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As of Apr 24, 2024, 34 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

Very cooperative staff

always on time, very friendly

the best customer service

can always count on him

extremely kind, friendly and helpful

Amazing service all round

staff were very helpful and prompt

staff had been changed and they are all a mess

so rude and irresponsible

makes you feel really uncomfortable

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April 24, 2024
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April 24, 2024

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Central Pharmacy's customer reviews analysis

Overall, the reputation of Central Pharmacy appears mixed, with a distinct contrast in experiences reported by customers. Positive commentary frequently highlights timeliness, friendly staff interactions, particularly with a lady named Sharon and a previous staff member named Paria, and a willingness to go the extra mile for customer service. However, a recurring theme in the negative feedback is the perceived rudeness and unprofessionalism of certain staff members, particularly a male staff member with glasses. These negative experiences have resulted in some customers switching pharmacies altogether. Additionally, inconsistency in staff behavior seems to be a factor that is impacting the company's reputation, as reflected by customers' wariness of new personnel and appreciation for returning staff members.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback about Central Pharmacy underscores several positive aspects, such as the provision of reliable and timely medication delivery services praised by multiple reviewers. The dedication of particular staff members to customer care is highlighted, with one review expressing deep appreciation for service received even during an employee's lunch break and another praising continuous excellent service despite a significant change in the customer's personal circumstances. The overall helpfulness, promptness, friendly demeanor of the staff, and their ability to provide valuable advice on medical needs are mentioned as strong points that contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Concerns and Threads

Despite some strong positive sentiments, Central Pharmacy is facing significant criticism, particularly regarding the demeanor of certain staff members. Customers have pointed out issues with professionalism and courteousness, stating that encounters with rude personnel have been distressing enough to compel them to seek services elsewhere. Experiences with misplaced medication orders have been specifically mentioned, along with concerns about being treated as an inconvenience by a pharmacist, contributing to a disconcerting in-store experience. These aspects of customer service are forming a trend that detracts from the company's overall reputation and may need to be addressed to ensure a consistently positive customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Central Pharmacy

What measures does Central Pharmacy take to ensure timely delivery of medication?

Central Pharmacy has a system in place that has been noted by some customers for delivering medication on time every month, often complimenting the delivery staff for their punctuality and friendliness.

How does Central Pharmacy handle customer service complaints?

The customer feedback indicates that there have been cases of unsatisfactory interactions with staff members. It is suggested that Central Pharmacy takes these complaints seriously, although specific resolutions to these complaints are not detailed in the reviews.

Does Central Pharmacy offer any services for customers unable to visit the store?

Yes, Central Pharmacy offers delivery services, with customers expressing satisfaction regarding the convenience and the courteous nature of the delivery personnel.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Central Pharmacy

Central Pharmacy
Sadaf Awais
a week ago
Posting a new review when the staff had been changed and they are all a mess. Except one girl, rest all are so rude. Like if they were giving medicines from their pocket. They lost my medicines 3 times already. The guy with glasses is extremely rude. I had to switch the pharmacy due to their continuous rude and unprofessional attitude. Previous review with 5 starts: Very cooperative staff. Always there to help out of the way. Once I got rude with the girl Paria and she was still able to help me even in her lunch break. Even afterwards she is very helping and welcoming. Much Appreciated ❤️
Central Pharmacy
Elnaz Sadri
5 days ago
The staff are so rude and irresponsible. Specially the boy working there... I don't know how they dare to name themselves pharmacists and being this much irresponsible. They say they can order a prescription but they suck... Just don't go there...
Central Pharmacy
Kaziah Ogungboro
8 months ago
Great service. Medication gets delivered on time every month. Our delivery comes from Sharon, always on time, very friendly, no complaints. 5 star rating
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About Central Pharmacy

We are your local independent community pharmacy located within Abercromby Health Centre serving patients within the local community. We offer free prescription collection and delivery services within the postcodes L1/L7/L8/L15/L17/L69. We offer the Electronic Prescription Service so patients are able to nominate their prescription to be sent to our pharmacy for either a home delivery or collection from the pharmacy. We offer a wide variety of other services within the pharmacy as well.