! I started using them after I moved downtown and got rid of my car. They are extremely communicative and have made instances where I’ve had difficulties with my insurance company not approving a prior authorization for a prescription much easier to deal with. They help me with my options, contact my insurance and doctor on my behalf when needed, and keep me informed every step of the way. I love this pharmacy.
Kristen Machczynski
a month ago
Thrilled to have Capsule as an option for our family's meds. As someone who's probably going to forget to pick up time-sensitive scripts, this service has been a lifesaver in so many ways. Bummer to read there are folks who haven't had a good experience - all I've gotten from this company is solid customer service via the chat, clear communication, and timely/convenient options for delivery. Thank you, Capsule!! Y'all are doing the darn thing, and it's a life-changing service for us.
Zoe Pace
5 months ago
Would rate 0 stars if I could. I selected Capsule yesterday at an urgent care appointment because of their “same day delivery” advertisement. Well, buyer beware that doesn’t apply on weekends if it’s after 3pm. I opted to wait a day for the delivery to start my prescription despite worsening symptoms, as I figured it’d be nice to not have to leave the house again. Delivery window was 12pm-3pm. The driver didn’t arrive until 2:52 while I was in the bathroom and didn’t get to my phone for a few minutes. Within 3 minutes, they cancelled my order. I contacted them and they said the driver was “out of range” and couldn’t come back. I asked them if I could pick it up or if they could transfer the prescription because I need it today, and they said they couldn’t until tomorrow because the pharmacy closes at 3. Unreal. Customer service rep was not helpful at all. Don’t use them if you’re needing a medication asap, despite their deceitful advertising.
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Capsule is the pharmacy that hand-delivers your prescriptions, the same day, for free—all from your phone.