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L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc.
L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc.

L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc. Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 25, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc.?

L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc. maintains an impressive company reputation based on recent customer reviews. The overall customer experience with the company is characterized by efficiency, professionalism, and attention to detail. People frequently commend the promptness and speed of service, with many customers noting quick turnarounds, punctual arrivals, and fast yet thorough cleaning jobs. Knowledgable staff are often mentioned, who not only perform their cleaning duties admirably but also provide advice on maintenance issues when noticed. With repeated mentions of customers intending to hire the company again, a trend of strong customer loyalty and satisfaction is discernible. The positive experience extends from the initial contact for a quote to the completion of the cleaning service itself.

Positive Feedback

Across the board, L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc. has garnered positive feedback from clients. Notable commendations include the ease of communication and the company's responsiveness, allowing for stress-free appointment setting. The professionalism and knowledge of the staff such as Brandon, Jeff, Stanley, and others are consistently praised. Remarks highlight the team's ability to be both courteous and personable, enhancing customer engagement. Efficiency of service is a recurring theme, with timely job completions and early arrivals noted as points of satisfaction. Additionally, the cleanliness achieved and the additional services such as solar panel cleaning are met with appreciation. With emphasis on value for money and customers' intentions to rehire, it is clear that L.A. Elite Window Cleaning is succeeding in delivering a highly positive customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

While the collection of reviews provided for L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc. is overwhelmingly positive, there is a lack of significant negative feedback to analyze. The absence of any explicit dissatisfaction or criticism in the submitted reviews suggests that customers have not faced noticeable issues or have not felt compelled to share negative aspects of their experience. However, it is important to consider that this lack of negative feedback may not provide a complete picture of all customer experiences and may not encompass all potential areas of improvement for the company.

Frequently asked questions about L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc.

How quick is L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc. when it comes to providing their services?

Based on customer reviews, L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc. is known for its quick and efficient service, often offering a 24-hour turnaround time for appointments and prompt on-site completions.

Are the staff of L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc. professional and knowledgeable?

Yes, the staff members including Stanley, Brandon, and Jeff are repeatedly mentioned for their professionalism and knowledge, even providing recommendations for window and frame maintenance.

Can I expect L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc. to be punctual and thorough with their cleaning job?

Absolutely. Reviews consistently highlight the punctuality and meticulousness of the cleaning crew, ensuring a thorough job and customer satisfaction.

What are customers saying about L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc.

L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc.
Alexandra Fox
4 months ago
Brandon and Jeff are cleaning my windows as we speak and doing a fabulous job! Communication with the company has been super easy and efficient which says a lot! It's usually so hard to track people down to make an appointment, but not the case with L.A. Elite! From the time I called to the time the guys came was about a 24 hour turnaround which is so awesome. Brandon and Jeff are very professional and knowledgable and even pointed out a place on my frame that the sealing was gone and to alert my landlord. Will absolutely be using them again! Service: Interior & exterior window cleaning
L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc.
Ryan Lanzendorf
a month ago
Wow. I couldn’t be more pleased with LA Elite Window Cleaning. From the initial outreach & responsiveness to estimate & scheduling to onsite & cleaning -- it was all great. Stanley & Brandon were right on time, in fact they were a few minutes early, and finished all of my windows including the solar panels in an hours time. Everything looks sooooo clean. The value of the service was tremendous and I will absolutely hire them again. Thank you so much Stanley, Brandon, and the LA Elite Window Cleaning Team!
L.A. Elite Window Cleaning Inc.
Nathalie Bollecker
5 months ago
I have had a great experience with the LA Elite windows cleaning team. I contacted them for a quote and they were fast to reply. Scheduling a time was easy. The crew showed up on time the day of the appt and Brendon and Jeff did a great and thorough job at cleaning all my windows. Very happy!
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